Adding eBooks to the Nook Classic/Glowlight from Overdrive on

Adding eBooks to the Nook Classic/Glowlight from Overdrive on
Adding eBooks to the Nook Classic/Glowlight from Overdrive
on Windows
To begin, visit the Newport Beach Public Library website at Move
your mouse cursor to the eBranch tab and click on the eBooks link from the drop down menu.
To check out books from Overdrive, click in the blue Overdrive button on the page.
Setting Up Adobe Digital Editions
Before checking out eBooks from Overdrive, it is recommended that you have Adobe Digital
Editions installed and authorized on your computer. To do this, download the software (for free)
from Be sure to click the
WINDOWS download option.
Download and install Adobe Digital Editions. If you already have an older version of the
software, you will have the opportunity to transfer previously downloaded titles to the new
Once Adobe Digital Editions has been installed, the program will launch. To authorize your
computer to receive eBooks, click Help from the toolbar and select Authorize Computer.
You may get a notice saying that your computer is not authorized. If so, click the Continue
button. You will reach a screen asking you to sign in with an Adobe ID. If you already have an
Adobe ID, put in your information and click Authorize.
If you do not have an Adobe ID, click the Create an Adobe ID link. You’ll be taken to Adobe’s
website to make one. Just supply a current, valid email address and password along with your
full name. Write down your password! If you forget it, you will need to go through Adobe to reset
it. When finished, type your Adobe ID into Adobe Digital Editions and click Authorize. Your
computer is now ready to receive eBooks!
Transferring eBooks To Your Nook
Search for and check out a book from Overdrive. For more information on this process, please
To read Overdrive books on your Nook, you
MUST select the Adobe EPUB format
when checking out.
Check out an EPUB title. When prompted to Save or Open the file (with Adobe Digital Editions),
choose Open and the software will take over and authorize it before opening.
To transfer the book to your device, plug the Nook into your PC or laptop using the packaged
USB cable. Once connected, Adobe Digital Editions should recognize it and prompt you for
authorization. If the program does not recognize your device, unplug your device, close
the program, open the program again and plug in your device.
Your Nook will appear under Devices. Click the small gear icon to bring up a menu. Click
Authorize Device.
In the popup menu, verify that the Adobe ID is yours. Click Authorize. Your Nook is now
authorized to read EPUB files from Overdrive!
Right click the title you want to put on your Nook. Select Copy to Computer/Device and find
your device (it may be listed as “nook” or “Nook”). Wait a moment for the file to copy. When
done, disconnect your device.
From the Nook itself, go to your Library and your transferred books will be waiting to be read.
Adding MP3 audiobooks from Overdrive to the Nook
Note: Audiobooks cannot be played on the Nook Glowlight and Simple Touch
The process of adding MP3 audio books to your Nook is similar to transferring them to an MP3
player. Note: You must have OverDrive Media Console installed on your computer, which can
be downloaded for free from
After downloading the audiobook from Overdrive, double click the file. If the Overdrive Media
Console has been installed, it will take over and guide you through the process.
In order to transfer the audio book to your Nook, you will first need to download at least one part
of the book. Overdrive will, by default, select all parts of the book for you. You can track the
progress of your download by looking at the bottom of the Overdrive Media Console window.
Once the download has been completed, connect your Nook to the computer. Click the
TRANSFER button on the upper section of the Overdrive program window (it is found next to
the PLAY button). Overdrive will automatically detect your device, so all you have to do is hit the
"Next" button until OverDrive initiates the transfer.
Once the transfer is complete, disconnect your Nook from the computer.
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