Fluke 744 Firmware V2.5 Upgrade

Fluke 744 Firmware V2.5 Upgrade
Fluke 744 Firmware V2.5 Upgrade
This Instruction Sheet describes how to upgrade your Fluke 744 Documenting Process
Calibrator firmware to version 2.5. Features provided by this upgrade are described in the
content.txt file on the floppy disk.
This software is licensed to you to upgrade only one (1) Fluke 744
Documenting Process Calibrator per diskette enclosed in the Break-theSeal Software License Agreement envelope.
Once the upgrade is designated for a specific 744 Calibrator (as
determined by Calibrator Serial Number), it may only be used for that
Required Equipment
Fluke 744 HART Calibrator with version 1.2 or later firmware.
Serial communications cable (Fluke p/n 943738, originally included with your
Fluke-744V20 floppy disk.
Personal Computer running Windows 95, 98 or Windows NT, with one available
RS232 serial communications port and a 1.44M floppy disk drive.
Before beginning the upgrade procedure, make sure you have a
fully charged battery in your 744 Calibrator. If it is not, recharge
it before proceeding. Alternatively, you may use the Fluke
BE9005 Battery Eliminator to power the calibrator.
PN 1578414
September 2000 Rev.2, 10/04
© 2000-2003 Fluke Corporation, All rights reserved. Printed in U.S.A.
All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.
Upgrade Instructions
Perform the following steps to upgrade your Fluke 744:
Attach one end of the serial communication cable to the 9-pin connector on the side of
your 744 Calibrator, and the other end to the serial port on your computer. Power on
the 744 Calibrator.
Insert the floppy disk into your computer disk drive. Make sure that the disk has the
write-protect switch turned off and is in the floppy drive until the upgrade is complete.
Using your file browser, select and run the file setup.exe. The necessary files are
automatically extracted from the floppy disk to your hard disk drive.
A message is displayed asking you to agree that this software will be used to upgrade
only one 744 Calibrator. If you accept the terms of the agreement, a dialog box appears
for you to enter the serial number of the744 Calibrator to be upgraded, and to select the
COM port where you have the 744 Calibrator connected. If you decline, the program
will terminate.
Make sure that the serial number you enter is the one of the calibrator you
wish to upgrade. The serial number is found on the back of calibrator. Once
the Fluke-744V20 program successfully completes, remember to write that
serial number on the floppy disk label.
If you are running the Fluke-744V20 program a subsequent time, the dialog
box will display a calibrator serial number. This is the calibrator to which
your copy of the Fluke-744V20 is registered. The Fluke-744V20 program
will only work with that calibrator.
Press Continue. The Fluke-744V20 software establishes communications with the
calibrator and verifies that the serial number you have entered matches that of the
calibrator. If it does not, the program will terminate.
At this point, the firmware upgrade begins. The calibrator screen goes blank and a
progress bar and an estimated time of completion are displayed on the PC. The
upgrade process should take approximately seven or eight minutes. When the upgrade
is complete, the 744 Calibrator restarts and should be fully functional. All the files that
were written to your hard drive are removed from your system.
Remove the floppy disk. Be sure to write the serial number of the calibrator on the
floppy disk label.
If the 744 Calibrator loses power while the firmware upgrade is in process,
or if there was a communications error, the calibrator will not restart. In
this case, refer to the readme.txt file on the floppy disk.
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