Downloading Audiobooks with Overdrive from the Marion Public

Downloading Audiobooks with Overdrive from the Marion Public
Downloading Audiobooks with Overdrive
from the Marion Public Library
for MP3 players and iPods
Steps 1-5 are a one-time setup.
1. Using a computer, visit our digital library at
2. Select Help in the upper right corner of the site.
3. Select Applications, then Overdrive.
4. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select the Mac or Windows download button. Download the program,
then double-click the saved file to install the program on your computer by following the instructions on the
Note: You will need to use a Windows computer to play or transfer WMA Audiobooks.
5. The installed Overdrive program will look like this:
Steps 1-5 are a one-time setup. To check out audiobooks, continue to the next step.
6. Connect your iPod or MP3 player to your computer. It should appear on the left side of Overdrive under Media
7. Return to Sign In to your account in the upper
right. You will be asked to select a library (please select the same library
each time). Enter your Library Card Number and PIN. (If you don’t
know your PIN, call the library and ask for the Information Desk.) Check
the box to Remember your login information and Sign In.
8. Click Menu
author, etc.
to browse the collections or Search
for a title,
Tip: Search for authors using last name, then first name.
E.g. Patterson, James
9. To narrow your options, first select a category from the Menu, then
click the Audiobook filter on the left side of the screen. More options
are available under Filter search by.
10. To see only currently available titles, click Available Now below the
Show Me filter.
11. Not all devices will play WMA Audiobooks. You can choose to show
only MP3 Audiobooks under the Format filter.
12. See whether an audiobook is available by checking whether the headphones icon is black (available) or gray (not
available). (A book icon indicates an ebook.)
13. For more information about a book, hover over it and click the More icon. On the right
side of the screen, the description will show the available format (WMA or MP3).
14. To check out, click Borrow. This will move the book to the website Bookshelf, but it’s
not ready to read until you Download it (see below).
15. If you see Place a Hold instead of Borrow, the book is checked out to someone else. To
get on the waiting list, click Place a Hold and enter your email address. You will be
notified when the book is ready for you to check out.
16. If you’re not already there, go to the website Bookshelf by clicking the Account icon.
17. If you haven’t downloaded the book yet, you have the opportunity to Return it from your
Bookshelf. This option disappears once the book has been downloaded.
18. Click on Download next to the book you have checked out. You may be asked to choose a
format. Only choose WMA Audiobook if your device supports WMA format.
If the book you chose is only in WMA format and your device doesn’t support WMA, click
Return Title and choose another book.
19. Your computer should show the following message, asking where on your computer you want to save downloaded
audiobooks. Browse for a new location if you wish, or click OK.
20. If you get this message, go to the last page and follow the instructions for Updating Windows Media Player.
21. Overdrive will show you how many parts the audiobook contains. You can choose which parts to download by
checking the boxes. Click OK to start downloading.
22. Check on the progress by clicking Download at the top of the screen. When one or more parts have completed
downloading, you can choose to Play directly from your computer, or you can Transfer to an iPod or MP3 player
by following the instructions on your screen.
Note: Downloading can be a slow process, as individual audiobook files are often 35mb or more, but transferring to
an iPod or MP3 player should be much quicker.
23. When the audiobook has finished transferring, safely eject your MP3 player by clicking the USB icon in the
system tray on the bottom right (you may have to first click the triangle to show hidden icons). Then eject your
MP3 player and wait for the Safe to Remove Hardware message before unplugging your MP3 player.
1. You may check out up to four e-books or
audiobooks at a time. Books will expire and be
removed from your account automatically at the
end of the lending period, which means no late
books and no fines. The default lending
period is 21 days. MP3 audiobooks may be
returned early (see Tip 2). If you checked out
the wrong format and are unable to return the
book, please contact the library and ask for the
Information Desk.
2. To return MP3 audiobooks early, click on the
book, then click Delete in the menu bar. Click
Return/Delete, as shown to the right. (It is not
possible to return WMA audiobooks early.)
3. To view the books you have checked out, go to Sign in and click the Account
icon. Your account lets you view and re-download books you have checked out (Bookshelf), see
your Holds, see your Lists, and change your Settings.
Questions? Call the Marion Public Library at 377-3412 or ask at the Information Desk.
Marion Public Library
1095 Sixth Avenue
Marion, IA 52302-3428
Updating Windows Media Player
1. If you received an error message when you tried to download an audiobook, go to the Tools menu at the top of the
Overdrive screen and select Windows Media Player Security Upgrade.
2. Follow the prompts on the following screens:
3. Once the file has finished playing, close Windows Media Player and continue downloading your audiobook. You
may need to start the download again from the Overdrive website (Step 18).
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