Fully Integrated GSM GSM-R 900/1800 MHz
Modem and 12 Channel Low Power GPS Receiver
GSM-R/900/1800 MHz GSM Cellular Engine
With GPRS Technology
• TRM:1 based GSM-R modem
• Up to 85,6kbit/s downlink speed with GPRS
• 2,4/4,8/9,6/14,4 kbit/s datarate, group 3 fax services
• GPRS multi-slot class 10
• GPRS mobile station class B
• SMS and SMS cell broadcast
• Onboard SIM-card socket or external SIM reader
• Output power:
Class 4 (2W) GSM900
Class 1 (1W) GSM1800
12 Channel Low Power GPS
• Fastrax iTrax02 GPS receiver
• 3,3V and +5V active antenna support
• NMEA and binary protocols
General Specification
• Two 16C550 UART interfaces to host computer
• Uses COM1,COM2,COM3,COM4 or COMx
• Available IRQ's 2,5,6,7,10,11,12,14,15
• 16 TTL digital I/O; 8 outputs 8 inputs
• Audio interface for headset
• +5VDC only, 1,3W idle
• Train and passenger communication
• Rail service equipment and instrumentation
• Distributed communication systems
• Remote data logging nodes
• Rail Telematics
-20° to +70° C operational with temperature sensor
Fully PC/104 compatible, IDAN version available
The Real Time Devices COM17045R combines on one PC/104 module a type approved GSM-R wireless tri-band
GSM-R/900/1800MHz GPRS modem unit and a low power 12 channel parallel tracking GPS receiver. Advanced GPS
and GSM tool sofware is provided with the COM17045R. This software package contains: GSM configuration, GSM
terminal program, GSM call identification, TCP/IP communication setting, SMS transmit/receive, SMS RTD Mobile
ToolKit for remote hardware access, SIM card phone number editor, GPS configuration data logging to a file, GPS
The COM17045R is built around the TRM:1, a professional high-end module for GSM-Rail. The GSM-R radio system is
designed to meet the needs of modern digital radio system for railways in Europe and Asia. GSM-R is a communication
system for traffic control, serving amongst others engine drivers as well as personnel working on railroad works both
along the rail network and in railway stations. The system ensures a more secure and smooth flow of train traffic. GSM/
GPRS connectivity is achieved using the TRM:1 engine. This unit works in the 900 or 1800 MHz and GSM-R band
supporting standard network and service provider personalisation. The TRM:1 GSM-R module also supports fast GPRS
data transmission. The GPS receiver used is the iTrax02 from Fastrax. This receiver is very low in power consumption
and supports both NMEA and binary interface protocols. +3,3V or +5V active antennas are supported. Latest methods
are used for fast GPS fix and reliable tracking in difficult moving environments.
Integrated on your COM17045R board are two complete 16C550 compatible serial ports that can be flexibly configured
with jumpers for any standard COM port address or any free address space. Both XT and AT interrupts are supported.
The control registers of the board are overlayed in Base Address+400h. This board is fully software compatible with the
COM17045 tri-band conventional GPRS/GPS board.
Connect any standard dual-band GSM and GPS antenna directly to the OSX- connectors of the COM17045R. Starter
kits are available (see options). In IDAN installations the antenna connections are brought to the front side of the IDANframe.
Embedded Boards
The SIM-card socket is located on the solder side of the module. The card can only be removed while the COM17045R
is powered off. Remote SIM-card connection is possible by using an external SIM card reader board (RTD part number
ESIM2035) via a standard 10-pin 150mm long flat cable.
You may monitor the ambient temperature of your COM17045R using the onboard temperature sensor. This sensor will
indicate with status bits that the module is within a -20° to +70° C temperature range where the GSM-R engine is
guaranteed to work reliably. The GPS module will work over the temperature range of -40° to +85° C. The two 8-bit
digital I/O ports may be used for general purpose TTL-level control. The input port has a 10K pull-down on all 8 lines.
Board Type
Description / Specification
IDAN compatible
GSM 900/1800 GPRS modem and 12 channel low power GPS receiver
board (SIM card reader OnBoard), software package available
GSM 900/1800 GPRS modem and 12 channel low power GPS receiver
board (external SIM card reader), Flat band cable with connectors (150mm
long), external SIM card reader installed on PC-board with connector (size
41,5 x 45,5 mm), software package available
Starter Kit (developer's kit) with SIM card reader OnBoard includes
COM17045R, software package and for GSM 900/1800: Adapter cable,
flat antenna with 2,3 m cable (type MCA 1890 SQ/250) and for Fastrax
GPS:Active Antenna with 6,0 m Cable.
Starter Kit (developer's kit) with external SIM Card Reader includes
COM17045R, software package and for GSM 900/1800 GPRS Modem
unit: Adapter cable, flat antenna with 2,3 m cable (type MCA 1890
SQ/250), flat band cable with connectors (150mm long), external SIM card
reader installed on PC-board with connector (size 41,5 x 45,5 mm) and for
Fastrax GPS: Active Antenna with 6,0 m Cable.
IDAN frame mounted COM17045, Software Package
External SIM
Card Reader
Flat Antenna with
2,3m Cable (type
MCA 1890 SQ/250)
Adapter Cable
(15,0 cm) COM17035
SIM Card Reader
Active Antenna
with 6,0 m Cable
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