IN31208 - Inline, Inc.

IN31208 - Inline, Inc.
12-Input, 8-Output Presentation Switcher
• 12 x 8 Matrix Switcher
• 350 MHz Video Bandwidth
• Stereo Audio Inputs / Outputs Balanced (5-Pin Phoenix) and
Unbalanced (RCA) Models Available
• Master Volume Control and Mute
• Unit Stores Unique Input Gain Trim
Levels for Each Input
• Audio-Follow-Video Switching or
Audio / Video Breakaway
• RGB Delay Mode
• Vertical Interval Switching with
The IN31208 Presentation Switcher offers 12 x 8 audio / video matrix switching capability.
Six models are available to match your switching requirements:
RGB + Audio
RGB + Audio
RGBHV + Audio
RGBHV + Audio
Signal Compatibility
RGsB, Component, Y/C, Composite
RGsB, Component, Y/C, Composite, Stereo Audio (Balanced)
RGsB, Component, Y/C, Composite, Stereo Audio (Unbalanced)
RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, Component, Y/C, Composite
RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, Y/C, Composite, Stereo Audio (Balanced)
RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, Y/C, Composite, Stereo Audio (Unbalanced)
Two Switching Modes - Featuring two
switching modes (Direct & Matrix), the IN31208
combines the easy operation and serial control
capabilities of a projector switcher with the flexibility
and routing capabilities of a large matrix switcher.
Direct Switching Mode - In Direct Mode, the
IN31208 acts as a projector switcher, routing
composite, S-Video and RGB signals to the
appropriate outputs. The user simply presses one of
the 12 large input buttons and that input signal is
automatically routed to the pre-programmed output
or outputs. The IN31208 can also store and transmit
commands to a data display which tell the display to
switch inputs and/or recall a convergence memory.
Labelling System - The IN31208 features
attachment posts to securely hold engravable name
plates. The optional IN9347 nameplate kit includes
four plastic plates that can be engraved to neatly
show the names of each input and output device.
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• Control From Front Panel or Remotely
Via RS-232 Serial Control
• 16 Configuration Memories
• Unit Can Store and Transmit Serial
Commands to Control Projectors and
Other Serially Controlled Equipment
Video / Sync Connectors:
Stereo Audio Connectors:
Signal Levels:
Video / Sync Connectors:
Stereo Audio Connectors:
In Matrix Switching Mode the IN31208
operates as a true 12 x 8 matrix switcher. Users press
an output button followed by an input button and a
new patch is immediately executed. The unit features
large switching buttons and ample space for installers
to affix custom labels specifying input sources and
output devices. Matrix Mode is ideal for advanced
operations requiring complete flexibility over input /
output routing.
Synchronous Video Sources
RGB Bandwidth:
Audio S/N Ratio:
Audio THD:
Serial Control Ports:
Power Supply:
Product Weight:
Regulatory Approvals:
IN31208-1 / -2 / -3: (12) Sets of 3 female BNC
IN31208-4 / -5 / -6: (12) Sets of 5 female BNC
IN31208-2 / -5: (12) female 5-Pin Captive Screw
IN31208-3 / -6: (12) pairs RCA female
Video: +/- 3.0 Volts max., Sync: +/- 5.0 Volts max.
Audio: +/- 8 Volts max. (high Z), +/- 4 Volts (low Z)
Video / Sync: 75 ohms Audio: 600 ohms
IN31208-1 / -2 / -3: (8) Sets of 3 female BNC
IN31208-4 / -5 / -6: (8) Sets of 5 female BNC
IN31208-2 / -5: (8) female 5-Pin Captive Screw
IN31208-3 / -6: (8) pairs RCA female
>350 MHz any channel driving any number of outputs,
measured with .7V input signal at -3dB
Greater than 100 dB
0.007% - 1 KHz signal at 1V p-p
1200 to 38400 baud, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485
(2) Serial Ports, 5-Pin Phoenix Brand Connectors
Internal 90 to 260 VAC, 47 to 90 Hz (universal)
14 lbs. / 6.4 kg
Shipping Weight: 18 lbs. / 8 kg
7" x 17" x 12.2" / 17.8cm x 43.2cm x 31cm
UL1950, CAN/CSA-22.2 No.950, Third Edition
CE: EN55022 (1987), EN50081-1 (1991),
EN50082-1 (1992 and 1994), EN60950-92
Featuring 16 Configuration Memories, the IN31208 can store and recall frequently used configurations for easy recall with a single button. 12 memory
settings are available from the from panel and all 16 configuration memories are available via RS-232 serial commands. The memories store all input / output
patches as well as the current audio level for each output. The configuration memories make it easy to set up complex switching arrangements ahead of
time and then recall them quickly and reliably at the appropriate times during a show or presentation.
High Resolution Video Switching - With video bandwidth in excess of 350 MHz, the IN31208 provides ample performance for analog video signals at
virtually any resolution and refresh rate.
The Blank Button temporarily disconnects the current input when it is activated. When the blank button is pressed again (deactivated), the switcher
returns to the last selected input. The blank button has two modes of operation. In the Default mode, the Blank button disconnects all signal components
(RGBHV) from the output. In the Sync Pass mode, the Blank button disconnects only the RGB signals from the output while the sync signal(s) continue
uninterrupted. This lets the display device maintain sync lock while a black image is displayed. When the blank button is pressed again, the RGB signal
components are reconnected to the output and the display device instantly displays the input signal.
The RGB Delay feature may be engaged to provide a more attractive on-screen appearance when switching between various computer video sources.
When switching between high resolution video sources, data display devices normally require some period of time to identify and lock up to a new source.
During this adjustment period the screen may show flashing, resizing and other strange effects. With RGB Delay, each time a new input is selected the
switcher immediately routes the sync signal(s) for the new input to the output, followed by the RGB signals at a later time. This allows the display device
time to lock up to the new signal before any image is displayed (during the delay time the display shows black). When the RGB components are finally
connected to the output, the display device has a solid lock on the new signal and immediately displays a stable image. The RGB delay time is adjustable
from 0.5 seconds to 7.5 seconds in 0.5 second increments and can be set using serial commands or by pressing specific front panel buttons at power on.
Vertical Interval Switching capability provides glitch-free switches when used with synchronous video sources. The vertical interval switching mode can
be engaged using an RS-232 serial command or by pressing specific buttons at power on. The IN31208 derives timing information from the house sync
signal applied to the Genlock In connector. In vertical interval switching mode, the switcher delays the actual switch so that it occurs during the vertical
blanking interval. Vertical interval switching mode is compatible with synchronous video signals in the composite, s-video, component, RGsB, RGBS, and
RGBHV formats.
Audio Breakaway Switching - The default operation mode for the IN31208 is audio-follow-video switching, where audio and video signals switch
together. For special applications, users can separate the video and audio switching. A single front panel button allows for quick selection of switching
mode: Video + Audio, Video Only, or Audio Only.
Advanced Audio Switching Capability - IN31208 models with audio capability offer very high quality switching and amplification for stereo audio input
and output signals. Unique gain trim levels can be adjusted and stored for each input, helping standardize signal levels among various types of audio sources.
Each output has a master volume control and mute capability that can be controlled from the front panel or via RS-232 serial commands. Left / Right
balance can also be adjusted as required using RS-232 commands. Two types of audio switching boards are available:
Balanced Audio Models
The IN31208-2 and IN31208-5 feature 5-pin captive screw connectors for audio inputs / outputs and are compatible with balanced or
unbalanced audio signals. By wiring the inputs and outputs appropriately, unbalanced input signals can be output as balanced audio and vice
versa. These models are ideal for permanent installations and other applications requiring balanced / unbalanced signal compatibility and quick
input / output termination to bare wires.
Unbalanced Audio Models
The IN31208-3 and IN31208-6 feature female RCA connectors for audio inputs / outputs and are compatible with unbalanced audio signals.
These models are ideal for rental, staging and other applications where users must quickly make input / output connections using standard RCA
patch cables.
Projector and Audiovisual Device Control - The IN31208 can store and transmit RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 serial commands to control projectors,
Inline products or other serially controlled A/V equipment. Serial commands can be automatically triggered when inputs or outputs are selected or when a
function button is pressed. All serial control codes required to control other devices must be provided by the installing technician.
Setup and Control Software - WindowsTM 95/98/NT compatible software provided with the IN31208 makes it easy to set up the switcher and store
control codes. The software also provides effortless control over all matrix switching and audio level functions.
Function Buttons - In addition to codes triggered automatically by input and output selection, the switcher can also store 8 additional code strings
which are triggered by the four function buttons. The function buttons might be used to set the projector into standby mode, select lighting presets, switch
scan doubler inputs, interface with a control system or to activate virtually any other serially controlled event.
Flexible Capabilities - Featuring 12 x 8 matrix switching, 350 MHz bandwidth and two switching modes, the IN31208 is ideal for permanent
installations, rentals, complex staging operations and any other audiovisual / display system requiring a high performance matrix switcher with intuitive
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