Lay-in Ceiling Speaker Installer Guide

Lay-in Ceiling Speaker Installer Guide
Lay-in Ceiling Speaker Installer Guide
Speaker placement:
For best performance, the speakers should be installed slightly past the midpoint towards the
back of the room as shown below, centered over the students.
Front of class
Intended Use:
Indoor environment, mounted parallel to floor plane in a 60cm/24in wide, suspended ceiling tile
grid. Mount height 5.5m/18ft or less above floor plane.
1. Cut ceiling tile as required:
60x60 cm/2x2 ft tile – Cut tile in half along one axis.
60x120 cm/2x4 ft tile – C
ut 30cm/12in from edge along 60cm/2ft axis and discard smaller piece.
! Steps 2-3 only – Required if using conduit clamp fitting other than what is provided
with product.
2. Loosen, but do not remove screws on cover plate.
Push up and remove plate from assembly.
3. R
emove cable/conduit clamp fitting from plate.
Install UL Listed metallic enclosure entry fitting for plenum cable or flex whip.
4. Feed supply cable through whip to connector.
Make connection per wiring diagram. When cover plate is secured, all connections/splices
must be inside of the enclosure.
8 Ohm
BLACK (Common)
5. Place assembly onto ceiling grid.
Install T-bar trim piece where required. In some cases you may need to bend the
tooth of the T-bar tab to get it to fit into the slots, depending on the grid type.
NOTE! AHJ/local codes may require tie-off to structure. Bend up tie-off tabs of the
speaker and install
as directed.
NOTE! AHJ/local codes may require tie-down to grid.
Recommended fasteners not supplied. Erico/Caddy part ATA4i and 1/4” -20 x 2” bolt,
or equivalent. Install as directed.
6. Place remaining ceiling tile into opening as required.
You may need to shave an additional 0.5-1” off the tile in order for it to fit after installing the speaker and T-bar.
If experiencing problems with feedback, try the following:
Reduce the default volume for channel 4 (the external mic input) on the
CM3000 configuration page. (Due to the increased sensitivity, the lay-in speakers should be set 6dB lower than the FrontRow circular ceiling speakers).
Move the speakers farther away from the teacher’s standing or walking positions.
If installing in a ceiling lower than 12ft high, it is recommended that you create
a “Mic” button on the control panel (CB6000/CB2000) configuration file that
switches to the mic input and sets the volume to the nominal output.
Ensure that all other devices (computers, etc) are set to the highest output
possible (without distorting) so that the overall CM3000 level can be kept low
enough that using the microphone system will not be unduly loud. Ideally there
is a balanced level between the media source and the microphone system
without changing volume levels.
821-2856-121/Rev B
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