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The Drawmer HQ is a combined precision high-quality monitor pre-amp/volume controller and DAC aimed at devotees to high-fidelity
audio everywhere. The Drawmer family of HQ products also includes the new HQ-r, a wired remote controller which can drive single
or multiple HQ units simultaneously, and the HQ-b, a remotely controllable HQ module which lacks the front-panel controls of the
original device, and is designed exclusively for control via the new HQ Remote. The HQ is a critical listening device incorporating a
highly accurate pre-amp and offering finely balanced volume control over a variety of analogue and digital input sources, with
extremely low inter-channel crosstalk. The HQ also boasts a state-of-the-art DAC for clean conversion of digital sources to analogue
for reference monitoring.
Volume adjustment and source selection could not be more intuitive, taking place via the clearly labelled pair of rotary controls on the
front panel. A third, smaller front-panel rotary control allows you to switch instantly between two different sets of speakers for quick
A/B comparisons, or allows the HQ to drive both sets of outputs simultaneously. The HQ’s
volume control incorporates new exclusive Drawmer technology, SRVC™ or Seamless
Relay Volume Control, and thus offers the smooth, continuous and quiet operation of a
potentiometer combined with the accuracy of a precision relay volume control - the HQ’s
output channels are balanced to within 0.05dB across the entire volume range.
Designed to act as a central hub in a studio, mastering room, reference library or any highend listening environment, Drawmer’s HQ facilitates fast switching between sources and
outputs in multi-speaker setups. Analogue inputs accept audio on balanced XLRs and
unbalanced phonos. In addition, separate stereo RIAA-corrected phono inputs are provided,
so that turntables may be directly connected for restoration work or reference without the
need for a separate phono pre-amp. The HQ also permits the connection of digital sources
at up to 192kHz in AES format (via XLRs), TOSlink (on an RCA jack) or AES3id (on a BNC
connector), and a standard USB ‘B’-type connector allows audio to be streamed at lower rates from a laptop.
Each input source, whether in the analogue or digital domain, may be given its own input gain settings for optimum level-matching of
the connected devices. Audio from mixing desks, turntables, digital audio workstations and DVD, Blu-ray or CD players may all be
united within the HQ and sent to the balanced and unbalanced analogue outputs simultaneously. Digital sources at their original
sample rate and bit depth can also be routed to a dedicated S/PDIF output.
SRVC™ (Seamless Relay Volume Control) • State of the art DAC (-100dB THD & Noise and -114dB DnR)
Ultra low crosstalk (>100dB @20Hz to 20kHz) • 4 analogue and 5 digital sources, with individual gain setting
Intelligent source select allows A-B comparisons • Digital inputs to 192kHz 24bit with jitter reduction
RIAA input for accurate replay of vinyl • Switching for three different speaker configurations: Speakers A, Speakers B or Speakers A+B
Linking operation for multi-channel systems • Dual Headphone outputs • Normal output levels up to +18dBu balanced
Hot output levels up to +28dBu balanced • Internal Linear power supply with multi-stage regulation
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HQ-r Remote Control for HQ
More than just a simple remote control, the HQ-r considerably extends the HQ's functionality, making it even better suited to use in
critical listening environments. The HQ Remote adds a mono/stereo switch, user-defined volume level presets, a digital master
volume display, and Mute and ‘intelligent’ (level-dependent) Dim controls. The new remote can also act as a master volume controller
for multiple linked HQ units, permitting the creation of a 5.1 surround master volume control system which incorporates all the benefits
of Drawmer’s high-quality preamp and D-A conversion technology.
When the HQ Remote is plugged in, a red Status LED
illuminates, the HQ front-panel controls are disabled, and all
volume, muting and source-switching functions can be carried
out from the HQ-r. The remote’s large illuminated Volume
control takes over the duties of the HQ’s front-panel knob, and
the input audio source is determined by nine backlit pushbuttons, one for each of the HQ's five digital connections
(AES, S/PDIF, AES3, TosLink, USB) and its four analogue
stereo inputs (balanced XLRs, two auxiliary line inputs, and a
further aux line input with a switchable RIAA for vinyl replay,
which allows users to directly connect a turntable without the
need for an external preamp). A trio of speaker selection
buttons, marked ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘A/B’, allows users to switch
between the HQ’s two sets of speaker connections, A and B,
or drive both sets simultaneously, making instant monitor
switching simple for mix referencing purposes.
Additional Mute and Mono buttons enhance the HQ's
capabilities, the ‘intelligent’ Dim control sensibly reduces
playback volume by an amount dependent on the current output level, and the three-figure digital volume display gives a gain readout
accurate to within half a decibel. Two user-defined volume level presets may also be accessed via the P1 and P2 buttons, for
comparison of output levels in environments where accuracy is crucial, such as mastering studios. Weighing a reassuring 0.8kg, the
HQ Remote allows access to all the functions of the HQ Pre-Amp/DAC, plus many more, all from a solid, compact desktop unit.
HQ-b Precision Pre-Amp Blank Module
For those wishing to use the HQ solely via the remote control, the HQ-b offers all the high-specification, precision engineering of the
original HQ unit, but omits the front-panel controls. Designed to be driven exclusively by the HQ Remote, the HQ-b provides an easy
means of building a monitor control/pre-amp system incorporating multiple HQ units.
“Audio professionals pay a great deal of attention to the choice of microphone and speakers in their signal path”, explains Drawmer
Sales Director Ken Giles. “However, the final element, the monitor pre-amp and analogue-to-digital conversion used to reference their
audio, is crucial and often overlooked. The Drawmer HQ is specifically designed to do that job — and to a highly accurate, precisionengineered standard. The new HQ Remote and HQ-b expand the HQ family, making it an attractive pre-amp/DAC system both for
professionals and devotees of high-fidelity audio.”
T: +44 (0) 1924 378669 • F: +44 (0) 1924 290460 • •
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