8-Port, Multi-Platform Presentation Switcher

8-Port, Multi-Platform Presentation Switcher
8-Port, Multi-Platform Presentation Switcher
Manage audio and video presentations from four HDMI inputs, two VGA inputs
and one DVI input with up to 325 feet of signal extension, local monitoring,
remote/Ethernet/RS-232 control, and support for 4K Ultra HD content
Eight video inputs, including four HDMI inputs, two
VGA inputs, one DVI input and one RCA input
One local HDMI output, with one local SPDIF digital
coaxial audio output and one local RCA stereo audio
Up to 325 feet of signal extension over Cat5e/6/7
cables with receiver unit using HDBaseT technology
and POE (Power over Ethernet)
Scales output resolutions up to 1080p
Two HDMI ports with bypass to support 4K Ultra
HD input and output
Supports control via: RS-232, IR remote, front-panel
buttons, and TCP/IP
Seven Phoenix audio ports for each of the digital
video inputs, with automatic audio embedding
Supports SPDIF and stereo audio
Meeting Rooms
A/V Presentations
Control Rooms
Home Theatres
Production Studios
From the boardroom to the classroom, a quality presentation requires an intelligent integration of technology and a user-friendly
display of multimedia presentations. Too frequently, end users lack the ability to interface properly from their laptops, drives, and
content sources to a meeting room’s display. The new SPS-1000 from SmartAVI delivers impressive flexibility because it enables
users to integrate a wide variety of A/V technology interfaces all from one easy-to-use device.
The SPS-1000 features eight input ports total, including four HDMI inputs, two VGA inputs, one DVI input and one RCA (analog
stereo audio and video) input. The switcher has seven Phoenix audio connectors, one for each of the digital video inputs, and the
audio from these inputs is automatically embedded with the corresponding video signal.
The SPS-1000 delivers HD scaling for top-notch video quality and compatibility, allowing users to get the best resolution from a
variety of input sources and resolutions. Two of the HDMI inputs can bypass any scaling, which allows the device to support input
and output resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD. For the other inputs, supported resolutions and scaling go up to 1920x1080 (@60Hz).
With the infrared sensor on the front of the SPS-1000, the device can receive IR signals from various remotes and connect them
to each connected input device for more convenient source control. The device features one local HDMI output, as well as two
local audio outputs (one stereo analog RCA and one SPDIF digital coaxial).
Many users will find they need to place the switcher in a more convenient and accessible location than their current A/V
configuration allows, particularly considering the distance limitations of HDMI and other video cables. The SPS-1000 offers
one RJ-45 output for extending HDMI signal output up to 325 feet from the switcher to the endpoint receiver over Cat5e/6/7
cables via HDBaseT technology. The SPS-RX receiver features an HDMI output and an RJ-45 input, as well as IR connections and
Phoenix audio ports for increased flexibility.
The SRS-RX receiver is compact, making it easy to integrate next to nearly any display set up, and it has RS-232 and LAN outputs
for additional control options. With POE (Power over Ethernet), there’s no need to plug the receiver into an outlet for power.
The SPS-1000 is designed to provide a variety of control options to fit virtually any application. With RS-232 and LAN
connections, users can control the device from a remote laptop. (The SPS-RX receiver unit is equipped for both RS-232 and LAN
signals, as well.) The SPS-1000 also features front-panel buttons for easy switching right from the device itself, as well as an IR
remote to switch between inputs and manage other basic functions.
SPS-1000 Front
SPS-1000 Rear
Video Inputs
(4) HDMI, (2) VGA, (1) DVI, (1) RCA
Control Inputs
(1) RS-232, (1) RJ-45, (1) IR 3.5mm
Audio Inputs
(7) 3-Pin Phoenix Connector
Local Video Output
(1) HDMI
Local Audio Output
(1) RCA, (1) SPDIF Digital Coaxial
Remote Video Output
(1) RJ-45
Control Outputs
(8) IR 3.5mm, (2) RJ-45 (LAN)
Input Resolutions
Up to 4K/2K (@30Hz), 1920x1080 (@60Hz)
SPS-RX Front
17.25” (W) x 7.85” (D) x 1.9” (H)
4” (W) 4” (D) x 1” (H)
5 lbs.
0.8 lbs
Operating Temp
0° to 40° C
(1) RJ-45, (1) IR 3.5mm, (1) MiniUSB
Storage Temp
-20° to 60° C
(1) HDMI, (1) RJ-45 (LAN), (1) IR 3.5mm, (1) RS-232
Relative Humidity
20% to 90% (non-condensing)
Operating Temp
0° to 40° C
Power Consumption
14.5 W (max)/1.8 W (standby)
Storage Temp
-20° to 60° C
Relative Humidity
20% to 90% (non-condensing)
PS5VDC and POE (Power Over Ethernet)
Part No.
8-Port, Multi-Platform Presentation Switcher. Includes: [SPS-1000 & (PS12VDC)]
Smart Presentation Switcher Receiver over Cat5e/6/7. Includes: [SPS-RX & (PS5VDC)]
Tel: 800.AVI.2131 • 818.503.6200 • 11651
Vanowen St. North Hollywood, CA. 91605
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