IP KVM Switch KVM-208iCT/216iCT/232iCT

IP KVM Switch KVM-208iCT/216iCT/232iCT
IP KVM Switch KVM-208iCT/216iCT/232iCT
8/16/32 Port Rack-mount IP CAT-5 KVM Switch
The 8/16/32 port IP Cat5 KVM switch can control attaching servers and
computers from local or remote console. This KVM switch is loaded with
features such as one local console port, plus one optional CAT5-based
remote console port or one optional IP-based remote console Port, Daisy
Chain, On Screen Display (OSD) Menu, Password security, Hot key
Control, Push Button and Auto Scan Control. It has complete keyboard and mouse emulation for simultaneous computer boot-up
processes. The IP Console Module is a cost-effective solution to enhance the management ability of KVM switches. It allows you
to manage servers from anywhere via an IP without upgrading your KVM equipments. By just plugging the module into LinkPro
CAT-5 KVM Switch, you can easily upgrade your KVM switches to IP level.
Support full CAT5 interface on all computer ports for reducing KVM cable bulk
Support one local console and one IP remote module
Support one optional console module (PS/2 local console module, USB local console module or CAT-5 remote module)
Support Microsoft Windows and Linux with USB port
Support iMAC, Power MAC and Sun Micro Systems with USB port
No software required: easy computer selection via OSD (On Screen Display) menu, push buttons and hotkeys
Provide various hotkeys (Scroll-Lock/Caps-Lock/Num-Lock/Alt/Ctrl/Win) for switching computer port and other control
Support two levels of password security protections
Provide ACL (Access Control List) security function, store up to 8 independent ACLs of controllable computer lists
Hot Plug: add or remove connected computers without powering off the KVM switch or computers
Plug-n-Play monitor support
Keyboard status restored when switching computers
Support daisy chain up to 8 layers
IP Module
Manage servers around the world
KVM (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) access over IP
Full control under any OS, in BIOS mode, during boot, at Blue Screens
No additional software necessary on servers
256 bit SSL encryption of all transmitted data and certificate management
High-performance mouse tracking and synchronization
Automatic adjustment of data rate to transmission line
Remote mass storage control
Can be controlled over all java-enabled browsers
Firmware update via web interface
Port to connect a user console for direct analogous access to KVM switch
Specifications-Main Unit
Host Port Connector
Host Ports
8/16/32 ports
Local Console Type
Console type
PS/2 or USB
Max. Distance (KVM Switch – Host)
130 feet (40meter), auto-adjust VGA signals
Video Resolution (Local Console)
1920 * 1440
Flash Port
DC 2.5F
Daisy Chain
Connector DB15 (Female type)
Support Daisy Chaining up to 8 layers
Computer Selection
On Screen Display (OSD) Menu, Hotkey, Push Button
Provide various Hotkey ((Scroll-Lock/Caps-Lock/Num-Lock/Alt/Ctrl/Win)
Computer Port LEDs
Bio-Color LEDs for each host port : ON LINE (Yellow), SATATION (Red)
7-Segment LED
1 for Bank display
Provide ACL (Access Control List) security function, store up to 8 independent
ACL’s of controllable computer lists
Multilingual OSD
(On Screen Display)
8 Languages (English, France, German, Spanish, Italian. Russian, Japanese,
Simplified Chinese)
Auto-Scan Intervals
5~99 sec.
Keyboard Emulation
Mouse Emulation
Housing Material
DC Power Adapter
DC 12V/1A
Operating Temperature
0 ~ 50° C
Storage Temperature
-20 ~ 60° C
0~80%, Non-Condensing
19” Rack mount, 1U
Dimension (mm)
444.5 x 190 x 44 mm
Specifications- IP Module
LAN: Standard RJ-45 connector
Serial port: DB9 (male)
Mini USB: USB 2.0 type B
OS supported
Windows 2000/XP/Vista//Server 2003, Linux Fedora core 6.0 (or above)
Browser supported
IE6.0 Firefox 1.0 (or above)
Video Resolution (Local Console)
Video Resolution (Remote Console)
1280x1024, 1024x768, 800x600, 648x480, 720x400
High Color Depth
16 bits
Remote Control
KVM Console (Java Applet), Terminal Console
Serial Port Mode
Configuration Console (load setup default), Serial over LAN (passthrough access
to serial port, Power control
IP Settings
Network Connection
Management Interface
SSL 256-bit data encryption, Secure encryption of keyboard and mouse signals,
Inactivity timeout, IP Filter
SSL Certificate
Virtual Media
CD-ROM drive Redirection, ISO Redirection, Floppy/USB drive Redirection,
Floppy/USB image Redirection
PS2/CAT 5 Dongle
USB/CAT 5 Dongle
Ordering Information
KVM-208iCT: 8 Port Rack-mount IP CAT-5 KVM Switch (USB local console)
KVM-216iCT: 16 Port Rack-mount IP CAT-5 KVM Switch (USB local console)
KVM-232iCT: 32 Port Rack-mount IP CAT-5 KVM Switch (USB local console)
KDG-40U : USB/Cat-5 Dongle
KDG-40P : PS2/Cat-5 Dongle
* Product specification subject to change without notice.
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