Adding Work Station Computers to the NewsRoom Network

Adding Work Station Computers to the NewsRoom Network
Adding Balanced Audio to Work Stations
The following section will detail information needed to install and connect the
KLZ Audio Balancing card (image below) in a work-station computer.
KLZ Audio Balancing Card – KLZ-APCI-004
The KLZ Balancing card converts audio from balanced to un-balanced, and
The card requires no drivers for installation and comes with a break-out cable
and DB connector for wiring purposes.
Simply insert the card into any PCI slot of the desired computer. The card
draws power from the motherboard slot, so power connectors are not required.
Connecting audio to/from the card
When taking the audio out from the soundcard’s line out ensure that the mixer
will balance the audio. For quality purposes we do not encourage using
transformers for converting from balanced to unbalanced.
We recommend Creative Labs’ SoundBlaster, the OEM or value card is not
expensive and provides excellent quality and flexibility. This card will let
NewsRoom users play multiple audio streams simultaneously, even while
recording if they so choose.
Use the DB15 out on the Audio Balancing card to wire to “audio in” into a
mixer that will then take its input from various audio devices i.e. Cassette, reel
to reel, mini-disc, CD-ROM.
Pins Channel Side
This will allow recording into NewsRoom’s environment. This will allow you
to also take the speakers out from the soundcard.
Note: If a feedback loop is created, a KLZ utility called SB16 mute will mute
the input channel temporarily. With audio playing back mono, audio out from
channel 1 split to the other channel will work fine.
HINT ! A Break-out cable is included with the balancing cards for
connecting unbalanced inputs and outputs to the PC sound card.
The cable labeled “Output” goes to the Output of the sound card.
DB15 female on KLZ Audio Balance Card
Audio Input: BN National, BN Regional audio feeds
Pin out for male DB15 to go into female DB15 on card.
Pin 1&2
channel 1 Input (Left)
BN national audio
Pin 3&4
channel 2 Input (Right)
BN regional audio
Pin 5&6
channel 1 Out
BN national audio
Pin 7&8
channel 2 Out
BN regional audio
Potentiometer adjustments
Gain adjustments can be made on the faceplate of the card (see below)
DB15= Balanced
DB9= Unbalanced
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