The Epicenter of Your Outdoor Sound Experience

The Epicenter of Your Outdoor Sound Experience
All Climate Subwoofer
The Epicenter of Your Outdoor Sound Experience™
Even the best outdoor speakers can’t move enough air to generate great bass. And deep bass is critical to
musical enjoyment. Featuring the same key technologies found in the acclaimed AC Series All Climate speakers,
the Terra AC.SUBe brings deep and rich bass to your outdoor sound experience.
Designed for installation above or partially below ground, the AC.SUBe combines effortlessly with our highly
regarded AC Series or LuminSound outdoor speakers. Available in a green, black or custom-colored enclosure,
the AC.SUBe blends into any landscape while providing weather resistance far beyond ordinary outdoor products.
Hand-built in Maine, the Terra AC.SUBe is designed to last, backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
Complete your outdoor “soundscaping” with the Terra AC.SUBe and acclaimed AC Series or LuminSound speakers.
You’ll experience a level of outdoor musical performance and enjoyment you never thought possible.
 Below-ground installation
All Climate Subwoofer
Powerful 12-inch Bass Driver
ACAD™ : Anodized-Ceramic Aluminum Diaphragm
The AC.SUBe uses a powerful cast frame 12-inch ACAD
woofer to deliver an exciting foundation to your outdoor
musical enjoyment. This custom built driver employs a large
magnetic motor system with a 2-inch edge wound voice coil
and a rubber compound half roll suspension. The result is
well controlled deep bass without boom or overhang. Unlike
most other outdoor subwoofers, the AC.SUBe’s totally sealed
design gives no access to moisture or little critters so it will
survive many years of outdoor exposure without concern.
One of the founding principles of Terra is that metal is
the best choice for a speaker cone. Terra’s proprietary
anodizing method strengthens the aluminum cone and also
damps it to minimize vibration. The result is a cone that’s
as light and rigid as possible – two qualities essential for
producing great sound. And unlike ordinary cone materials,
ACAD is immune to harsh outdoor environments and won’t
degrade over time.
Optional Watertight Connector
The AC.SUBe can be installed free-standing or partially
buried in the earth, up to the lip just below the mesh
grille. Although the AC.SUBe is weather-proof it’s always
advisable to choose a location that doesn’t flood or is in the
path of large amounts of run-off. Since bass frequencies
below 100Hz are difficult for the human ear to localize,
you can place the AC.SUBe anywhere within the general
listening area.
Above or Below-Ground Installation
The AC.SUBe comes standard with a six-foot pigtail cable.
An optional Conxall® marine-grade watertight connector is
available. Why? Because in years of servicing other outdoor
speakers, Terra’s engineers have encountered plenty of
corroded connectors and this eliminates that possibility!
Sealed Enclosure
The best way to keep the elements out is to give them no
way in. The AC.SUBe uses a sealed enclosure that keeps out
moisture and particles. In addition, the speaker frames are
made from corrosion-resistant cast alloy. Finally, a stainless
steel mesh grille prevents debris from collecting on top of
the driver (especially when installed below-ground).
Below-Ground Anchor Threads
Three threaded inserts spaced around the bottom chamfer
of the cabinet accept 1/4-20 bolts. For below-ground
installation, using such bolts helps prevent the cabinet from
moving when the ground freezes or gets saturated.
Standard: 6' pigtail. Optional: Conxall watertight connector
12" cast frame ACAD with 2" edge wound voice coil
26Hz – 115Hz, ±3dB
100 – 115Hz recommended, 18 or 24dB/octave
8 ohms
89dB (1 Watt @ 1m)
Recommended minimum 200W; 500W max.
22.5" dia. (top) tapers to 14.75" (lower section); 22.5" high
29.0 lbs. / 13.2 kg
39.0 lbs. / 17.7 kg
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