CeLAN Vehicle Barrier System Module

CeLAN Vehicle Barrier System Module
Ve h i c l e B a r r i e r
System Module
The Ce-VBS-N Module provides a microprocessor based
link between existing vehicle barrier systems and the Rampart Central Controller. This module’s design will allow
the end-user to save significant money on maintenance
while providing an unparalleled ease of use and security.
The Ce-VBS-N Module allows for barrier command and
control connectivity, and also provides for many advanced
features designed to reduce the cost of operation by tracking numerous metrics of the system and reporting them to
the Rampart Central Control System.
The Ce-VBS-N Module has an integrated 2x16 LCD Display to
allow for easy service review of over 60 different system metrics. These metrics can also be reviewed on the CeLAN AES
Encrypted Receiver – VBS, or using the Rampart remote monitoring software
AES Encrypted CeLAN communications
Analog and supervised digital inputs are available. The supervision of digital inputs is via 3K
ohm EOL resistor
Eight Form A relay outputs
Onboard 2X16 LCD display for reviewing
system metrics
Traffic light control—fuse protected
Transient protection on all inputs and outputs
12 and 24 VDC outputs for control functions
Operational in a stand alone or enterprise
Redundant CeLAN data ports
Gate input and relay output
Removable terminal strips for simple installations
5.7” Full color touch screen control for standard operation, or manual button controller
Multi-level override vs. older master/slave setup
15, 17” and 21” Computer touch screen options for central command centers
CeLAN Vehicle Barrier System Module
Input Power: 12 VDC nominal (10 VDC minimum, 14
VDC maximum), 500mA maximum (board only)
Output Power: 24VDC or 12VDC
Input Supervision: 3.0K ohm resistor
Outputs: 8 Form A relays rated at 10A @120VAC and
10A @ 30VDC
Board Dimensions: 10.25 (L) X 6.375 (W)
Operating Temperature: 23° to 131° F (-5° to 55° C).
Up to 140° F or 60° C under temporary conditions.
Storage Temperature: 23° to 131° F (-5° to 55° C)
Maximum Humidity: 90% relative humidity, noncondensing
12VDC input power from a power
supply capable of supplying a minimum 5A .
Vehicle Barrier Inputs
Manual EFO Button
Reservoir Fluid Thermostat
Gate Arm
Starter Motor Overload
Card Reader
Phase Voltage Monitor
High/Low Pressure
Fluid Reservoir Temperature
Traffic Safety 1
Cylinder Temperature
Traffic Safety 2
Fluid Reservoir Heater Current
Traffic Safety 3
Fluid Reservoir Level
Manual EFO Reset Button
AC Present
Manual Up Button
Linear Position
Manual Down Button
Fluid Level
Limit Switch Secure
Gate Arm
Limit Switch Nonsecure
Reader Valid
Cylinder Pressure 1-8
Cylinder Heater Current
Vehicle Barrier Outputs
EFO Valve Relay
Warning Horn Relay
Non-Secure Valve Relay
Traffic Light Red
Secure Valve Relay
Traffic Light Yellow
Motor Run Relay
Gate Arm
Safety Loops
Manual Buttons
Touch Screen
Nasatka Security- Powered by Cinch Systems
Nasatka Barrier, Inc.
7702-B Old Alexandria Ferry Road
Clinton MD 20735
For more information: www.cinchsystems.com
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