1987+ Radio/Stereo wiring diagram
Supraforums - 1987+ Radio/Stereo wiring diagram (the RIGHT one)
1987+ Radio/Stereo wiring diagram (the RIGHT one)
That original wiring diagram floating around here is wrong. I edited the wiring chart to reflect my changes.
The black on the toyota in-dash wiring is NOT chassis ground. it is one of the terminals for the rear speaker, the other
terminal being YELLOW.
the Chassis ground on the toyota in-dash wiring is BROWN. this ground wire terminates at the 10mm bolt behind the
shifter under the center console! connect the Black radio ground of the aftermarket repair harness to this Brown wire.
I verified this w/ my DVM. the BLACK wire in the dash has NO continuity the this chassis ground. however, the brown
wire DOES. less than 1.0 ohm resistance too.
if you connect your Reverse/repair wiring harness (Scosche PN TA02RB) to the Black wire for radio ground, you WILL
damage something. I am currently repairing my hacked wiring w/ the dash out of the car, and alt+Tab'ing between the
TEWD and This diagram.
EDIT; found out something else too.
Toyota conn A, pins 8 and 9 (Scosche TA02RB, pins H and I) for power antenna and Remote Amp turn-on.
Toyota colors:
Pin 8: Black/Red
Pin 9: Pink/Blue
Scosche colors:
Pin H: Blue
Pin I: Blue/White
Connect Scosche Blue wire to Toyota Dash Black/Red to control Antenna
Connect Scosche Blue/White wire to Toyota Dash Pink/Blue to control Antenna.
EDIT2: the Illumination/Dimmer wire.
Scosche pin J-Orange/White, Toyota Pin 10-Green. this is the power input to the Radio's illumination from the headlight
switch. Connect Toyota In-dash GREEN wire to Scosche Pin J (orange-white) for radio illumination power FEED.
Scosche pin O-Orange/black, Toyota pin 5-White/green. This is the path to ground (dimmer rheostat, Then to ground).
Connect Toyota In-dash White/Green wire to Scosche pin O (orange-black) for radio illumination Ground.
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