Amerlux, LLC Factory Locations

Amerlux, LLC Factory Locations
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Amerlux, LLC
Factory Locations
5220 Shank Road, Pearland, TX 77581
P 281.997.5400
F 281.997.5441
23 Daniel Road East, Fairfield, NJ 07004
P 973.882.5010
F 973.882.2605
Oxidated Carpark 2nd Floor
No. 124 Donghuan Road, Donghuan Jie
Panyu, Guangzhou 511400 PRC
A - 0012
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Lighting the way to a richer
and safer outdoor experience.
SmartSite offers new
possibilities for connecting
your community.
Protect. Inform. Entertain.
Introducing a more intelligent way to light up your community: SmartSite .
More than just incredibly efficient street lighting, this groundbreaking solution
incorporates programmable audiovisual components to help you create an
attractive, exciting, and safer streetscape – and enhance the “outdoor
experience” in new and innovative ways.
SmartSite is highly secure, reliable, and flexible. A wireless mesh network connects
the system’s microprocessors to a Web-based portal, where you can monitor,
manage, and control every part of the system remotely – from the brightness or
even color of each individual lamp, to seasonal messaging and music.
Data acquisition & analysis – Each luminaire contains distributed
intelligence via integrated processors and data storage.
Lighting control – Wireless technology enables communication with
individual luminaires, and provides unique flexibility in enhancing the
environment, dimming, and on-demand adjustability.
Lighting performance – Replaces 175-250W HPS/MH sources.
Wireless mesh transceiver – Centralized or decentralized interface and
wireless transceivers on each pole provide bi-directional communication
between streetlights and other integral sensors. Unique mesh network
enables continued system operation, even if a transceiver is damaged.
Wirelessly analyze & manage
energy usage, infrastructure
maintenance, pedestrian &
vehicular traffic, wave finding,
as well as security concerns
with optional camera and
push to talk button.
LED alert indicator – Visible 24 hours a day; customizable to indicate
emergency routes, AMBER Alerts, security levels, safe zones, and
emergency traffic conditions.
Integrated audio source – Fully integrated speaker within each luminaire
can transmit virtually any audio signal to the streets – from ambient music
to emergency announcements.
Digital Banner and Street Sign – Both can help promote and generate
revenue, communicate what events are taking place downtown, and
send out an Amber Alert.
Digital Street Sign
Remote monitoring & reporting – Monitor, control and manage your site
remotely from any Internet connection anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.
Inviting ambiance – Customized lighting, signage, and audio help to
create a secure and welcoming environment.
Flexible styling – Two head types to enhance both traditional and
contemporary streetscapes.
Unparalleled control – 100% secure wireless system enables highly
secure remote management of lighting, public
emergency notifications,
special event imagery, and other features. The processors in every pole
are synced using the atomic clock system to provide consistent sound
between poles.
Cost-efficiency and sustainability – Long-lasting, low-energy LED
(with light sensor and dimming capabilities) and thermal feedback loop
save time and money on energy and maintenance.
Real-time information – Instant alerts indicate malfunctions in individual
poles; add a variety of sensors for additional data (video cameras, sound
localization devices, water and hazardous materials sensors, and more).
Quick and easy retrofit – No additional wiring needed for existing
streetlight systems.
Revenue generation – Two-sided digital banners (optional) offer
unlimited advertising opportunities.
Digital Banner
Guaranteed quality – 10-year warranty.
Street lighting for
the future… today.
Your existing street lighting system can be
retrofitted quickly and easily, with no need to
rewire. SmartSite enables you to take advantage
of your existing infrastructure to reduce costs, and
complete a seamless transition to this powerful
multimedia solution.
SmartSite offers an almost unlimited array of
possibilities for providing information, security, and
entertainment. Imagine an inviting public space,
with splashes of colored light washing over the
building facades… Street lights that automatically
adjust to illuminate an area in temporary shadow,
and send an instant alert if fixture fails to illuminate…
Digital banners that display information about local
To find out more about the possibilities of SmartSite for your
community, contact your Amerlux provider today.
events or emergency situations with the touch of
a button… Synchronized sound from integrated
speakers on each “smart” light pole, providing a
seamless audio experience.
With SmartSite , you can
enhance, the “downtown
experience” – making the
community feel more
secure, enabling real-time
communication, and
Lighting the way to a richer
and safer outdoor experience.
connecting with advanced
wireless technology.
Turn public spaces
into inviting places.
Imagine sustainable, energy-efficient lighting technology that is robust
enough to meet your needs today… and adaptable enough to
incorporate new technological advances in the future.
Imagine the possibilities of SmartSite for your community.
Other luminaire styles are available.
Please consult your Amerlux representative.
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