Top 5 Reasons to Move from AutoCAD LT® to AutoCAD® Inventor

Top 5 Reasons to Move from AutoCAD LT® to AutoCAD® Inventor
Top 5 Reasons to Move from AutoCAD LT
to AutoCAD Inventor LT™ Suite
Digital Prototyping with
Autodesk® Inventor®.
Creating digital prototypes with
Autodesk® Inventor® software
gives manufacturers the ability
to design, visualize, and simulate
the real-world performance of
a complete product before it’s
built. Inventor software allows
engineers to integrate AutoCAD®
drawings and 3D data into a
single digital model creating a
virtual representation of the final
Digital Prototyping enables you
to compete more effectively,
service your clients better, and
do more in-house. Autodesk
Inventor software makes it easy
for AutoCAD users to realize the
benefits of Digital Prototyping
by taking full advantage of their
investments in DWG™ design
data and AutoCAD software
3D is here to stay.
1. Design parts faster and better using 3D.
Designing complex geometry in 2D can be difficult and error-prone.
When you model your part designs in 3D instead of drafting them
in 2D, you can increase your productivity and reduce design errors.
With Inventor LT, you can easily visualize even the most complex of
part designs, eliminating the guesswork of interpreting 2D drawings.
And because the 3D model you create in Inventor LT is an accurate
digital prototype, you can validate your designs before you cut
metal, saving hours of expensive rework and scrap.
2. Create
and update production DWG™ drawings
Modeling your parts in 3D with Inventor LT enables you to
create production-ready drawings faster than manually drafting
them in 2D. The automated view creation and dimensioning
tools in Autodesk Inventor LT let you quickly produce a full set
of detailed DWG™ drawings. With Inventor LT, maintaining an
accurate set of drawings is easy, because all of your drawing
views update automatically whenever you change the 3D part
3. Work with 3D data from customers and suppliers.
In today’s competitive marketplace, 3D is a necessity.
Manufacturers need to accept and provide 3D models as well
as 2D drawings. Inventor LT gives you the ability to import and
export 3D part models in common file formats without relying on
expensive file translation software. With Inventor LT, you can easily
share 3D design data with customers and suppliers, improving
communication with your extended supply chain.
Start enjoying the benefits
of designing in 3D today. By
delivering AutoCAD LT® and
Inventor LT™ software together at
a remarkable value, the AutoCAD
Inventor LT Suite offers a costeffective and practical way to
introduce 3D mechanical design
into your AutoCAD workflow —at
the pace that’s right for you.
4. Reuse
your AutoCAD LT data to start
designing in 3D.
With the part-level capabilities of
Autodesk Inventor, Inventor LT
lets you start adding the power
of 3D and participate in Digital
Prototyping workflows with the
rest of the manufacturing world.
The result – you can compete
more effectively today while
putting your organization on a
scalable path to the full power of
Inventor and Digital Prototyping
in the future.
5. AutoCAD
Boost your 2D productivity with the latest version of
Add the power of 3D
today – with Inventor LT.
AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite lets you choose the right
tool for the job. Seamless DWG interoperability lets
you simply copy and paste your existing 2D design
data into Inventor LT as an accurate starting point
for your new 3D designs. Inventor LT software
allows you to leverage your AutoCAD expertise
and your investments in 2D design data.
The AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite is the most cost-effective way
to maintain and improve your current 2D productivity while
introducing the benefits of 3D gradually. AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite
includes the latest release of AutoCAD LT that you already depend
on, plus Inventor LT – all at a remarkable value. So, you can start
adding the power of 3D at a risk-free pace that’s right for you and
your organization.
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