Application Notes Switching EN.indd - KVM

Application Notes Switching EN.indd - KVM
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The MATRIX KVM SWITCH saves a lot of effort on an oil ring
Operator terminals are located on multiple platforms, which are connected to one
central computer. The operator finishes their work on one platform and travels to
another platform via the lift. Once they arrive there, there will be connecting again
to the central computer. It can be specified that the user is able to take control
of the PC even if they have forgotten to log out in the other location. This makes it
possible to operate the terminal from multiple levels.
The MATRIX KVM SWITCH goes on air – broadcasting industry
The broadcasting industry and applications in media production as well as radio, studios, and production in particular are dependent on lossless transmission in realtime
and absolute reliability.
In order to reduce noise levels in the studio and prevent unnecessary heat
emissions, the computers can be relocated in a separate engineering room,
thus enabling recording in the studio that is free from interruptions. Multiple
workstations can be connected to the computers in the engineering room with
just a single CAT or fibre cable. Each user can access each computer.
The KVM MATRIX SWITCH for creative individuals – post-production
Especially in post-production, extremely powerful computer technology is required to produce the best possible sound and image performance. However, the
creative team needs good working conditions, without PC noise and heat emissions,
in order to work optimally and effectively.
With the KVM MATRIX Switch, multiple creative individuals or producers can operate
and access computers at the same time. The KVM MATRIX Switch for optimal use in
The KVM MATRIX SWITCH for organisation in outside broadcast vehicles
Outside broadcast vehicles require space-saving solutions and optimal working conditions when it comes to noise and heat emissions. The outside broadcast vehicle
requires a great deal of technology, and simultaneous connection to the control
room and slo-mo department, in just a few square metres. Each control station
must be able to access the central computer in the server simultaneously. In this
case, operators switch between computers with the KVM MATRIX Switch.
The KVM MATRIX SWITCH for everything live on the radio
In a live recording, with the technician at the monitoring station able to immediately
and easily access all connected computers. The PCs are accommodated in a nearby
container, and the KVM MATRIX Switch is ideally suited to bridge the distance to the
„mobile radio station“. The master control room is connected to the PCs in the engineering container via a dedicated
The technician at the monitoring
station can access computers while
also functioning as an administrator.
The on-air personnel are not disturbed during the programme.
The MATRIX KVM SWITCH reduces costs for bank installations
We are on the trading floor of a
bank with 20 traders, who make extremely fast decisions on the sale or purchase of
shares. In order to everything to work quickly and reliably, the traders use expensive
financial information services – Reuters, Telerate or Bloomberg – which cost a lot to
Use of the matrix switching system enables the pool of devices on the trading floor
to connect to the financial services, and allows each trader to release them immedi-
ately after use, at the press of a button. This makes it possible to exploit the financial
information services optimally, quickly, and to achieve cost savings.
The MATRIX KVM SWITCH for safety in the air traffic control area
Air traffic control always uses a second computer system in the background, for
safety reasons, with exactly the same data as the main computer. Should the main
computer fail, then the system can switch over to the redundant computer automatically. In an emergency, this switchover must take place quickly. This is why we allow the operator to switch over to the
redundant computer system immediately using a single, robust button;
now there is no need to remember
keyboard shortcuts.
The MATRIX KVM Switch creates
a clear view in the medical industry
The setting is the main operating
theatre in a clinic or hospital. A whole
array of signal sources, such as overhead cameras for the theatre, planning computers, and endoscope camera must
be coordinated. Installing the Matrix Switch System makes it easier to coordinate all
these different things.
Touching the touchscreen on the camera and the monitor connects them. The
image can immediately be sent to a wall screen in the operating theatre or, in a university hospital, to the lecture theatre.
Use of monitors with the LVDS option is ideal
The MATRIX KVM Switch as the digital signage master
At an airport or in the shopping centre, videos are played or information displayed
from various PCs. The Matrix Switch, the information can be distributed over a network to different groups of screens. This allows visitors to see a weather report on
one screen, and read the news on another, while also receiving information about
the airport on a third.
Where and when something is displayed on all these different screens
can be programmed for certain times or at the press of a button.
Another highlight of the MATRIX KVM Switch is that, in addition to showing videos, it
is also possible to integrate interactive displays. This means that the customer can
view their information, such as a store directory in a shopping centre, via a touchscreen.
The MATRIX KVM Switch in conference systems creates common ground
A joint presentation in a conference room – a fascinating topic, multiple speakers,
or even multiple languages. Each presenter connects their laptop, either via VGA or
DVI, to the local part of the MATRIX KVM Switch. The next presenter presses the conference button, which lights up and immediately their PC is active and connected to
the overhead projector. Both old analogue signals as well as modern high-resolution
digital signals can be handled.
The MATRIX KVM Switch in the control room can distribute and connect
Sometimes control rooms need a lot of workstations (up to 10). This would require lots of cables and connections. With the Matrix Switch, these workstations are
connected to the computer room with only a single 10x MATRIX KVM Switch and a
fibre-optic cable, and only there
does the distribution to the relevant computers occur.
Compact information
A highlight of the kvm-tec Extender
technology is the ability to use it
with a standard network switch.
This extends the devices to make
an outstanding Matrix Switch, with which 24 monitors can be connected to 24 PCs.
Switching from one PC to another occurs without any delay. Only brief initial training
is required, and the device includes a password system, administrator, and user
The KVM MATRIX SWITCH is extremely competitive by using
a standard Network Switch
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