Procedures to Follow When Using Concession Stand(s)

Procedures to Follow When Using Concession Stand(s)
Procedures to Follow When Using Concession Stand(s)
After all events the counters should be wiped down, glass cleaned, floors swept,
utensils and appliances washed and put away, and items restocked for next event.
Dishes can be washed in the kitchen. Soap and paper towel are all-available in
concession stand cabinets. All cabinets with locks should be locked along with locking
kitchen and concession stand.
SODA – All soda/water/Gatorade is to be restocked after all events. All new products
should be stocked in the coolers from the back forward to keep product fresh. New
soda is found in the janitor’s loading dock. There will be some overstock soda in the
outside concession stand coolers.
POPCORN – Seeds, salt, oil, and bags are found in the drawer and cabinet marked
“popcorn supplies” in the inside concession stand. Turn on popper heat and light
switches. Measure one cup (8oz) of seeds into the white measuring cup, and add one
(1) tsp of salt to these seeds. Measure out ¼ to ½ cup of oil and pour this and the
seeds into the popper. Turn on the agitator. After cooking the popcorn and dumping it
out of the kettle turn off agitator and heat. DO NOT LEAVE HEATER ON WHILE NOT
unplug the bucket and remove. Clean the bucket in the sink in the kitchen sink. DO
NOT SUBMERSE. Clean using hot water and dish soap. Dry kettle and reassemble.
Wipe down glass and inside of the popper with non-anomia cleaner found in the
concession stand cupboard marked “cleaning supplies”.
NACHO CHEESE PUMPER – This machine stays plugged in. It contains 2 bags of
cheese, one that has been fitted with the dispensing valve and another bag on top that
one that is warming and to be used when the current bags runs out. If the current bag
runs out replace the dispenser valve with a new, clean valve found in the drawer
marked “Nacho supplies”, and then add another bag in the warmer on top of the
dispensing bag. Make sure that the valve is secure on the bag otherwise it will pop off
and you will have cheese oozing all over the place. Spray the valve with cooking spray
and secure in the warmer. When changing bags use caution as these bags are warm.
Last updated: November 2010 PIZZAS, PRETZELS & COOKIES (Inside Concession stand only – Winter Season)
– Turn on warmer right away. Warmer directions are on the machine inside the
concession stand. At the end of the night clean warmer with soap water.
Pizzas – Stored in the freezer in the inside concession stand and the outside
concession stand freezer. Use the school’s kitchen oven for cooking Pizzas. Use first
oven in the kitchen. Turn on switches (power on, fan mode switch). Keep oven
temperature at whatever temperature they have it set at (usually 350o). To cook pizzas
use pizza screens to cook the pizza. The pizza screens are found in the drawer
marked “pizza/pretzel/cookie supplies”. Cook pizza on screens for 15-20 minutes.
There is a timer inside the concession stand, in the “pizza/pretzel/cookie supplies”
drawer, watch closely. After pizza is done cooking move it to a warmer pan from the
pizza warmer to cut. DO NOT CUT ON THE SCREENS. Cut in four slices. Place in
warmer inside concession until ready to serve, then serve on plates.
Pretzels - Pretzels should be cooked in the school’s kitchen ovens. Use a jelly roll pan
lined with parchment paper sheet. The jelly roll pans are found on top of the microwave
in the stand. Spritz with water, mister bottle found in the drawer marked
“pizza/pretzel/cookie supplies”, then sprinkle with salt found inside the pretzel bag.
Bake at whatever temperature the oven was pre-set to for about 5-7 minutes, watch
closely. Use concession stand warmer to keep these warm as well. Serve these on
paper plates also or if they want cheese use a nacho tray. When done using the
kitchen oven, turn off the 2 top buttons (power and fan mode).
Cookie Cookie dough is stored in the freezer in the inside concession stand and the
outside concession stand freezer. Cook in the school’s kitchen ovens. Use a jelly roll
pan covered with parchment paper. Place cookie dough on pans and cook 5-8 minutes,
watch closely. Place on black trays and leave on counter to display. Serve on small
paper plate or napkin.
HOT DOGS – Use oval Nesco and fill ¼ ways with water. Turn on high and add hot
dogs. Hot Dogs will be done in 25 minutes. Oval Nesco can hold over 40 hot dogs. If
in a hurry, microwave. Serve in hot dog trays or foil. Use thermometer to make sure
hot dogs are at least 160o If there are no boxes of hot dogs in the cooler check the
freezer, but remember if frozen they will take longer to cook.
COFEE AND HOT COCOA Make coffee in the black coffee maker. Use 4 blue scoops
of coffee, scooper is in the coffee can, for 12 cups of water. Hot Cocoa heat water in
the large coffee pot and mix as ordered. Use ¼ cup cocoa mix to 8oz of hot water.
1. Pre-heat sauce to 140° before serving. You may warm SEALED bags in a heated dispenser.
2. The dispenser should remain plugged in overnight so sauce remains heated.
3. Each morning before use, be sure to clean Valve.
1. Open pouch of sauce with provided Opener. Puncture the inner seal once the cap is off.
2. Attach the Valve to the bag fitment and fasten securely using screw collar. The Valve opening
should be facing down toward the end of the bag - see photo at right:
4. Place the bag in the dispenser aligning Valve between the dispenser pan using the guides on the side
of the Valve. Lower bag until it fits securely into the U-shaped opening.
5. Place a Dispenser Weight on top of the bag. Note: when the first bag of sauce gets
low, begin heating a second bag of sauce so that it is pre-heated before it is placed in
the dispenser.
1. When sauce flow slows, remove the Weight and reposition the serving bag
(squeezing sauce toward spout) so all the sauce is able to dispense.
2. When sauce stops dispensing, take out the empty bag, remove Valve for cleaning
and throw away. Place a new Valve on the new bag and repeat the steps in Loading
the Dispenser section.
Important note on Bag Cap Opener / Puncture Tool Combo:
80 oz bags of sauce will require Puncture Tool for opening the inner seal once the outer cap
has been removed.
Please use with CAUTION, as the Puncture Tool is sharp.
Valves will be included with sauce
Checking the HoldingTemperature
1. Gehl’s dispensers hold sauce at 140 degrees or higher when the Lid and Valve Guard are inplace.
2. To check the temperature, remove the Valve from the heated bag and insert a sanitized
thermometer directly into the bag. *Thermometer on outside of dispenser does not reflect temp. of sauce.
Caring for the Dispenser
1. Wipe down the outside of the dispenser with a damp, clean cloth.
2. Remove and clean the Valve Guard once per day.
3. Before cleaning, unplug and allow the Pan to cool. Wipe down the inside of the Pan.
Sauce Storage
1. Gehl’s sauces are shelf-stable and should be stored at room temperature.
2. Before opening, the sauce should be pre-warmed to 140 degrees. This can be accomplished by
heating an unopened bag in the dispenser.
3. Bags of cheese sauces can be held in the dispenser for 4-7 days at 140 degrees.
4. Bags of chili sauces can be held in the dispenser for 4-7 days at 140 degrees.
Refrigeration and Reheating *Note: Sauce can only be cooled and reheated one
time per bag.
1. If removing for storage in refrigeration, first remove Valve from the bag and reseal with the
original cap.
2. Sauces can be held in refrigeration for up to 7 days between the temperatures of 38 and 42
3. When cooling, product must be cooled rapidly to a temperature of 70 degrees in two hours or less
and 40 degrees within four hours.
4. When reheating, for serving, sauce must be heated rapidly and reach 165 degrees within two
hours or less - cooled sauce will not achieve 165 degrees within two hours in the dispenser, and
other heating alterntatives are suggested:
a. Place bag in a full size pan and steamer, or
b. submerge bag in a hot water bath (do not boil)
Last updated: November 2010 TROUBLE SHOOTING.
Lid on dispenser will not close
Make sure Valve is pushed down into Pan completely.
· Reposition bags.
Slow or no sauce flow or excess cheese in bag
Lift and eliminate any folds in the bag, make sure the bag is not loaded upside down.
· Make sure Dispenser Weight is on top of serving bag.
· Check temperature of sauce and be sure it is at 140 degrees.
· Make sure the Valve is clean
Dispenser is not heating properly
Ensure Valve Guard and Lid are in place.
· Check that the outlets are working properly.
· Reset the dispenser by unplugging, waiting one minute, and plugging the dispenser back in.
· Make sure you are checking the temperature internally, see Checking the Holding Temperature
Dripping and/or sticking valve
· If using Disposable Valves, replace Valve.
· If using Re-usable Valves, be sure to clean Valves daily, spray Valve Barrel with Canola Oil or
replace the O-rings
Sauce is turning brown
· Product has been in the dispenser too long - typical hold times range from 4 - 7 days. Call
customer service for specific hold times and ideas to increase sales.
Last updated: November 2010 
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