Virtual Access
GW9688 IP Migration Gateway
•PSTN Switch billing migration
•X.25 protocol conversion
•FTAM/MTP to FTP conversion
•Sync serial passthrough or G.703
with passthrough
•Quad RS232 serial
•Quad Ethernet
•Dual input -48V DC PSU
Four Port 10/100 Managed Switch
The GW9688 converts legacy interfaces and
protocols to IP so that they can operate over
IP networks without requiring remote site
application equipment to be changed. The
GW9688 does this by presenting an interface
identical to that currently provided by legacy
The four port 10/100 managed switch
enables multiple devices to be connected
in retail and branch office environments
with the ability to segment into individually
filtered subnets or DMZs. Tagged VLAN
(802.1q) segmentation offers further
versatility for diverse network applications.
Gateway Functions
Advanced Security
GW9688 switch-side gateways can be
connected to PSTN switches such as the 5ESS
and AXE-10, either as a network management
gateway or as a billing application gateway.
The same platform is used in both roles. The
gateway has four functions:
GW9688 Series routers deliver business grade
security services including:
•To act as a transport gateway for the
synchronous port
•To act as a PAD for up to four asynchronous
RS232 ports
•To provide Terminal Servers for each RS232
port, if required
•As a Billing Application Bridge providing
protocol conversion between the Billing
Application using SFTP and one of PSTN
switch-specific protocols (FTAM for 5ESS or
MTP for AXE)
X.25 Protocol Conversion
The GW9688, in the role of a management
gateway, provides protocol conversion
between X.25 on the synchronous serial
interface and TCP/IP. The protocol mapping is
transparent for the layers running over X.25
The GW9688 supports up to 4 PAD ports on
the async serial ports.
•IPSec (3DES and AES)
•Stateful Firewall
Asynchronous Port Communication
The switch gateway hardware has 4
synchronous RS232 serial ports. Typically,
they will be configured as follows, although
there is flexibility to change this.
•1 asynchronous RS232 port can be used
by Terminal Server function providing
transparent access to this serial port via
TCP/IP network
•3 asynchronous RS232 ports can be used
by X.25 PAD function providing terminal
access to asynchronous ports from the
management system.
Each asynchronous port can be individually
configured as a PAD or as a Terminal Server.
Lawful Intercept
GW9688 server side gateways can be
optionally used to connect to the X.25 ports
of a Lawful Intercept Server.
PSTN Switch Billing conversion to
The billing application system interfaces
directly with the IP network. The billing
application system will collect CDR files from
the switches using the SFTP file transfer
protocol. At the switch side a gateway converts
the SFTP protocol into the specific file transfer
protocols supported by the switch:
•MTP for AXE file transfer
•FTAM for 5ESS file transfer
Terminal Server
The Terminal Server function is used in the
GW9688 in two modes:
To provide transparent access to the serial
RS232 ports of the connected equipment from
the TCP/IP network. In this mode, the Terminal
Server operates as a TCP server/
To provide internal communication links
between the asynchronous terminals
connected via serial RS232 ports and the X.25
PAD ports. In this mode, the Terminal Server
operates as a TCP client.
Automated Router Provisioning
As with all Virtual Access routers, the
GW9688 Series offers simplicity when it
comes to service provisioning. Using the
centralised service management models from
Virtual Access, the task of physical router
configuration is minimised.
Router profiles are configured centrally
enabling rapid services deployment to the
end-customer sites. This process offers service
providers considerable business benefits in
large scale router deployments.
Centralised Router Monitoring
The Virtual Access Monitor is a secure portal
that works in conjunction with each router
installed at the edge of a customer's network.
Monitor provides centralised access to device
diagnostics and network availability status.
Network Architecture: Billing Migration to IP
Software Features
Billing Conversion
•MTP conversion to FTP or sFTP
•FTAM conversion to FFTP or sFTP
•AXE or 5ESS PSTN switches
•Local and remote configuration
•SNMP agent
•Telnet and SSH servers
Quality of Service
•QoS support of classification and marking
•Full DiffServ support
Service Features
•Configurable host traffic monitoring applet
•DHCP server/client/relay
•DNS proxy
•Port forwarding
•Packet filtering and firewalling
•Load balancing
Routing Features
•Static and dynamic IP routing algorithms
•RIP and RIPv2
•Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)
•Network time protocol
•Async over TCP/IP
SCADA Support
•IEC60870-5-104 to IEC60870-5-101 gateway
•DNP3 TCP/IP to serial conversion
X.25 Support
•X.25 over IP
•X.25 PAD
Hardware Features
G.703 Sync Serial
•Two synchronous serial ports, one of which
acts as a cut-through to client side G.703
•9-way D-type female connectors
•Synchronous serial clock speed of 64Kbps
•G.703 interface is isolated from the Gw9688
main board to 1500V AC
•Line side isolation barrier 1500V AC
•If G.703 synchronous serial port is used, the
V.24 synchronous port can not be used
Quad Async Serial Interface
•4 x RJ45 async serial ports
•RS232 and RS485 to 115.2Kbps
V.24 Sync Serial Interface
•Two synchronous serial ports, one of
which acts as a cut-through to client side
V.24 port
•25-way D-type female connectors
•Synchronous serial clock speed of 64kbps
•Internal and external clocking
•If V.24 synchronous serial port is used,
the G.703 synchronous port can not be
Approvals and Certificates
•EN60950 safety approval
•EN55022 and EN55024 EMC
•Dual -48V DC power supply
•Typical power consumption: 12W
Operating temperature
•Standard: 0°C to +40°C
Physical and Environmental
•Unit size 430W x 180 D x 1U H mm
•Unit weight 4kg
•Includes installation kit for a 19-inch
rack if required. The installation kit is
designed so that, when fitted, the unit is
recessed by 80mm from the front of the
rack to allow clearance for connectors
and cable flex.
GW9688 Features
V.24 Sync Serial
Async Serial
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