Connect wirelessly to nearby devices
with Bluetooth technology
Devices connected
by Bluetooth work
wirelessly with your
Raspberry Pi
Pairing mode
Start by putting your Bluetooth device
in Pairing / Discoverable mode. We’re
using an Apple wireless keyboard.
Hold down the power button until the
LED flashes. Click Bluetooth in the
Panel and choose Add Device.
luetooth is another
piece of technology
mouse or keyboard; both are
fairly easy devices to come by.
that has been added
to the Raspberry Pi 3 board.
In some ways, the process is
similar to connecting to a WiFi
With Bluetooth you can connect
wireless devices, such as mice
network, but the Bluetooth device
you want to connect to must be
and keyboards, directly to your
Raspberry Pi.
As with wireless LAN, if you
set to pairing mode first. This
is also known as making the
device ‘discoverable’. Putting a
own an older Raspberry Pi
model or a Pi Zero, you’ll need
to attach a USB dongle to use
Bluetooth devices.
device into pairing mode varies
by device; holding down the
power button until an LED flashes
is fairly commonplace, but
With Bluetooth hardware on
your Raspberry Pi board, it’s easy
to connect to a device wirelessly,
a process known as ‘pairing’.
You can pair wireless gaming
check with the instructions for
your device.
You then use the Bluetooth icon
in the Raspbian desktop Panel
to connect to the device: choose
controllers, like a PlayStation
joypad, or Android smartphones.
Many Raspberry Pi projects make
use of Bluetooth, enabling the
Bluetooth > Add Device.
It’s possible to put your
Raspberry Pi into pairing
mode by choosing Bluetooth >
Raspberry Pi to communicate with
nearby electronic components
and devices.
The easiest way to test out
Bluetooth is to set up a wireless
Make Discoverable from the
Panel. Then you can connect
to your Raspberry Pi from
other Bluetooth devices like
mobile phones.
Add new device
The Add New Device window opens
and will scan for nearby Bluetooth
devices. Some will have names,
others just identifying numbers (check
on the device). Choose a device from
the list and click Pair.
Enter code
The Pi now attempts to pair with the
Bluetooth device. You’ll be asked to
enter a code on the keyboard; press
the buttons and RETURN. You can
now start using the Bluetooth device
with your Raspberry Pi.
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