CMS Tablet Installtion

CMS Tablet Installtion
CMS Tablet Installtion
Accessing the Installation
Install the service
Resolve firewall Issues
Test the service
Install the application on your tablet
1. Overview
In order for the tablet version to communicate with your database, a Windows Service has to be
installed. This should be installed on the same machine as your database to reduce network traffic.
Once the Service has been installed, you will need to make a number of changes to your firewall to
allow the tablets to communicate with your server.
Finally you will need to log into our website from each tablet and install the apk (The App) onto
each device.
2. Accessing the Installation
Go to our website
From the home screen click Login (top right hand corner)
Enter you user name and password. This is your web user name not your CMS one.
From the customer page click Installation Files
3. Install the Service
From the installation area of our website (Section 2), select CMS Service and click Install Service.
Once CMS Tablet has been installed you will need to check that the service is running. To do you will
need to have administrative rights.
Click on the Start Button
Select All Programs
Select Ablyss
Select CMS Service Status
The following screen will appear. Please ensure that the Current Status is “Running” before
proceeding. If this is not the case then please contact our support department on 01625 535685
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Figure 1
You will also need to make a note of the Server IP address for later.
4. Resolve Firewall Issues
In order for other computers on your network to be able to connect to this service, a change needs
to be made to your firewall. You will need to open port 8081. To achieve this please follow the
guidelines from Microsoft's website:
Windows 7 and 8
Windows Vista
Windows XP
If you use 3rd party firewall software you will need to refer to the supplier’s documentation.
5. Test the Service
Click on the following link (or type it into your browser’s address line)
The results will depend on your browser. Some browsers e.g. Chrome will display the results onscreen. Others, like Internet Explorer, will download the file first prompting you to open the results.
Either way you should now see some information containing details about your home name and
If this step has worked you are ready to install the App on your tablet.
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6. Install the Application onto your Tablet
CMS Tablet is only available to existing customers of CMS and not to the global market. We have
therefore made the decision to only make this app available from our website and so you will not
find it on the Google Play store. Unfortunately, the default settings of your tablet will not permit you
to download software outside of Google’s Play Store; therefore before you proceed you must enable
the option to install apps from unknown source. This setting can usually be changed by tapping the
menu button on your home screen, then choose Settings >> Applications >> Unknown sources.
In order to install the application you will need to do one of the following
a. Access the Installation Files (see Step 3) and then select CMS Tablet App
b. Navigate to the following link on your tablet:
Once the application has been installed, locate the installed App and start it. The first time you run
the App you will need to enter the IP address and Port number of the CMS service.
IP Address: Please refer to Step 3
Port No: 8081
Please Note: Each computer on your network has both a name and an IP Address. Both properties
act to identify a device on your network. Whilst the computer name remains fixed the IP address can
change when you reboot your computer or your router. Traditionally CMS uses the computer name
to reference the server as this does not change on a reboot. Unfortunately tablets are not
sophisticated enough to recognise these names, therefore you will need to enter the IP address. If
your IP address is not static, which is the case for most networks, then you could experience
problems in the future, either when your router or the server computer is reset. You can always
check you IP address by loading the CMS Service Status program (Step 3). If the IP address has
changed, you will need to update the settings on each of your tablets.
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