Introduction of wireless speaker system TD-M1

Introduction of wireless speaker system TD-M1
Introduction of wireless speaker system TD-M1
Toshihiro KIDO
Hiroshi KOWAKI
1. Introduction
These days, in the Hi-Fi audio industry, many audio
devices that are compatible with high-resolution audio(1)
come onto the market. On the other hand, an increasing
number of users quickly enjoy music due to widespread
use of smartphones. TD-M1 was developed as a product
that satisfies the diversifying lifestyle of many audio users,
ranging from audiophiles who enjoy high-resolution audio
to young people who enjoy music quickly on smartphones,
and that provides the experience of "accurate sound" to
Fig.1 External Appearance of TD-M1
2. Featuresof
of Product
Besides the previously-developed TD speaker technologies1), the amplifier, the D/A converter and all other
electronic parts of TD-M1, as well as the speaker, are
sophisticatedly designed for "accurate sound." Moreover,
TD-M1 pursues a high level of perfection even in design
and usability by incorporating all the electronic circuits in
its base.
2.1 Realization of "Accurate Sound"
(1) Supporting High-Quality High-Resolution Audio of
192 kHz/24bit
The input portion for USB connection includes a 192
kHz/24bit audio interface of which information quantity is
about 6.5 times as much as CDs (44.1 kHz/16bit). The output portion includes a world's highest level 192 kHz/24bit
D/A converter with excellent S/N ratio and low distortion. Therefore, the system can reproduce and re-create
subtle details of charms of music data equivalent to
recorded master sound source which is really faithful to
original sound.
(2) Equipped with Non-Oversampling D/A Converter
An oversampling filter is generally used to minimize
or remove slight aliasing which occurs when digital data
is converted to analog data (digital-to-analog conversion),
but its side effect which disrupts time waveforms is not so
perceived as a problem. Therefore, TD-M1 includes an
oversampling filterless mode as a standard feature
because we think that the time waveforms are more
important. Thus, TD-M1 realizes the reproduction of more
"accurate sound" even after the D/A conversion.
(3) Equipped with Specially-Designed Speaker Unit
which Thoroughly Pursues Faithful Reproduction
of Time Waveform
The diaphragm, the voice coil and other parts for the
vibration-system used in the specially-designed speaker
unit were optimized thoroughly based on the evaluation of
time-waveform accuracy. Moreover, by matching with the
maximum power of the built-in amplifier optimally, the
speaker has longer stroke width than our existing models
by 10% and improves its amplitude margin. Therefore, the
speaker is as small as 8 cm in diameter, but covers the
enough reproduction range from 70 Hz to 30 kHz and further improves its transient characteristics, the strongest
comparative advantage of the TD speaker, compared with
existing models.
2.2 Thorough Pursuance of Usability
(1) Equipped with a Wi-Fi Network Media Module
Compatible with AirPlay
TD-M1 has a built-in Wi-Fi network media module and
enables streaming reproduction of high-quality lossless
audio equivalent to CD (44.1kHz/16bit). As wireless connection methods with iPhones, Android terminals, Mac.,
etc. through Wi-Fi network, TD-M1 has two modes: one is
the "direct mode," which enables direct connection even in
the router-less environment, and the other is the "router
mode," which enables connection through an existing router. As a result, TD-M1 meets the needs of the users who
would like to enjoy music in various environments.
(2) Realization of Smart Operation by Touch Sensor
and LED Indicator
Simple and user-friendly operation is realized by touch
sensors which enable user's intuitive operation and LED
indicators which show the current user's operation.
(3) Enable One-Touch Adjustment of Speaker Angle
TD-M1 employs the angle adjustment mechanism so
that the angle of the speaker portion can be changed in
three steps (0 degree, 10 degrees and 20 degrees) in the
upward direction. This mechanism makes it possible to set
*(1)Sound source having information amount more than
conventional music CDs do
the speaker face toward the best listening position easily
and to realize the world's top-class spatial acoustic space.
(4) Remote Control Function Controlled by Dedicated
The dedicated applications are ready for installation
to operate the power switch, volume control, input selection and others. They can be downloaded from App Store
a n d G o o g l e P l a y S t o r e.
Convenience is improved for
Touch sensor
the users. For example, when
equipment such as a TV is
connected to the external
input terminal (3.5mm stereo
mini phone jack), the volume
LED Indicator
control can be operated by
Fig.2 Touch Sensor and LED Indicator
user's iPhone or Android terminal at hand.
We have continued the development in pursuit of
"accurate sound" consistently since 2001 when we
launched the ECLIPSE TD. With the special built-in amplifier, this newly-marketed TD-M1 is developed as the product of which the "accurate sound" level has been further
enhanced by closely reviewing and designing the portions
related to the process from input through output of sound.
As a result, in addition to winning of numerous top honor
awards of the audio professional journals both in Japan
and abroad, such as the best product award (What Hi-Fi?
of England) in Consumer Electronics Show, which is the
world's largest home electronics show, TD-M1 is increasingly used even in broadcasting stations and for music
production in recording studios. When both creators and
listeners of sound use speakers that can reproduce accurate sound, the quality of sound source is enhanced and
the listeners can enjoy the high quality sound at home.
We would like to improve our technological skills further
in the future to contribute to the musical culture in the
ECLIPSE TD is a registered trademark of FUJITSU TEN
LIMITED in Japan.
Fig.3 Angle Adjustment Mechanism
Fig.4 Dedicated Application
3. Product Specification
The product specification of TD-M1 is shown in Table
1. As shown in the specification of the input system, especially, TD-M1 can be connected to most music playback
devices in the market, such as iPhones and Android terminals through the Wi-Fi network and personal computers
through USB.
*AirPlay, iPhone and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc.
registered in the US. and other nations.
*Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance.
*Android, Google Play and Google Play logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google Inc.
1) "Kuruma to Onkyo Gijutsu no Ayumi" FUJITSU TEN
TECHNICAL JOURNAL No. 50 Anniversary issue
Additional volume1 2007
Table 1 Product Specification
Frequency response (-10dB)
Weight (pair)
Maximum dimensions (W,H,D)
Input system
Power consumption
Driver unit diameter
Nominal impedance
Rated power (T.H.D:1%) /
Maximum power (T.H.D:10%)
Approx. 5.3kg
AirPlay (Wi-Fi-wireless) / USB Type A / USB Type B / stereo Mini
20W/25W *When one channel is driven
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