The MatrixPRO High-Resolution Matrix Switcher is designed to route

The MatrixPRO High-Resolution Matrix Switcher is designed to route universal inputs such as composite
video, svideo, component, and computer video sources (640x480 to 2048x1536). Audio routing is an
MatrixPRO is an ideal switcher to provide professional-quality video signal routing. The operator can
save up to 12 "looks" from the front panel and 16 from the MP Control GUI. Typical applications include
live staging events, corporate boardroom presentations, and educational and training events.
• 375MHz (-3dB) @ 0dBm, minimum bandwidth, full loaded (One input driving all outputs)
• Mute on a per output basis
• Two Switching Modes:
o Direct Front Panel Mode for One-Touch Operation
o MP Control Software Mode for Remote Applications
• Universal Inputs accept Composite, S-Video, Component Video, HDTV, RGBHV and stereo audio
• Stereo Audio Input and Output Signals Balanced or Unbalanced (optional)
• Volume Control on a per input basis
• Audio follow or breakaway
• Output audio gain and attenuation (-75dB to +20dB)
• IP (Ethernet) Control standard using static IP address
• Front Panel Lockout Mode
• Memory Presets save individual I/O configurations for recall via the front panel or RS-232/485
• I/O Grouping allows specific outputs to be grouped together making installation and control easier.
• VREF (for Vertical Interval Switching) In with Loop Through or Channel 1 VSync or Extracted Composite
VSync Input from Channel 1 Green
• Vertical Interval Switching capability provides glitch-free switches when used with synchronous video
source. RGB delay used when video not synchronously locked
• MP Control Software GUI for setup and control
• Aux RS-485 connector for RS-485 pass through for daisy chaining multiple matrix switchers or other
• DC-Coupled Video Routing
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