DigiTapeadapter DT-02_Manual_English

DigiTapeadapter DT-02_Manual_English
DigiTapeadapter DT–02
User Manual
Please find the Declaration of Conformity for this device under following internet-link:
Still use your car tape radio or the tape unit in your hi-fi system and listen to your
favourite music titles as MP3
Tape adapter usable as MP3 player
Large memory, because SD memory cards up to 32GB are usable
All function buttons are integrated into the tape adapter
Card Reader function, Auto-Play function, Auto-MusicSearch function
Built-in Li-Ion battery, therefore no snarl of cables
Chargable through USB port
Usable as portable MP3 player. Earphones are included in delivery
Technical specifications
File format
Earplug socket
Weight device
Dimensions device
Supports memory cards up to 32GB
Supports MP3
3.5mm jack
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery (built-in)
Windows 7, Vista, XP
102 x 63 x 12mm
Package contents: DigiTapeadapter (with built-in Lithium battery), Mini USB cable,
Car charger (11-24V), Travel charger (110-250V), Ear plug, Remote control, TF
MicroSD Adapter, User Manual
1. Charging the battery
The player battery can be charged when the player is ON or OFF. When it is being
charged the green light 2 will be on. When the green light goes off charging has been
completed and the charger should be disconnected.
2. Overview of device
Power switch (ON / OFF)
Equalizer (EQ)
Volume ( + / – )
Back, Forward, Play / Pause
Magnetic head
Earplug socket
USB socket
Light 1, Light 2
3. Use as MP3 player
● Insert an SD/MMC/TF card.
● Turn the power switch ON. The player will automatically play the music stored on
the SD/MMC/TF card and light 1 will flash slowly as it plays.
● The six controls on the player, the equalizer (sound effects), volume + and – buttons,
the back, next and play/pause buttons are all available while the player is running.
● A long press on the Play/Pause button will put the player into standby. A second
long press will start the player running again.
● When music is off for 30 minutes, the player sets to standby automatically. A long
press on the Play/Pause button will start playing music again.
● When finished using the player set the power switch to OFF.
4. Use as Tape Player
● Insert an SD/MMC/TF card.
● Turn the power switch to ON and insert the player into the tape device (such as a
car audio system, tape recorder, Walkman or other tape player). The player will
function as a normal tape player while playing the music stored on the inserted
SD/MMC/TF card.
● When finished using the player, take the device out the player and turn the power
switch to OFF.
5. Use as Card Reader
● Insert an SD/MMC/TF card.
● Turn the power switch ON and connect the player to the computer using a USB
cable once Light 1 shows a slow flash of red light, so as to achieve file transmission.
6. Remote Control
● Select the songs with the number keys (0 – 9). To select a number higher than 9 use
two or more keys. After selecting the songs press the key for two seconds to start
playing. The functions of the other keys are similar to those of the player.
● The
button causes the current song to be looped. Selecting other songs will
cancel the repeat.
● When using the remote control point it towards the tape handler USB socket from a
distance of 5 meters.
7. Precautions – when is not working (well)
Battery is not fully charged or faulty. The charging time should be at least 2-3 hours.
The SD/MMC/TF card used is faulty. Please do not insert or remove the
SD/MMC/TF memory card while the power switch is ON.
If light 1 remains on for a long time this is a sign of a card read failure. Please
re-start the handler.
The Tape Player itself has a malfunction.
Security and Disposal Hints for Batteries
• Hold children off batteries. When a child swallowed a battery by mistake go to a doctors place or bring the child
into a hospital promptly!
• Look for the right polarity (+) and (▬) of batteries! Always change all batteries, never use old and new batteries
or batteries of different types together.
• Do NOT open, deform or load up batteries! There is a risk of injury (battery leakage fluid)! Never short batteries.
NEVER throw batteries into fire! There is a risk of explosion!
• Take out exhausted batteries from the device and when its not used over a longer period of time also.
Hints for Environment Protection
Packages materials are raw materials and can be recycled. Separate the packages by types and put them to
an adequate recycling on behalf of the environment. More detailed information you get from your official civil
service. Do not disposal old devices into the domestic waste. Disposal old / defective devices professionally!
The environment will be grateful for that. Do not disposal batteries into the domestic waste. Disposal old /
empty / defective batteries professionally! The environment will be more than grateful for that.
Cleaning: Protect the device from contamination and pollution. Only clean the device with soft cloth or drapery,
avoid using rough or coarse-grained materials. Do NOT use solvents or other aggressive cleaner. Wipe the device
after cleaning accurately. Important Notice: Should battery fluid leak from a battery, wipe the battery-case with a
soft cloth dry and put in a new battery!
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