Wind RiveR Solution AcceleRAtoR foR AndRoid, Automotive

Wind RiveR Solution AcceleRAtoR foR AndRoid, Automotive
Wind River Solution Accelerator
for Android, Automotive
Advancements in mobile technologies have spread to the automobile. Today, the “connected car” and the optimization of the human machine interface (HMI) to fully leverage
broadband connectivity are redefining the automotive industry. Drivers want the same, if
not better, experience in their cars as they have with their smartphones.
The Android operating system is quickly becoming a viable platform to build nextgeneration in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. The solidification of this platform, access
to hundreds of thousands of applications, and a well-established user interface give developers a solid foundation on which to add differentiation on top. But limitations do exist. Key
automotive interfaces and connectivity technologies are missing. To overcome these limitations, Wind River has introduced Wind River Solution Accelerators for Android, commercial add-on software modules that run on top of the Android operating sytem. Customers
use these technology packs to fill the gap between the Android Open Source Project and
real-market requirements. Wind River Solution Accelerator for Android, Automotive can
help create the “connected car” experience that is robust, feature rich, and sustainable.
The out-of-the-box, application-ready, well-tested software components in Wind River
Solution Accelerator for Android, Automotive achieve significant financial benefits for our
customers by reducing engineering costs during each project phase:
• Project startup: Less technical evaluation and skills acquisition is required.
• Development: Effort is reduced for testing frameworks, license management, and
• Maintenance: Effort is reduced for refactoring and regression testing.
Wind River Solution Accelerator for Android, Automotive combines standard Android
communication protocols, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G/4G telephony with features
that are important to the automotive world. It supports multiple hardware platforms including Freescale i.MX53 and Texas Instruments OMAP 4.
Wind River Solution Accelerator for Android, Automotive includes the following:
• Rich multimedia with iPod/iPhone/iPad docking capability and control
• Customizable user interface for automotive-specific usability
• FM radio
Product Overview
Additional Android Solution Accelerators that can be purchased separately include the
• Hyperboot for improved boot time of the IVI system
• Android firmware management that delivers run-time updates to Android devices
• Bluetooth IVI extensions for connectivity to various personal phones from the vehicle
center console
• Wind River Media Center to enhance connectivity via DLNA standards
iPod on Android
Providing seamless multimedia access and interoperability is a critical component to a
successful customer experience. Wind River Solution Accelerator for Android, Automotive
enables iPod, iPhone, and iPad docking for media access through the console. Users can
access movies, digitized music, and digital images.
iPod on Android provides access to multimedia contents on iOS devices directly from
Android-based IVI systems. This feature currently supports Authentication Coprocessor
2.0B, which grants a higher success rate of passing the iPod accessory test system. It also
supports most commands for the iPod accessory protocol (also know as Lingo) and offers
additional functions needed for a smooth user experience. Supported devices include
iPhone 3GS and 4; iPad 1 and 2; and iPod touch 1 and 2, iPod Nano, and iPod Classic.
Customizable Automotive User Interface
Wind River provides an IVI home screen that offers customizable icons for frequently
accessed applications. There are well-categorized application groups including automotivespecific applications and a layout that’s suitable for use in cars.
Figure 1: Customizable IVI home screen
2 | Product Overview
FM Radio
Access to FM radio is simpler with easy-to-read screen buttons and display. The FM radio
is equipped with the benefits of new technology such as station name and signal strength
but also contains standard features users have come to expect such as station presets, seek
and scan, and station frequency.
Figure 2: FM radio application
Fast Boot-up with Hyperboot (Optional)
Hyperboot is a Wind River–developed feature that can shorten the time it takes for the system to go from Off to Ready. It significantly reduces the time needed for system startup by
optimizing the boot loader, Linux kernel, and application scan. Compared to normal Android
system startup times, Wind River’s hyperboot feature can shorten boot time by up to 75%.
Android Firmware Management (Optional)
Android firmware management helps address a critical missing element in the Android
operating system framework: firmware management. A well-designed and tested firmware
management system can help mobile operators and device manufactures efficiently deliver
run-time updates and new functionality that can include improvements to the user experience.
Simplicity is the key principle to the design of this solution. It allows a lightweight update
method to be quickly integrated into any Android system with much lower cost. The solution provides the following:
• Browser-based and USB disk/SD card-based update mechanism
• Error tolerance from power off, corrupt package, and disk error
• Security that allows only authorized and signed update packages to access the device
• Software-specific updates including boot loader, boot (Linux kernel), system, data, recovery, and firmware
3 | Product Overview
Bluetooth Connectivity (Optional)
Wind River’s solution integrates telephone capabilities into the automotive touch screen
interface, thus eliminating the hassles a Bluetooth headset could bring. The interface provides users the same important feedback as when they are holding their phones such as
signal strength, battery level, and time of day. This feature is hardware dependent.
Wind River Media Center (Optional)
Gaining access to digital media, wherever it is stored, is now a user mandate. Wind River
Media Center provides multimedia interoperability for Android devices. It enables an
Android device to connect to another device and view that device’s digital media, or connect to another device and allow it to access the media on the Android device. Wind River’s
implementation is comprised of three components:
• Digital media server: Stores content and makes it available to networked digital media
• Digital media player: Finds content on digital media servers and provides playback and
rendering capabilities
• Digital media controller: Provides an interface to access content on remote devices
Wind River Media Center integrated in an IVI system allows users to wirelessly access multimedia content on compatible mobile devices within a vehicle.
To learn more about Wind River Solution Accelerators for Android, visit To have a representative contact you, call
800-545-9463 or write to
Wind River is a world leader in embedded and mobile software. Wind River has been pioneering computing inside embedded devices since 1981, and its technology is found in more than
1 billion products. Wind River is headquartered in Alameda, California, with offices in more than 20 countries. To learn more, visit Wind River at
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