Live Eye WiFi Smart Camera
Live Eye WiFi Smart Camera
Quick Guide
Camera Description
Download the Live Eye mobile app from the app store:
1. iOS users can download from the App Store.
2. Android users can download from Google Play.
3. Both the iOS and Android devices can also scan the QR code to download the software directly.
Open the Live Eye app and create your account login.
Note: You can use an email or phone number to register your account.
Choose “Register”.
Choose “Register by phone” or “Register by email", then click “Next”.
Enter an email and create a unique password for your account. Click “Next”.
Note: Email registration will not require a verification code. Registration will be completed once your
email and password is created. The mobile phone registration does require a verification code, which will
be sent to the phone by text message.
Once registration is complete, the app will display a unique ID for your account. Remember this ID, it can
be used as the username, to login from other mobile devices.
Mobile Device Network Connection
There are two ways to connect a Live Eye Smart Camera to your network
Wired Connection:
Provide power to the camera using the power adapter provided. Connect one end of a network cable to the
camera and the other end to your network router's LAN port (be sure the router is set to distribute DHCP IP
Addresses). The network light on the camera will be illuminated when connection is successful.
Open the Live Eye mobile app on your device.
You should be able to automatically discover the Live Eye Smart Camera, as long as you are on the
same network. Click on "Discover 1 New Device", if available. (Your mobile device is connected to
your router's WiFi and the Live Eye Smart Camera is connected to the wired connection).
Or you can manually add the connection by clicking on the + icon on the top right, then selecting
Enter a name for the camera; i.e. Kitchen, Living Room, etc.
Enter the 7 digit 3C ID which can be found on the camera and on the box.
The default password is "123".
WiFi connection:
Provide power to the camera using the power adapter provided. Upon powering the Live Eye Smart camera
for the first time, the camera will beep continuously after initialization. Your mobile device must be
connected to the same WiFi network that you want the Live Eye Smart Camera to be on.
Open the Live Eye mobile app on your device.
Click on the + icon on the top right and select "Smartlink".
Follow the on-screen instructions and enter your WiFi's password.
The Smartlink session will send your WiFi's password to the camera. Be sure to position your mobile
device close to the Live Eye Smart Camera until completion.
Q: Adding a camera using Wi-Fi but the Live Eye app did not discover any new device?
A: Confirm that the mobile phone and camera are on the same local area network. Check if the
network indicator on the camera is ON. If the camera and mobile device is not in the same local
area network. Try to add device manually, using the Live Eye app's "Manual Add" option.
Q: When trying to access the camera in the Live Eye app, a message appears “Wrong
A: Check if the remote viewing password has been entering correctly. Click on the "Settings"
menu of the Device, then Edit to input the correct password.
Q: In the Device list, the device displays as “OFFLINE”.
A: Check if the camera is connecting the network. Check if the indicator power and network
LEDs are ON. Make sure that the Wi-Fi router is working.
Q: While in Playback Recording, the message is displayed "Can’t find the record file".
A: Check to make sure that the camera detects the SD card. Search by time of the recording for
confirmation. Make sure the camera system time has not been changed by mistake.
Q: Can’t overwrite the data automatically when SD card is full.
A: Format the SD card on the computer first, and then insert the SD card into the camera. If the
blue light is not ON, the SD card is defective. Replace the SD card.
Q: Wi-Fi camera can’t connect with Wi-Fi.
A: Make sure the Wi-Fi password is correct. Camera does not support 5G Wi-Fi channels
(802.11ac). Make sure the camera is connected with 2.4G Wi-Fi channels.
Q: Forgot the password?
A: There is a reset hole at the bottom of the camera, use a needle shape tool and insert into the
reset hole. The default password is “123”. This will reset all settings on the camera; Wi-Fi
connection, passwords, etc.
Q: Can’t record with “SD card”.
A: Make sure to format the SD card via the OSD menu step “Setting>Storage Settings”
before recording.
Q: After formatting the SD card, the camera is still unable to record or the capacity of the
SD card is undetermined.
A: Format the SD card on your computer using an allocation unit size that is more than 16kb.
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