Europa WM Eurotronica FM-S
Solutions for filling still products in PET bottles
Europa WM
Eurotronica FM-S
We meet your
The choice of the best filling
method depends mainly on the
specific properties of the product
to be handled. The Europa WM
and Eurotronica FM-S are ideal for
packaging mineral water or waterbased beverages. A highly hygienic
filling environment ensures that
products for distribution at ambient
temperature can be handled.
mineral water
The Europa WM and Eurotronica
FM-S are available as standalone
units (filler-capper monoblock) or in
a Combi configuration (combined
solution for blowing, filling and
Sidel offers two solutions to meet your specific requirements for
PET bottles, based on two different technologies:
the Europa WM, a gravimetric filler, and the Eurotronica FM-S, a
volumetric filler with flowmeters.
still products in
Shelf life
Still water
1-2 years
Ambient temperature
Europa WM,
Eurotronica FM-S
Non-carbonated beverages
with preservatives
6 months
Ambient temperature
Eurotronica FM-S
Flavored water with
6 months
Ambient temperature
Eurotronica FM-S
beverages with
Two systems for filling water
Gravimetric technology
Gravimetric technology, also known
as “level-filling technology”, is ideal
for non-carbonated beverages filled
at ambient temperature. The right
quantity of product is determined
by the level in the bottle: filling stops
when the product reaches the air
vent level tube.
product loss
during bottling
inserted on the filling valve support
and lifting device.
The bottle is then raised by a cam
and sealed by the filling valve finish
seal. In the last stage of this vertical
movement, after contact with
the seal, the elastic membrane is
compressed, causing the valve to
open and allowing filling to begin.
4 _ Europa WM, Eurotronica FM-S
The membrane is a key part of the
valve, since it provides the necessary
pressure to keep the system closed
and hydraulically sealed with no
bottle, and ensures the internal
circuits of the valve are very hygienic.
In the Europa WM gravimetric system,
there are no springs, sliding seals or
closed grooves in the product circuit.
During the bottle filling cycle,
evacuated air is discharged by the
central hole in the filling nozzle. The
air vent tube is fitted with a steel
ball: when the rising product level
reaches the ball, it closes the air vent
thus stopping filling. This system
minimizes product loss at the end of
filling, especially if the same machine
is handling bottles with different
capacities at the same speed (Combi
system), and guarantees great
precision and constantly repeatable
levels in the bottles.
- The Europa WM design and
mechanics guarantee great
reliability and user-friendliness
- Format changeovers are extremely
fast due to the bottleneck transfer
system and the simple tool
- With no springs, gliding parts and
grooves, the filling nozzle is highly
hygienic and easy to maintain
- All moving parts are positioned
below the bottleneck in order to
minimize any risks of accidental
contamination of the product
- The design of the components
(sloping frame, product tank,
nozzle, etc.) makes the filling
process extremely hygienic and
machine cleaning operations very
- All parts in contact with the
product are made of passivated
AISI 316 L stainless steel or a
food-safe elastomer.
Two systems for filling water
Volumetric technology
Volumetric technology is the ideal
solution for filling low-viscosity
beverages. The volume to be
filled is measured by a flowmeter,
which controls the opening and
closing of the filling valves electropneumatically.
6 _ Europa WM, Eurotronica FM-S
volumetric dosing
The valve movements are worked
directly by a magnetic flowmeter,
which controls an electro-pneumatic
actuator in the filling head. Thanks to
this system, any variations in the filling
tank or in the mechanical behavior
of the valves are automatically
compensated by the algorithm in
the flowmeter, which regulates the
opening time to match the target
volume. In this way, there is no need
to reset the flowmeter for variations
occurring during normal machine
The system fills the product with
no contact between the valve and
bottle, which stays at the same height
during the filling cycle, thus reducing
the number of parts subject to wear.
The valve has two filling speeds to
guarantee greater precision and less
risk of foaming.
The valve has been designed to avoid
contamination, and a special feature
allows it to fill pulpy products.
- Optimal hygiene thanks to
improvements belonging from
aseptic design:
- controlled compression static
- no seals in closed grooves
- no product retention points
- only high-quality material in
contact with products
- automatic dummy bottles
- no bottle-valve contact.
- Faster maintenance, great dosing
precision and minimal product loss
- Minimal risk of forming
- Pulpy products can be filled.
Common features
on the two machines
Although different in terms of technology and technical features, the two
machines have a number of elements in common.
Sloping base
The base holding the bottle transfer starwheels and the capping tower have
sloping surfaces, preventing any stagnation of water and the consequent risk
of bacterial proliferation. The base can also be equipped with a perimeter
recovery tube and a centralized refluent liquid discharge, thus further
guaranteeing optimal hygiene.
The filling carousel and the bottle transfer starwheels are driven by a main
asynchronous motor which is mechanically very simple and highly reliable. The
starwheels are also fitted with drive gears that are the equivalent size of the
starwheel diameter.
Product infeed
Each valve is fed with product individually by a tube connecting it to the central
product tank. This system simplifies maintenance operations and makes the
product circuit extremely hygienic thanks to the use of compression seals.
Filling area with
reduced enclosure
The filling areas of the Europa WM and the Eurotronica FM-S can be configured
with an enclosure at dynamic positive pressure. On request, the size of
the area can be reduced by up to 80%: a smaller filling volume means the
pressurization of the area under the lower part of the nozzles can be limited.
In this way, energy consumption is minimized, and the hygienic conditions of
packaging optimized, doubling the percentage of exchanged air.
8 _ Europa WM, Eurotronica FM-S
1 - Sloping base
2 - Drives
3 - Product infeed to valves
4 - Filling area with reduced enclosure
Europa WM
The Europa WM is a simple and
reliable filler. Its proven technology
guarantees higher levels of hygiene
and makes it very user-friendly.
- 100% stainless steel base with
sloping surfaces
- Automatic product level control in
the central tank by means of an
inductive probe
- Gravity filling valve with piping
separated from the air return
and with an elastic membrane
combining the functions of ‘seal’
and ‘spring’.
10 _ Europa WM, Eurotronica FM-S
-Bottle neck gripping
- Positive transfer
- No screw feeder
- Fast format changeovers.
- Membrane technology
- CIP ≤ 95 °C
- Counter-flow washing
- Valves with no springs
- 100% stainless steel self-draining
- Can be integrated with CIP system
(ICS version)
- Sterile air blown over product tank
- Protection with positive-pressure
air (optional)
- Positive transfer
- Reduced maintenance
- Completely automated system
controlled from operator panel
- Highly reliable system.
- Protection of the filling area in a
reduced enclosure.
Technical data
Products handled
Still water
PET bottles
Filling system
Gravity filling
Up to 78,000 bph for 0.5 L
From 36 to 168 valves
Capping unit range
From 8 to 36 valves
Eurotronica FM-S
The Eurotronica FM-S has been
designed for a specific aim: to provide
the greatest flexibility with improved
hygiene. The result is a solution for
filling still or flavored water with all
the features and latest developments
typical of aseptic machines.
-Bottle neck gripping
- Containers transferred with no
guides; no change of guides
required for bottles with different
- Filling with no bottle-valve contact
- Minimal number of seals in valve
- System with reduced filling
enclosure for complete isolation
of the filling area from the
mechanically-worked components
- Automatic dummy bottles (optional)
- Easy internal and external cleaning
- 100% stainless steel self-draining
- All draining points are positioned in
the same area of the machine. On
request, they can be concentrated
in a single point.
- Completely automated system
controlled from operator panel
- Automatic fill level adjustment
- Highly reliable system
- No electronic cards in electric panel
on the rotating part of the machine.
12 _ Europa WM, Eurotronica FM-S
Technical data
Products handled
Non-carbonated clear and pulpy
products * (conductibility >20µS/cm)
PET bottles
Filling system
Electronic volumetric filling
Up to 78,000 bph for 0.5 L
From 36 to 192 valves
Capping unit range
From 8 to 36 valves
* Maximum pulp diameter = 0.5 mm; maximum pulp length = 5 mm
three machines in one
The Europa WM and the Eurotronica
FM-S are also available in a Combi
version, i.e. in a solution combining
in a single machine the blowing, filling
and capping functions for all formats
up to 3 L.
Sidel has installed over 300 Combis
worldwide, including 200 for water.
Filled and capped
bottle discharge
lighter weight
- Less machine means less
- Thanks to the positive bottle
transfer between blower and
filler, the Combi unit offers new
possibilities for bottle lightweighting
and the development of new
The environment is controlled right
from the preform infeed.
14 _ Europa WM, Eurotronica FM-S
This integrated solution for blowing,
filling and capping eliminates
transport, accumulation and storing
during the production process, thus
reducing the number of machines
involved and making production
more reliable.
and better
- Operator costs can be cut thanks
to the overall efficiency of the
Combi, its compact and ergonomic
design, easy maintenance and low
energy consumption
- The high efficiency and output
of the Combi (thanks to faster
format changeovers and less
maintenance) cuts TCO and thus
increases ROI.
With fewer machines and a smaller
footprint, overall investment is
reduced, while the potential for
different layouts is increased.
Cap infeed and orientation
Preform infeed
and orientation
Europa WM
Eurotronica FM-S
In a world of constantly
changing needs, today’s bottle
is tomorrow’s old news. But
by having approximately 5,000
skilled employees all over the
world, we are able to listen to
our customers, offering them
reliable production-systems
that are easily adaptable to
new developments – without
causing expensive downtime.
The Sidel Group,
headquartered in Switzerland,
has production sites in
13 countries and 30,000
machines installed in 190
nations worldwide.
Leading in packaging
solutions, our value-added
service secures both our
customers & us with a
sustainable business in the
global environment.
No doubts, no compromises,
just A Better Match.
February 2012.
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