Overview: Benefits

Overview: Benefits
Rail Yard Management and Automation
Rail ScaleTM is a software system for use in managing information related to the weighing of rail equipment. It
eliminates paper records and error-prone manual data entry, and speeds the weighing process. The
system utilizes an AEI reader to automatically capture car number. It can link to a variety of scale controllers
to capture scale weight. The system interfaces to UMLER or a locally-available database to obtain tare weight
for calculating net, and max gross weight to identify overloads.
Rail ScaleTM provides simple instructions to the scale operator and can be configured to provide special instructions for exception handling. Output can be provided in several formats and can be configured to send
weigh data directly to serving railroads or to common or proprietary customer systems.
There are four modules within Rail ScaleTM:
• Reader Controller: configurable to work with all available AEI readers on the market.
• Scale Controller: configurable to work with all available railcar scales on the market.
• Weigh Service Library: configurable services to obtain tare weight, estimated weight, max gross weight, or
update railcar weight back to customer’s database.
• Scale Windows Application: This is the User Interface to operate the Rail ScaleTM system.
Ensures accuracy and eliminates data entry errors:
• Automatically capture car number as cars are
being weighed.
• Electronically record weight from scale
• Automatic calculation of net weight.
Perform various validation, including:
• Validation against available estimated weight.
• Validation against available maximum allowable
gross weight.
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Benefits: (cont’d)
• Flexible system configuration to allow communication with various data sources to obtain external data.
• User-defined tolerance levels for validating scale weight against estimated weight.
• User-defined instructions are presented to scale operator if validation tolerances are exceeded. Real-time function allows immediate re-weigh and eliminates need for additional switching back to scale for weight verification.
• System permits manual entries when needed, but also allows administrator to differentiate between manual and automated entries.
• Interface with in-house or 3rd party database to obtain tare weight automatically.
• Interface with UMLER, and other industry standard railcar databases.
• Capability to interface with railroad to send car number and weight.
• Historical weight reports for a defined period or for a specific railcar are included.
• When multiple weights are recorded for the same car, system includes logic to select the preferred weight based on client-specified criteria.
Key Features:
Interface with any new or existing scale controllers.
User customizable options for weight validation.
Standalone application with built-in database, avoiding corporate IT infrastructure costs.
Option to send weight data to external sources via web services.
Option to integrate weight data with Rail Manager® or customer’s existing ERP or inventory system.
17625 El Camino Real, Suite 180 • Houston, TX 77058 • P • F • info@eisystemscorp.com
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