How to guide: Microphones
How to guide:
Sennheiser Lapel
To use this lapel mic first open the front lid
Then press and hold the on button until the
display lights up
When you have finished with the microphone
press this button again until the display turns off
Move the button towards the word ‘mute’ to mute
the microphone and push it away to unmute the
microphone – remember to check this switch is
unmuted before you start to present.
Clip the microphone onto a lapel or tie
approximately 6-8 inches from the mouth as
Sennheiser hand held microphone
To switch the hand held microphone on press
and hold the red button here
until the display lights up.
To use hold vertically and position the top of the
microphone about 3-5 inches from your mouth.
To switch it off press the red button again until
the display switches off
Extron Infra-Red Microphone
First lift the microphone from the charging
The on/off switch for this microphone is on the
side as shown
And the volume control is on the opposite side
as shown
Place the microphone around your neck and
ensure that the IR transmitter is facing forward
(small black plastic section at the top of the
When you have finished ensure that you
replace the microphone back in the charging
Revolabs Microphone
To use this microphone lift it from its
charging dock
The light on the top of the microphone will
start to flash between amber, red and
green whilst it is connecting to the receiver
When its ready it will flash green only
Then just place it around your neck as
When you have finished return the
microphone back to its charging dock.
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