MTX Mobile - Distrelec

MTX Mobile - Distrelec
MTX Mobile
100,000-count TRMS
Graphic digital multimeters
MTX 3281B
MTX 3282B
MTX 3283B
From the laboratory to the field, a single, comprehensive diagnostic instrument
offering top performance!
Large graphic LCD display, bilingual menus (French/English)
● New LED backlighting for easier reading and lower power consumption
● Four 100,000-count digital displays, bargraph and graphic measurement log
● Basic accuracy 0.02 %, specified bandwidth 200 kHz
● 8-key "virtual" measurement selector with “one-handed” direct access
● Frequency measurements up to 2 MHz, durations, duty cycle, counting of events
● Temperature measurements with Pt 100 or Pt 1000 probes and J or K thermocouples
torage of 6,500 measurements with date and time (up to 4 simultaneous parameters)
● Optical RS232, USB or Bluetooth communication
● 50 %-faster battery recharging with the new Wall Plug mains power pack.
Uncompromising performance in the
Metrological accuracy
At its launch, the ASYC2 range from Metrix® established a new
standard in metrological performance, both for its high-performance specifications and its entirely new "closed-casing"
adjustment functions, representing a breakthrough in field
instrument technology. The latest ASYC3 range (MTX Mobile)
continues this tradition of innovation, with top-of-the-range
handheld multimeters offering a resolution of 100,000 counts,
0.02 % basic accuracy and a 200 kHz bandwidth, features that
set them apart from the competition.
The customer calibration software, available as an option, makes
periodic checking simpler, quicker and more economical.
Specially designed
for laboratory and field use
Their unique design, featuring a multidirectional screen and
electronic control switch, makes this range of instruments
ideally suited for both benchtop and one-handed use.
The power supply system is equally innovative, offering all the
benefits of a modern instrument, with rechargeable batteries
for on-site use and a mains adapter doubling as a battery
charger for lab use. This means you no longer have to worry
about the instrument shutting down due to low power during
measurements over long periods.
laboratory and on-site
The new Wall Plug switching power pack is multi-voltage.
Different according to the country, it is now available with the
MTX 3282B and MTX3283B models. It reduces the average
charging time of the batteries which have approximately 50 %
more capacity than the original models. The MTX Mobile gives
a precise indication of the battery’s remaining capacity.
The self-extinguishing, moulded, on-site casing is resistant and
benefits from an IP 51 protection rating.
Effective design:
flawless ergonomics
Compact and protected when closed, the models in the ASYC3
range are particularly easy to handle because of their shape
and their "slim-line" casing.
The measurement functions can be selected directly with
the hand holding the instrument by simply pressing
the required key in the electronic control pad.
addition, a specially-designed
carrying pouch leaves both hands
free to deal with the required lead
Uncompromising performance in the
Unprecedented display features
for this type of instrument
For greater reading comfort, the range features an extralarge multidirectional multi-display screen with an analogue
bargraph and LED backlighting. This new backlighting system
improves the contrast in bright light, making it easier to
read, while also significantly reducing power consumption.
The multimeter display remains easy to read whatever the
instrument’s position during use.
The modes and functions selected, the physical and
electrical quantities measured and any relevant warning
symbols are all clearly displayed on the instrument’s highresolution 160 x 160-pixel graphic display.
Depending on the function selected,
the results are displayed either in
mixed digital/graphic mode or in digital
mode only.
The 4-display system means you can
view all the required measurements
simultaneously, while limiting the number
of necessary operations to the minimum
(measurement combinations, SPEC, REL,
In mixed display
mode, the particularly
legible digital display
offers stable, accurate
readings, while rapid
variations are clearly
indicated by the
bargraph. A further dimension is provided
by the instrument’s graphic recorder, which shows the
measurement variations over time.
All the operating menus and help windows are
available in two languages (English and French).
laboratory and on-site
with fingertip control
These are the only instruments of their kind equipped with
an electronic control switch to replace traditional mechanical
switches (the primary cause of malfunctions on conventional
hand-held multimeters), thus guaranteeing performance and
safety. In addition, direct-access one-touch controls remove
the need for the intermediate positions found on conventional
mechanical control switches.
The principal measurements are instantly accessible with the
instrument’s 6 direct-access keys, so it is no longer necessary
to choose between the 4 or 5 positions required by conventional mechanical switches for simple voltage or current measurements.
Technology serving safety
Lead/command consistency is managed entirely by the multimeter, which automatically selects the corresponding function
when it detects a lead on the Ampere or Volt terminals. When a
lead is connected to the Volt terminal, for example, the instrument automatically proposes to check for the presence of a
voltage before carrying out resistance or capacitance measurements.
On the practical side, the Ampere input’s single HRC fuse has
made it possible to reconcile the instrument’s compact design
with the increased safety distances required for compliance
with IEC standards 61010 1,000 V / Cat. III, 600 V / Cat. IV.
This innovation is also an effective safeguard against wiring
errors, which may destroy the safety fuse that normally
provides protection during current measurements.
The battery and fuse compartment has
been designed for greater protection,
ensuring safe access by requiring
all leads to be disconnected
before opening.
A "favourite measurement" key
allows users to program
automatic access to the measurement mode they use the most.
Whatever the physical quantity measured, this key enables you
to convert the scale and define the appropriate measurement
unit in order to obtain direct readings of the original quantity.
Thanks to technological improvements resulting in a single
"A" terminal, current measurements are performed using
a single switch position, allowing smooth changes of the
measurement range from just a few hundred micro-Amperes
to up to 20 Amperes.
It is even possible to carry out current and voltage measurements simultaneously, using 3 measurement leads, and
display the "V x A" result.
- Favourite measurement
key symbol J
- AUTO mode active
- DC measurement
- W unit
- MEM mode active
Single A terminal
For greater efficiency and safety when working, the instrument
proposes only 3 measurement terminals.
When the removable lead is connected to the Ampere or Volt
terminal, the corresponding function is automatically selected
in AC+DC mode, complete with auto-ranging, thus reducing
handling to a minimum.
Uncompromising performance in the laboratory and on-site
Total control of measurement
With the new AUTOPEAK mode, current or voltage range
changes are now based on the rapid acquisition of peaks,
in order to avoid untimely overruns of the instrument’s Crest
Factor, which may cause measurement errors without the user
being aware of it. This means there is no longer any limitation
of the crest factor except with the instrument’s 1,000 V range.
Another innovative feature is the instrument’s SPEC function,
which automatically displays measurement tolerances without
users having to search for them or calculate them.
In this way, users are in
full control of the measurement uncertainties,
whatever the range or
the AC signal frequency.
Innovative functions for all-round
measurement performance
Thanks to the instrument’s
4 digital displays, the relative function REL provides
comprehensive simultaneous
display of the absolute value,
the absolute deviation, the
percentage deviation and the
reference value.
In addition, the reference
value can be adjusted
simply and directly using the
REL function key.
Everything you need
to track down faults
The functions provided by the multimeter and recorder integrated in the ASYC3 Series models make them ideal partners
in the field for maintenance, adjustment and even R&D.
Wherever you find electronics, whether in industrial
processes, production equipment or energy distribution, the
ASYC3 Series offers genuine advantages...
The ASYC3 Series’ graphic
recorder window offers
an extra dimension with
its at-a-glance graphic
display of measurement
variations over time.
Thanks to their MATH function, the models in the ASYC3
Series are ideal for measuring varied physical quantities. This
function means users can measure a physical quantity in Volts,
Amperes, Hertz or Ohms, convert the quantity and assign the
appropriate unit to it, in order to obtain a direct reading on the
secondary display.
This type of function can
be assigned directly to
the "Favourite measurement" key so that it can
be activated instantaneously.
Another frequent application involves testing the attenuation
and bandwidth of electronic circuits.
The dB function on the ASYC3 Series enables you to
directly display all the information you need, including voltage,
frequency and attenuation in dB compared with the reference
The SURV key can be used to display and record simultaneously the minimum, maximum and average values of a measurement, as well as the dates/times of the extreme values
and the start and end of monitoring.
Models / References
MTX3281B ➊
MTX3282B ➋
MTX3283B ➌
Basic versions*
For even more detail, the MEM
key records up to 6,500 time/
date-stamped measurements at
intervals ranging from 1 s to 24 h
so that they can be analysed
graphically on the instrument.
This function can be used for
1, 2, 3 or even 4 simultaneous
Thanks to its PC-compatible analysis software, these measurement results may be exported in real-time or deferred mode,
enabling you to store, analyse, document and transfer data into
a standard spreadsheet application.
To complete this all-round performance, the measurement of
rapid one-off or periodic 250 μs peaks with the instrument’s
PEAK function makes it possible to pinpoint anomalies which
are normally undetectable using conventional multimeters, so
that users can make an initial diagnosis of the signal types
based on the Crest Factor displayed.
Basic versions + USB cable
and SX-DMM software
Basic versions + Bluetooth
and SX-DMM software
Kit versions
Delivered in hard case with HX0052 "hands-free" kit, 1 set
of 2 crocodile clips, 1 set of 2 hook wire-grips, 1 CD-Rom
containing the operating manuals in 5 languages
• MTX3281B + 1 MN09 current clamp
• MTX3282B + 1 K-thermocouple probe
adapter, 1 USB cable and SX-DMM
acquisition software
• MTX3283B + 1 banana lead with clamp
for SMD components (HX0064), 1 USB
cable and SX-DMM acquisition software
* Accessories supplied:
1 set of Ø 4 mm banana leads, 1 set of 3 LR6 batteries ➊
or 1 set of 3 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries ➋ ➌, 1 mains
adapter/charger ➋ ➌, 1 HRC fuse 10 x 38 mm 1,000 V
-T11 A-20 kA and 1 operating manual in 5 languages.
universal communication
Universal communication suitable for all working environments
is provided by optically-isolated RS232 and USB ports alongside built-in Bluetooth technology.
Metrix® also offers an expanding range of customer
services, including a user "hot-line" and our support site,, "customer" calibration software
and an extensive after-sales service network.
Optional accessories
(or depending on versions)
Communication kit
(RS232 optical cable + PC software)
Set of 3 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries
Transport and "hands-free" kit
Fast charge kit (fast charger + 3 AA NiMH
rechargeable batteries)
USB/RS232 adapter for PC
Optical cable/USB
USB/Bluetooth adapter for PC
Measurement adapter for K thermocouple
MTX3281B ➊MTX3282B ➋MTX3283B ➌
Multidirectional graphic LCD (58 x 58 mm) - Adjustable contrast - LED backlighting
Graphic resolution 160 x 160 - 100,000-count digital display
Main display + bargraph + (graphic or selection of 3 secondary displays)
Measurement connections
3 measurement terminals (V, A, COM) - Automatic detection and selection of Vac+dc or Iac+dc
Virtual measurement selector with 8 "one-handed" direct access keys - "Favourite function" key
Ergonomics 2 complete languages (French, English) - Configuration menu & browser - On-line help
DC, AC and AC+DC voltages / 5 automatic or manual ranges from 100.000 mV to 1,000.00 V
DC basic accuracy
0.1 % R + 8 D ➊
0.03 % R + 8 D ➋
0.02 % R + 8 D ➌
AC and AC+DC basic accuracy
0.7 % R + 40 D ➊
0.3 % R + 40 D ➋
0.3 % R + 40 D ➌
DC at 50 kHz ➊
DC at 100 kHz ➋
DC at 200 kHz ➌
Specified bandwidth
DC, AC and AC+DC currents / 6 automatic or manual ranges from 1000.00 µA to 20.000 A (max. 30 s)
DC basic accuracy
0.08 % R + 8 D ➊
0.08 % R + 8 D ➋
0.08 % R + 8 D ➌
AC and AC+DC basic accuracy
1.0 % R + 30 D ➊
0.3 % R + 30 D ➋
0.3 % R + 30 D ➌
DC at 20 kHz ➊
DC at 50 kHz ➋
DC at 50 kHz ➌
Specified bandwidth
Frequency & period / 7 automatic or manual ranges from 10.0000 Hz to 2.0000 MHz – Basic accuracy 0.02 % R + 8 D
Duty cycle Rated range 5 to 95 % - Resolution 0.01 %
Pos. and neg. pulses ➋ ➌
Counting of up to 99,999 pulses, measurement of duration from 100 µs to 12.5 s
Elapsed time
Graph of events with zoom and measurement cursors: Relative mode (1) or Date/Time ➋ ➌
Resistance & continuity / 6 automatic or manual ranges from 1000,00 to 50.000 M
Basic accuracy
Audible continuity detection
0.1 % R + 8 D ➊
0.07 % R + 8 D ➋
Range 1,000.00 - response time 5 ms
0.07 % R + 8 D ➌
Diode test / 0 to 2.6000 V – Accuracy 2 % R + 30 D – measurement current approx. 1 mA
Capacitance / Automatic or manual ranges from 10.00 nF to 10.00 mF – 1 % R + 5D - Measurement time < 2 s (for C < 100 µF)
Temperature / J or K thermocouple probes and Pt 100 or Pt 1000 probes ➋ ➌
Other functions
AUTOPEAK function ➋ ➌
SPEC function
HOLD & AUTOHOLD function
REL function
SURV function
MATH function ➋ ➌
MEM function
Communication (depending on model)
EMC / Safety Power supply / battery life
Mains power supply ➋ ➌
Automatic management of ranges to comply with the Crest Factor of the instrument
Calculation of measurement tolerance in the form Min & Max Values, and x % R + x D
Manual hold of display (HOLD) or automatic hold on stable measurement (AUTOHOLD)
Triple secondary display: adjustable reference, relative value, deviation in %
Monitoring and storage of "MIN", "MAX", and "AVG" values with time/date-stamping
Scaling and display of the unit for physical quantities (y = Ax+B function and unit definable)
Acquisition of data (up to 4 measurements at once) - Interval from 1 s to 24 h
Storage of 4 x 150 measurements (1) or 6,500 measurements (2) (3)
Direct transmission of the time/date-stamped measurements via the link as they are acquired
MTX3281B ➊MTX3282B ➋MTX3283B ➌
Optical USB link, 9,600 to 38,400 baud - Bluetooth wireless link
Emissions and immunity as per NF EN 61326-1, 1998 / IEC 61010, 2001 - Cat IV-600 V or Cat III-1,000 V
3 LR6 batteries or AA NiMH rechargeable batteries / approx. 80 h (LR6 batteries)
or 65 h (NiMH rechargeable batteries ) depending on use
Multi-voltage switching power supply, 100-240 V ± 10 %, 50-60 Hz, 0.3 A
Full charge time 7 hours 30 min (2,600 mAh rechargeable batteries)
ABS V0 – Dimensions when closed (H/W/D): 44 x 85 x 180 mm - Weight: 400 g - Protection rating IP51
For assistance and ordering
Chauvin Arnoux
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75876 PARIS Cedex 18
Tel: +33 1 44 85 44 38
Fax: +33 1 46 27 95 59
Chauvin Arnoux Ltd
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Tel: +44 1924 460 494
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Middle East
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Tel: +961 1 890 425
Fax: +961 1 890 424
906211191 - Ed. 3 - 07/2012 - Non contractual document. Confirm specifications before ordering.
Other measurements
V Peak > 250 µs and crest factor
Valid for one-off or periodic phenomena
Measurement in dBm ➌
Resolution 0.01 dBm - Adjustable reference from 1 Ω to 10 000 Ω
Resistive power U²/R or R x I² ➌
Resolution 100 μW - Adjustable reference from 1 Ω to 10 000 Ω
dB function ➌Triple secondary display: signal frequency, variation in dB compared with reference, MATH function
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