EN Manual Imaging App 1.0 1 Introduction 2 Program start 3 Help 4

EN Manual Imaging App 1.0 1 Introduction 2 Program start 3 Help 4
Manual Imaging App 1.0
This software is not approved for image reading or diagnostic purposes.
Please use an approved system for diagnosis. The corresponding reference
notes are displayed when starting each program.
4 Configuration
4.1 Duerr Dental Mobile Connect
1 Introduction
DÜRR Imaging is an Apple iPad app for the transfer, storage and display of
image and experimental data from a remote DBSWIN installation via Wi-Fi.
Its intuitive operation makes it easy to integrate into everyday use and facilitates patient communication.
DÜRR Imaging allows both server- and locally-stored data to be operated
in tandem. The online data transferred from DBSWIN are automatically
transferred to a local data base as a copy and are thus also available offline,
even if there is no DBSWIN connection. This allows the app to be operated
outside of the practice and without a Wi-Fi connection.
In order to use the entire scope of functions, DBSWIN 5.3 and Dürr Dental
Mobile Connect must be installed in a PC. The DBSWIN DVD contains both
DÜRR Imaging's user default settings in DBSWIN must be appropriately
changed in the app configuration.
2 Program start
After downloading from the Appstore, the DÜRR Imaging application appears on the iPad desktop, where it can be directly activated.
A provided demo data base is automatically preselected and ready for use,
in the already opened Patient Selection.
Data from the remote DBSWIN server are set in this area. A Wi-Fi connection to the server can only be established with valid settings.
IP address:
DBSWIN PC address in IP notation. It is automatically displayed after successful Duerr Dental Mobile Connect installation.
IP port:
IP port to be set. This data is automatically displayed after successful Duerr
Dental Mobile Connect installation.
User name:
The user name set in DBSWIN must be entered here. Upon connecting, the
iPad app will be registered with DBSWIN under this name. The user name
can be set within the DBSWIN configuration.
If a password was set in DBSWIN for the indicated user, it must be entered
3 Help
Help is available any time in the tool bar at the lower edge of the screen.
The Help text is automatically updated, and requires only an iPad Internet
connection when starting the program. Any updating takes place behind the
scenes and is invisible to users.
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4.2 Image options
Other global settings can be accessed through the iPad settings dialog.
Display start-up notice:
Defines whether or not the leading safety notice should be displayed at each
application start.
Resetting the data base:
Parameters for reducing the volume of data to be transferred are set in this
rubric. Long response times when communicating with DBSWIN can thereby be countered if Wi-Fi reception at the practice is bad.
Deletes all data in the local iPad offline data base. The demo data base will
remain available.
5 Selection of a practice
Determined by (JPG) image quality. 100 corresponds to the best possible
Defined by the image dimensions provided by the server. For 1:1, the
images are processed and saved on the iPad in original size. Minimum
reduces the image to the display size of the iPad screen. Zooming in on
displayed images at this setting is only possible with a sacrifice in quality.
Preview images
The desired preview image size can be adjusted interactively with the displayed controller. Image size will immediately be shown in adjacent images.
Cleaning up the data base
In order to prevent the unlimited growth of the data stored offline within the
DÜRR Imaging App, an automatic delete function is available. It is applied as
an option at each app start.
Reducing the data base:
This button activates automatic deletion of locally stored image and patient
Delete entries older than x day(s):
This value defines the age criteria for information to be deleted when the
delete option is activated. The save date in the local app data base shall
serve as the date.
The DÜRR Imaging App enables access to all practices approved for the
user. There are two additional specialist practices directly available on the
iPad. These are offline practices with a local data base that is also available
without a Wi-Fi connection to a remote DBSWIN.
The currently selected practice is always displayed in the title bar.
Note: only patient copies are deleted in the iPad data bank, the DBSWIN
data base content remains untouched. Nor are patient data deleted if patient delete protection is activated.
5.1 Demo practice
Displays the version number of the DÜRR Imaging App.
This practice contains a demo patient with sample data. This data base is
available right after installation of the DÜRR Imaging app.
5.2 iPad data base
Patient and image data that were transferred to the iPad while accessing
an online practice are permanently stored in this offline practice. This data
stock can thus be accessed even without a DBSWIN connection.
If the user has access to several online practices, then the transferred data
is jointly stored in the iPad data base.
Data stored in the iPad data base can be deleted at any time with the
various options.
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6 Image and examination selection
5.3 Online practices
A list of available practices is displayed upon establishing a connection to
DBSWIN. A connection is made once an online practice has been selected.
All patients subsequently selected will be from this practice.
Views of the selected patient, as well as image previews, are displayed in
this area. The image preview can be scrolled down to view more images.
The image preview consists of a set of image tiles of the same size. The tile
size can be adjusted in the configuration.
5.4 Patient selection
Image view opens directly by selecting an image.
Patient selection is displayed after starting the app or after selecting another
practice. The patient list is populated with the most recently selected DBSWIN patients, or with entries filled in offline.
For online practices, entering a search term into the search field filters the
patient list according to this criteria. The list is automatically updated with
patients for whom the search term was found.
When existing patients are selected from the displayed list, the image and
examination selection changes.
After activating the processing mode, one or more patients can be selected
from the displayed list. The selection is promptly indicated with a check
The left-aligned view list displays examinations defined in DBSWIN. Views
are highlighted with small print and indentation. After selecting a view,
DBSWIN displays a geometrically correct preview. The image view can be
changed here as well by selecting an image within a view.
Selected patients can then either be fed into one of the following operations,
or the processing mode can be exited by clicking on Finish.
Load all images and views
Online practices can transfer all appropriate images, examinations and views
into the iPad data base. The transfer process may take several minutes,
depending on the data volume and Wi-Fi quality.
Delete patient
This option deletes selected patients and images from the iPad data base.
Patient protection
If some patients are to remain available in the iPad data base even after an
data base cleaning (->clean data base), this option provides deletion protection. Protected patients are indicated in the patient list with a lock icon.
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7 Image view
The last single image selected is displayed full-screen in the image view.
Annotation colour and
line thickness can be adjusted in the Annotation dialog. After selection, this
dialog is exited with a finger tap in the open image.
Upon entering Annotation mode again, already existing Annotations are
marked by a frame. A finger tap in this frame enables any existing annotation objects to be deleted. Just click on Delete.
Image information
The following options are available:
The display dimensions can be changed with a 2-finger gesture as follows:
Spreading the fingers apart enlarges the image at the selected position.
Putting the fingers together reduces the image.
Double tapping on the open image switches between the 1:1 scale and the
full-screen display.
Brightness and contrast control
This option switches to the interactive brightness- and contrast-control
mode. Horizontal motions with the fingers within the displayed image adjust
the brightness, vertical motions change the contrast.
Clicking on Finish applies the settings and exits the processing mode.
Undoing image manipulation
This option can undo previously executed image manipulations. The saved
original image is restored.
Image annotations
Any number of graphic annotations can be performed within an image. Just
sketch the appropriate lines onto the image with a finger.
Clicking on Finish applies the settings and exits the processing mode.
By clicking Cancel, the processing mode will be exited without applying the
last changes.
DBSWIN transfers descriptive information with each image. It is displayed in
a modal window.
Clicking on Finish closes the image information window.
This option allows annotations that have already been stored to be switched
on and off.
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