DialDirectly (for Skype™)

DialDirectly (for Skype™)
‘DialDirectly (for Skype™)’ by Infonautics GmbH Switzerland
DialDirectly (for Skype™)
© by Infonautics GmbH, Switzerland
DialDirectly can dial and redial names and phone numbers directly via Skype™ by copying
them from any application via customizable hotkeys. The last 10 numbers are available for
(To dial chargeable phone numbers in Skype™, you need an appropriate account with
System Requirements
Microsoft Windows™ XP/Vista/7/8/10.
Program space on hard disk: less than 1 MB.
Skype™ installed on the PC.
Skype™ is a trade mark of Skype / Microsoft and its related companies.
© Copyright by Infonautics GmbH, Switzerland
‘DialDirectly (for Skype™)’ by Infonautics GmbH Switzerland
The program can be installed and uninstalled easily. No modification of the operating system
will be taken. To install start the setup program named „DialDirectlyForSkypeSetupEN.exe“.
After installing there will be a new program group in the Windows start menu with the entries
„Start DialDirectly“, „Manual“ and „Uninstall“.
After the launch of "DialDirectly" the icon
appears on the taskbar. With a mouse click on
the icon and choosing "Settings, the hotkeys can be changed and it can be determined
whether the program should always be started automatically with Windows.
The program is offered as shareware and requires a license key for regular operation. Before
buying it can be freely and fully tested. Without a license key the program dials the phone
number or name with a delay and a shareware notice will show up. The license key can be
bought at small fee at:
The license key is non-expiring and valid for all future updates.
Enter the license number in the menu "License / buy" in the appropriate field and press "OK".
Afterwards the shareware notice will not appear again.
© Copyright by Infonautics GmbH, Switzerland
‘DialDirectly (for Skype™)’ by Infonautics GmbH Switzerland
After program start this icon will show up in the taskbar. When clicking on the icon
the program menu below will appear. The dialling functions can also be triggered
directly by hotkeys.
Dial number/name: Any phone number or name stated in any application (Word, Excel,
Email, Browser etc.) can be highlighted with the mouse and then copied to the clipboard
using the keyboard shortcut CTRL-C. Then, the number can automatically be dialled by
using the individually defined hotkey (Default CTRL+3).
The copying to clipboard by CTRL-C can be done automatically when defined so in the
"Settings". Thereby, the requested number/name can be dialled directly by only highlighting
the number/name with the mouse and using the defined hotkey (Default CTRL+3).
Dial number/name manually: Enter and dial a number or name manually on your keyboard.
Thereby, the number/name will be a available in the history for redialling. (Default CTRL+4)
Redial last number/name: Call the last dialled number or name again. (Default CTRL+5)
If "Display history" is selected under settings, the last 10 numbers will be displayed in the
menu for direct selection.
Settings: see following paragraph.
© Copyright by Infonautics GmbH, Switzerland
‘DialDirectly (for Skype™)’ by Infonautics GmbH Switzerland
Program Settings
General settings: As described.
Hotkeys: The dialling functions can either be triggered by the program menu or primarily and
directly by the defined hotkeys. The standard settings CTRL+3 until CTRL+5 can be
adjusted according to personal preference. Simply place the cursor in the appropriate field
and press the desired keyboard shortcut. Please pay attention that hereby already existing
keyboard shortcuts of other applications might be interfered or deactivated. These keyboard
shortcuts will be activated again as soon as the settings have been reset or the program has
been closed.
© Copyright by Infonautics GmbH, Switzerland
‘DialDirectly (for Skype™)’ by Infonautics GmbH Switzerland
Features for dialling
Operation by customizable hotkeys or by the program menu.
Highlight a name or phone number in any application and dial directly by Skype™.
Dialling a name or phone number via clipboard.
Redialling the last name or number.
Redialling a name or number from the history (10 entries).
Manually entering a name or phone number.
Infonautics GmbH
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Internet: https://www.infonautics.ch/dialdirectly
E-Mail: dialdirectly@infonautics.ch
© Copyright by Infonautics GmbH, Switzerland
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