IntelliTec2™ Control - Stoelting Food Service

IntelliTec2™ Control - Stoelting Food Service
Control Panel
• IntelliTec2™ control communicates with the operator
through a multiline graphics LCD display using
full text instructions.
• One control operates one or multiple barrels.
• Programmable and configurable through
touchpad controls.
• Fault tolerant feature provides ability to run on
timers if an error occurs.
• Self diagnostics system shows errors on the
LCD display.
Gravity Machine Touchpad
• Upload firmware and download statistics through
a USB connection.
• Performance and error history log provided for
quick troubleshooting.
• Control senses product consistency to provide
accurate and repeatable high quality
frozen products.
• Standby mode reduces product breakdown and
conserves energy during slow periods while
allowing a quick freeze back to serve mode.
• Sleep modes control the melting and overnight
storage to ensure the mix is properly blended
for fresh product the next day.
Pressurized Machine Touchpad
IntelliTec2™ Features & Benefits
• One control for all configurations: single or twin barrel,
gravity or pressure, single or dual power supply and
single or three phase power.
• Product Consistency based on motor torque.
• In a dual power supply machine, the control and storage
refrigeration take power from either side.
• Can be configured to be used as temperature control.
• Password levels for Associate, Manager, and Technician.
Associate: Access to Startup, and Fine
• The main control board is modular and consists of a power
board and a relay board making it easy to service.
Consistency Adjustment
• Control has the ability to run a single side independently.
and Statistics
Manager: Access to Basic Settings, Errors
Technician: Access to Utilities, and
• Multi-line graphics LCD display with a blue backlight
operates both cylinders.
• USB connector for uploading firmware and
downloading statistics.
• Display Screen shows the following:
Current status of cylinders and storage refrigeration
Time and date
Service contact information
Messages like ‘Spigot Open’, and ‘Cab Door Open’
Error messages, ‘Storage Too Warm’ warnings,
and mix pump status
‘Rotate Hose’ warnings
Freezing status bars
Low mix warnings with flashing back light
‘Clean Cycle’ alarms
• Data for time in serve mode, off mode, low mix mode,
last clean cycle including duration.
• Data for spigot open time, with estimated
serve amounts.
• Compressor run time with number of cycles.
Reset option available.
• Drive motor and pump motor run time with number
of cycles. Reset option available.
Advanced Settings
• Performance screen captures live data for cylinder
& storage temps, voltages, ambient temp, number
of cycles, and any error conditions.
• Toggle between cylinders by pressing Select button.
• Programmable Service Contact information.
• Utilities menu gives the option of manually controlling
any outputs for service including the motors, solenoids
and the compressor.
• Factory Default Restore option.
• Option to clear old error logs and statistics.
• Error log with complete data snapshot for easy diagnosis.
• Error help information provided for all errors.
• All errors and statistics can be exported to a flash
drive and sent for factory or distributor analysis.
• Statistics can be used by owners or managers for
performance information.
• Programmable clean lockout timer with alarms.
• Single SKU is configurable for all kinds of machines with
minimal or no programming changes.
• Help available on every screen with error diagnosis
and detailed operational information.
• Start up screens help users when starting the machine.
• Pressurized machines record current hose usage
with last reset history.
• Power up time with estimated power consumption.
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