Card Reader

Card Reader
MicroSecure Card Reader
The ProPay MicroSecure Card Reader simplifies
businesses that are on the go. The ultimate in portable
convenience, it enables secure capture of customers’
card information, and can store that information in
ProtectPay™ for later processing! The Card Reader
immediately encrypts card data, making transactions
very secure. More security means more customer
confidence as they do more business with you!
• Cardholder data is securely encrypted when
• Captured data is accessed only through a
password protected payment application
on your computer.
• Encrypted data is downloaded, via a secure
• Captured data is kept secure even if the battery
becomes depleted.
“Excellent. Fast, accurate, and easy to post
transactions at the end of the day.”
Anna Ruggiero
User-Friendly Design
• Small enough to fit in a pocket or travel bag.
• Designed to fit comfortably in your fingertips.
• Includes lanyard for easy carrying.
“I love this reader! It’s so professional and easy to
use and my customers love the ability to use their
charge cards!”
Jennifer Szalkowski
Fusion Studios
• It has an on/off button and an indicator light.
That’s it! Even for those who feel “technically
challenged”, it’s easy to use.
• Green LED indicates Card Reader is ready to use
and successful data capture.
• Red LED indicates unsuccessful data capture.
• Allows you to capture and store cardholder
data records for later processing.
• Holds the data from up to 71 cardholder records.
• Battery powered so you can collect cardholder
records anywhere .
• Process transactions while connected to
an internet-enabled computer and receive
real-time authorizations.
• Automatic shut-off to extend battery life.
• Battery recharged through the USB connection.
ProPay is a merchant service provider established in 1997 in Orem, UT. ProPay focuses
on the needs of corporations, small businesses, and professional service providers.
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