act5 digital keypad installation notes

act5 digital keypad installation notes
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ACT5 Digital Keypad Programming
(for typical system)
1. Enter Programming Mode.
Press X button followed by the programming
code (9999)
The LED will flash Amber
Change User 1 code.
Press 0, then 1 followed by the new user 1 code
(four digits)
3. Change Programming Code.
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As with any access control system, always ensure that there is
an alternate means of escape in the event of the unit failing to
operate due to power loss or in the event of fire.
Don’t forget to change the programming code to something known only to yourself.
Never use the onboard relay to switch AC mains voltage.
An external relay isolated electrically from the ACT5
should be used for this purpose.
Always remember to place the supplied Varistor
across the terminals of the door strike coil to protect
the relay contacts.
Always remember to factory default the controller before
you start programming.
To enter programming mode:
Press the X button followed by the engineering code (initially all 9999) The
LED will flash Amber while in programming mode . If X is pressed at any
time or no key is pressed within 30 seconds, programm ing mode is exited.
Changing Codes:
(from programming mode)
Enter 0
(Change codes)
(user number 0 -9, = programming code)
0000 -9999
(4 digit code – 0000 deletes user)
Default user codes : Programming = 9999, User 1 =1234,
All others inactive.
Incorrect Code Lockout
When three invalid codes have been entered in a row. The keypad will
enter lockout mode for 20 seconds. During this time, the red indicator
will flash and all user coded will be inactive.
Press the X button. The LED will be Red.
(from programming mode)
Enter 2
(Set Relay active Time)
(Relay Timer) {Buzzer sounds indicating timing…
wait required period}
(Stop timing) {Buzzer stops — timer set}
Press 0, then followed by the new programming code (four digits).
Set Desired Relay Active Time .
Press 2, then 0. Allow the buzzer to sound for
the desired period. Press to stop – this period
is now programmed into the relay timer.
Exit Programming Mode.
Setting the Relay active time:
The keypad is now ready for normal use.
Restoring Factory Defaults
Note: The keypad may be returned to its factory
default condition at any time by entering the programming mode and pressing the
three times.
(From Programming Mode)
(Factory Defaults Restored & Keypad exits programming mode)
If the programming code has been forgotten.
Remove the power from the unit.
Remove link LK1.
Apply power to unit.
Replace link LK1.
Remove power again.
Restore power and proceed with programming.
Note: The keypad will not operate correctly witho ut LK1 in place.
Supplied by - Southern Alarm Systems Ltd - 01323 899634
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