Convert a Powerpoint into a Flash Website or Flash Video

Convert a Powerpoint into a Flash Website or Flash Video
Convert a Powerpoint into a Flash Website or Flash Video
Download and install iSpring Free
Create a Powerpoint Presentation
You can create a Powerpoint that requires the viewer to advance slides manually or have the
slides automatically advance to the next slide using slide timings.
You can record narration onto the slides.
You can insert video or audio (music and sound effects) onto slides.
LINKS TO DOCUMENTS: You should NOT create links to documents on the Powerpoint slides. If you
do and they are clicked, the Flash movie restarts at slide 1. However, you could open the web page
created by iSpring Free and add links to documents from the web “page”.
Convert your Powerpoint Presentation to a Flash Website
1. Click on the iSpring Free tab on the PPT tool bar.
You “can” insert YouTube video but I don’t recommend this… It might require the user to
download and install a special Flash plugin to view the video.
2. Choose Publish
3. In the Publish Window (see below):
1. Enter a Presentation Title (Keep this title short and simple… The Title name becomes
the name of the Flash video or name of a FOLDER holding your web page).
2. Browse to the Destination (where you want to save your video or web page folder)
3. Check if you want to Generate HTML (create a web page with the “Flashed” PPT on it.
4. Select other Options as appropriate to the way you want to export your PPT.
5. Click Publish
If you chose to Generate HTML, a FOLDER will be created with a webpage, index.html,
and the flash video. You will upload this entire folder to a web server.
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