X-keys® MWII Professional USB Specifications (XP - AV

X-keys® MWII Professional USB Specifications (XP - AV
X-keys® MWII Professional USB Specifications (XP-05-USB-R)
58 Programmable Keys
Connects to any functional USB port
Plays keystrokes on any USB compatible
Operating System
Rugged construction
Durable Cherry® Mechanical switches for a long,
reliable life
The X-keys® MWII Professional uses X-keys MacroWorks software to record key commands
from the keyboard and send them to applications on the computer. Any sequence or combination of
keystrokes from a standard keyboard may be assigned to any key on the X-keys. Mouse commands
(click & scroll) may also be programmed. Simple, intuitive steps allow even non-technical users to
program the X-keys instantly. Programming files may easily be copied and shared.
The USB X-keys may also be operated in Hardware Mode, saving all programming in an onboard
non-volatile memory and emulating the PC keyboard port (PS/2) version of the X-keys. Please contact
our Technical Support Department for software and instructions regarding Hardware Mode.
Operating System
WINDOWS: 2000, XP, Vista, 7
MAC: OS-X 10.6 Other OS: see Hardware Mode
Included Software
WINDOWS: MacroWorks 3
MAC: ControllerMate for X-keys
Switch Type
Cherry type MX mechanical switch, low profile tactile feel, ¾” (19 mm) on center
Number of Keys
58 single keys – with second layer: 114 programmable keys
Actuation Force
Approx. 2.0 oz (72 g) linear
Key Cap Type
Power Source
Power Consumption
5/8” (16 mm) sq. w/removable clear caps for easy labeling
9” x 8” x 1", (230 mm x 200 mm x 25 mm)
17 ½ oz. (620 g)
USB port, nominal voltage = 5 vdc
Low power USB device: less than 15 ma @ 5 vdc
Accessories Included
Double-keys (one horizontal and two vertical), key puller
Optional Accessories
Large 1-3/8” (35 mm) square keys (replace 4 single keys), additional double keys
FCC class B, CE, RoHS
In Hardware Mode
Hardware System
Operating System
Memory Capacity
Memory Type
Number of Layers
Any architecture supporting USB, including Sun, SGI, and HP workstations
Programming requires X-keys Hardware Mode Programming Utility for Windows (XP, Vista, 7).
Operates on any OS supporting USB including Unix, Sun and Mac OS X
Each key is allocated 3 characters and a pool of 1000 additional keystrokes is available to any
keys that require additional characters
EEPROM, non volatile memory (X-keys retains memory for over 200 years)
2 layers – user selectable toggle and/or shift keys
Specifications subject to change without notice
P.I. Engineering, Inc.
101 Innovation Parkway | Williamston, Michigan 48895-1663
Toll-Free: (800) 628-3185 | Phone: (517) 655-5523 | Fax: (517) 655-4926
E-mail: tech@xkeys.com | Web: www.xkeys.com
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