VJ Yourself Interactive Installation

VJ Yourself Interactive Installation
VJ Yourself Interactive Installation
VJ Yourself
Playmodes is an interactive installation where the user dances in front of
a camera and the system replays its
movements to the beat. You can see
it as a XXIst century magic mirror, or
as a video dance karaoke.
The idea of the installation is to let
people play as in a video clip situation. Dancing to the beat of the
surrounding music concert, the user
watches himself repeated and coreographed virtually, re-played in loops
synchronized to the beat, time-stretched, and multiple copies of one self.
The installation is operated by a
VJ which triggers and manipulates
the video effects to amplify the user
Playmodes @ REC la nui
Tarragona. 2011.
Playmodes @ REC la nui
Tarragona. 2011.
Playmodes @ REC la nui
Tarragona. 2011.
Playmodes @ REC la nui
Tarragona. 2011.
Playmodes @ REC la nui
Tarragona. 2011.
Playmodes @ REC la nui
Tarragona. 2011.
We propose to introduce the Playmodes installation in a festival situation
as we did before in the REC Film Festival in Tarragona.
There are many different ways to introduce Playmodes in a festival playground: as an interactive visual installation which gets feed from the
surrounding music or as an autonomous audiovisual installation hotspot
where the music comes from the installation itself.
Technically there are also different
ways of displaying the installation.
Here we show 2 different possibilities of how the setup could be, but
we also could adapt the setup to the
festival or event needs.
Black Panel
Black Panel
HD Camera
TFT screen
HD Camera
Led by the artists
Led by the organization
·HD VideoCamera
·Camera wiring
·Sound Card
·Playmodes Software
·Architectural space, preferably with
darkness enough to set-up a videoprojector. In case of outdoors setup or
bright space, the setup can be done
with a LED screen instead of a videoprojection.
·Control Computer (MacOS system),
with a powerful graphic card
·10k lumen or more, videoprojector
·Retro projection screen
·TFT VGA monitor. 27’’ or more.
·2 Spotlight fixtures, 1kW or more.
·Control Table (Rosco)
·Electrical supplies and wiring
·Stereo speaker system (Optional)
·Black curtain or panel
·Black floor
A bit of history...
Playmodes is a project that started in
2006 as an interactive installation,
being shown in several events and locations (Girona, Madrid, Manchester,
Tarragona, Vilanova do Cerveira, ... ).
In 2008 Playmodes evolved to an audiovisual sampling engine system
and got the form of a theater show called Reflexus which turned for 2 years
(Barcelona, Zaragoza, Mallorca, Berlin, Toulosse ... ).
From 2010 to now Playmodes is in its
3rd generation with a brand new software architecture developed by Arturo Castro from the Open Frameworks core development team.
Reflexus Show
Playmodes installation
Reflexus @ CorpusMedia
Toulousse. 2010.
Reflexus @ CaixaFòrum.
Barcelona. 2009.
Lab NU2 @ Animal a l’Esquena.
Celrà. 2010.
IDN @ Mercat del les Flors
Barcelona. 2006.
Lab NU2 @ Animal a l’Esquena.
Celrà. 2010.
Lab NU2 @ Animal a l’Esquena.
Celrà. 2010.
Playmodes also gives name to our audiovisual research studio.
We work with self-made digital technologies, both software and hardware,
to create immersive interactive installations, projection mapping projects,
theatre scenography, still & motion
graphics, audiovisual instruments,
music and sound design.
We love to experiment with all kind of
new formats and supports, working
with Open Source tools and collaborating with people from around the globe to create innovative projects, both in the cultural or commercial spectrum.
We’re passionate about art, music, maths, physics, code and nature, and we
try to share all these passions by giving lectures and workshops in universities, schools or institutions.
Eloi Maduell is a computer science engineer specialising in live audiovisuals.
Founding member of the Telenoika Cultural Association, which has spent the past ten years
working on refreshing the country’s independent
audiovisual scene.
Santi Vilanova, educated as both graphic designer and musician, develops art projects based on
software programming, interactive design and
sound research, taking a special interest in the
intersection between the languages of music and
He has held the post of Technical Director of the
VAD Festival, for which he handles the technical
organisation, bringing a young and experimental
approach to its programming.
Member of the the Telenoika Audiovisual Open
Creative Community, Vilanova has brought his
creativity to audiovisual mapping projects, application of technologies in theatre, recycling of technological waste, robotics and sound art.
At the moment he focus his work into developing
and coding interactive audiovisual experiments
in Openframeworks.
Vilanova currently works as a lecturer at various
catalan universities, teaching subjects related to
interactive design and audiovisual research.
+ Info / Contact
Eloi Maduell
+034 677 39 848
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