Micro Bob 5130

Micro Bob 5130
Micro Bob 5130
The microBoB allows the connection of up to 6 sets of headphones or headsets to a computer or other audio device for
group listening or group speaking exercises.
The blue side of microBoB is compatible with our 1931 headsets (headphones with microphone) and the orange side is
compatible with our 41330 headphones.
Requirements for listening
The microBoB has
6 headphone sockets
Coomber 41330 educational headphones
6 headset sockets
Any computer or device with a headphone socket
Connecting cables for both microphone/headphone.
Socket for an amplified speaker
Operating Instructions
This is a double sided junction box for use with multimedia
Requirements for listen and talk
Coomber 1931 educational headset
Multimedia computer or Laptop with a soundcard
(ensure your soundcard has a microphone input and a
loudspeaker output, standard on most multimedia PC
Your PC must have “mic in” and “speaker out” sockets.
Connecting multimedia loudspeakers
Plug microBoBs cables into the appropriate sockets, pink
into microphone, blue into speaker. If you can not distinguish
your soundcard sockets, please refer to your soundcard
instructions for details.
microBob features a 3.5 mm jack socket for connection
to a pair of multimedia loudspeaker.
Headphones and Headsets: For personal safety and
comfort connect headphones or headsets into equipment,
turn volume down before placing headphones or headset
over ears.
For safety use only 600 ohm headphones (i.e coomber
type 41330) or headsets (i.e coomber type 1931) .
Listening through headsets and headphones will not be
possible when loudspeakers are connected.
Additional Technical Information: If you require any further
help or information, or if any point is not clear, then please
telephone 01905 342070 quoting your mode number and
serial number (located on label on the rear of the product).
Our technical department will be pleased to help you.
See website for safety information
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