DNR500 Series - Quick Connection Guide

DNR500 Series - Quick Connection Guide
DNR500 Series
Quick Connection Guide
Package Contents:
Connecting Your System
USB Mouse
Remote Control
Power Cable
IP Cameras*
Ethernet Cable HDMI Cable
Rack Mount Screw x 6
Recommended: Connect
cameras to NVR
Connect cameras to a PoE
Switch* or Router* on your
network. See “Adding cameras
from the LAN” on reverse for
more details.
For PoE switch
installations only
For the best video
output this NVR can
provide, you must use
it with a monitor/TV
that supports 1080p
resolution (or above).
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To stop the beeping:
1. Connect an Ethernet cable from the system
to your router.
2. Right click and click Disable Beep.
Firmware Update
This system features automatic firmware
upgrades for enhanced functionality. It is
required to upgrade your system to the latest
firmware version.
6: ON
Search for the model number
of your product
If the system is beeping after startup, the
Ethernet cable may not be connected or the
system may not be connected to the network.
Visit us online for up-to-date software and complete
instruction manuals
Need Help?
Visit flir.com/security/support
Quick Start Guides
Ethernet Extension Cable*
NOTE: It may take up to
1 minute for cameras to
start up and transmit
video to your NVR.
Rack Mount Bracket x 2
HD Network Video Surveillance Recorder
If a firmware upgrade is available:
1. After startup, a notification will appear
asking you to upgrade the firmware. Click OK
to upgrade.
2. The system will download and install the
firmware upgrade. Wait for the firmware
update to complete. The system may restart
during the firmware upgrade process.
DO NOT power off or disconnect the power
cable during firmware installation.
16/32 channel configuration shown. 8 channel will have the respective number of video inputs.
For camera compatibility information, visit flir.com/security/support
*Not included/sold separately.
DNR500 Series
Quick Connection Guide
Using the Mouse
Setting the Date and Time
It is important to set the correct time to ensure accurate time stamps
on video recordings.
• During split-screen display mode:
Click an individual channel to view it
in full-screen. Click again to return to
the split-screen display mode.
• While navigating menus: Click to
open a menu option.
HD Network Video Surveillance Recorder
1. In live view, right-click and click Main Menu.
2. Log in using the system user name (default: admin) and password (default:
select Setting
4.Click General and select the Date&Time tab.
Enter the current time and
select your time zone, and
click OK.
Check DST to enable auto
Daylight Savings Time
Adding Cameras from the LAN
(Optional) Check NTP to sync
your system with an Internet
time server. Click Manual
Update to instantly update
the time.
Follow the steps below to add cameras that are not directly connected to the Power
over Ethernet (PoE) ports on the back of the NVR.
NOTE: Please visit flir.com/security/support for a list of compatible IP cameras.
2. Log in using the system user name (default: admin)
and password (default: 000000).
4. Use the drop-down menus to select the channels you
would like to playback. Click the display options
) to playback multiple channels
5. Click inside the video bar to select the playback time.
Playback starts immediately at the selected time.
Select the day
to playback.
NOTE: A constant Internet
connection is required to use
1. Connect the camera to a router or switch on the same network as the NVR.
2. Right-click and select Remote Device. Log in using the admin account (default
User Name: admin; default Password: 000000).
1. From live view, right-click and then click Search.
3. Use the calendar on the right to select the date to
• During live view: Right-click anywhere
on the screen to open the Quick
• Within system menus: Right-click to
exit menus.
Playback and Search
5.Click Apply to save changes.
Using the Quick Menu
Select channels
to playback.
Right-click to open the Quick Menu.
3.Click Device Search.
Select camera/live display view
4. Check the camera(s) you would like to add.
5.Click Add. The Status indicator turns green
to show the camera is successfully
NOTE: If the Status indicator is red,
. Update the camera user name,
password, ports, and manufacturer as
6.Click OK to save changes.
Control PTZ cameras (not included)
Control Fish Eye cameras (not included)
Control auto focus cameras (not included)
Adjust camera color and image settings
View system information
Start/stop sequence mode
Click inside the bar to select a playback
Disable current audible warning
Search and playback recordings
Open manual recording controls
Add IP cameras over the LAN
Open Main Menu
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