USER MANUAL Model NL- 5197 D
Model NL- 5197 D
Remote Control:
STANDBY: Press to the receiver box on standby.
MUTE: Press to turn audio on or off.
0~9: Numeric values to select the channel directly.
EPG: Enter to the channel guide(7 days electronic program guide)
BACK: Press to return to the previous menu.
MENU Press to open up the menu.
REC: Record the channel.
TIMESHIFT: Shift the channel when you play back the channel.
EXIT Exit to the preview menu.
CH+/- Press to move the highlight bar for selecting channels on the
VOL+/- Press to move the highlight bar for decreasing or increasing
the volume.
OK Press to select the operation on the menu.
Arrow key: Backward and Forward the channel when you watch the
Play/ Pause;
■ Stop
LIST : Press to open up the TV list.
Colorful Keys Function Key
AUDIO:To set the audio such as left right and so on.
TV/RADIO: Press it to switch between TV and Broadcasting
FAV: Press it to show the favorite lists
HELP The shortcut key to display the box information.
INFO: The shortcut key to open the information msg.
Connecting your “STB”
●Follow all instructions in detail if you are to use the set top box for the first time:
1. Follow the diagram when connecting
STB to a television or other appliances and
ensure proper connection
2. Turn on the TV and choose the right
Aspect Ratio
3. Power on STB. An Auto Program
menu appears to let you scan all available
channels in your area.
4. Press OK Button and the box will
begin to search for TV and broadcasting
5. After auto scanning all available
channels, box will auto play the first scanned channel.
6. If STB has been reset to default factory setting, the system will point out user to search
channels again..
Main Menu
Press the Menu button on your remote
control or the Menu button on the front panel
of the set top box to see the Main
Use []to choose the
functions on the Main Menu. The chosen
function will be highlighted. Press the [OK]
button and the corresponding sub-menu will
be shown. Press the [EXIT] button to quit the
Main Menu.
On the left side of your screen will display
the channel list to toggle between the list of
All Programs and Favorites Programs list.
The right side of the screen displays a video
window with the tuned channel at that time.
The bottom of the screen displays the name
and time of the current and previous
If you enter the Channel Guide and the
cursor is pointed in the Channel list, Press
green button to switch to the Event list. The
small blue boll indicates the current
program playing.
EPG provide a preview of program
information for one week. Press blue button
to change the date. Channels with “Symbol”
are the ones that have been previously
They will play at the time indicated. Move the
Blue entities ball on the desired program in
the EPG menu and press OK button to add
the program into the ordered program list. If
you want to cancel the order, just press the
OK button again. You can also go to edit in
the Order Management Menu. Icon “T”
means the program have detail information,
can press [info] button to watch.
A. Access card
Access Card serves to scramble programs
and so it is needed to be able to use your box
and watch your favorite programs. If there is
no card in the slot, set top box will display
“Please check the card”.
B. Set Top Box Information
Displays the information about the STB
such as the serial number, factory id, HW
version, S/W version
and download date.
C. Factory Default
All settings and information including
channel data will be replaced with default
settings. As a precaution from accidental
pressing of this command a pop-up window
will appear asking for your second
confirmation if you really wish to restore
default factory settings.
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