Internet Setup in Student Housing

Internet Setup in Student Housing
Autumn 2015
Use this guide to join the University of Washington network on your Internet-capable device (such as your desktop,
laptop, tablet or smartphone). More information is available at Getting Wired in Student Housing and Connecting in
UW Housing.
Connect using Ethernet port (hardwired)
What you will need: Device, Cat-5 Ethernet cable (see Figure 1)
If “University of Washington” Wi-Fi is unavailable in your area or your
device does not support a Wi-Fi connection, use an Ethernet wall-port in
your student housing for UW network access.
Figure 1: Ethernet cable
Using your Cat-5 Ethernet cable:
1. Plug one end of the cable into the Ethernet port on your computer.
2. Plug the other end into the Ethernet wall-port labeled ENET or
data (see Figure 2).
Note: No modem needed. There may be multiple wall-ports available, but only the wallports labeled ENET or Data support Internet connectivity (see Figure 2). Only Ethernet
connectivity is supported; no coax/cable or DSL connections are available (see Figure 1).
Figure 2: Data wall-port
Set-up router
What you will need: Device, router, Cat-5 Ethernet cable (see Figure 1)
While most student housing offers Wi-Fi and all rooms have Ethernet wall-ports for Internet connections, some
residence halls allow you to set up your own router. Check with your residence hall adviser about the router policy
in your building. For more information, see Wireless Routers in UW Residence Hall Rooms.
Using your Cat-5 Ethernet cable:
1. Plug one end of the cable into the Ethernet port labeled “WAN” or
“Internet” on your router (see Figure 3).
2. Plug the other end into the Ethernet wall-port labeled ENET or Data
(see Figure 2).
Figure 3: Router ports
Note: Using the incorrect port on your router could cause Internet disruptions. If this happens, your port will be shut down and you will
have to contact UW-IT support ( or 206-221-5000) to have it re-enabled.
Connect using Wi-Fi (wireless)
What you will need: Wireless-enabled device
Most student housing at the UW has pervasive Wi-Fi.
Using your wireless-enabled device:
1. Navigate to Wi-Fi options.
2. Choose “University of Washington” Wi-Fi network.
3. Open a browser and authenticate using your UW NetID.
Note: No physical cabling or modem needed. If you are unable to find the “University of Washington” Wi-Fi option, or the signal strength
is too low, then campus Wi-Fi is not available in your location.
Connect gaming and other Internet-enabled devices
Other Internet-enabled devices (such as gaming systems, printers and digital media players) can be set up on the
UW network using hardwired or wireless methods by following the instructions listed above.
If the device you are connecting does not allow you to authenticate
(e.g., no browser available on your device):
1. Manually add your device to the wireless network:
2. Then, in your device’s wireless settings, select “Forget” or
“Delete” your wireless network connection with the “University of
Washington” network and reconnect.
Note: UW-IT offers very limited support in troubleshooting connectivity issues for
gaming devices and other Internet-enabled devices; additionally, there is no support for
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) or multicast systems.
Contact UW Information Technology (UW-IT):
• Email:
• Call: (206) 221-5000
September 2015
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