Data protection for workstation and laptop fleet

Data protection for workstation and laptop fleet
Data protection for workstation
and laptop fleet
A multiple-location automotive parts manufacturing company has several
uses for its workstation and laptop fleet, including workstations that are
specifically configured for use on automated assembly lines and laptops
on which the company’s sales force logs tens of thousands of miles a year.
Their goal is to minimize the impact of data loss on client machines.
Downtime on either front can cost the company thousands of dollars an
hour and impedes its ability to meet delivery schedule commitments. The
company has to protect these resources, one in a harsh manufacturing
environment and the other in the hands of a company road warrior, but
have found it difficult to find a common solution that works well within their
Windows and Linux
Installing, configuring and managing
backup software is difficult, especially
on a network with Windows® and Linux®
Workstations and Servers with various
business applications.
A typical system administrator wants to
have a local copy of backups for quick
restore in case of emergency and an
additional off-site copy for long term
Acronis® Backup &
Advanced Workstation
Acronis® Backup
Advanced Server
Acronis® Backup & Recovery™ 11 Online
Key Benefits:
Highly Secured
Online Data Center
Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 enables
management of laptops, workstations
and virtual machines running Linux and
Windows from a single console.
Administrator is made aware of any
laptop or workstation failures or warnings
through email alerts, allowing him/her to
take proactive corrective action.
Command line interface allows scripts to
automate operations across workstation
and laptop fleet.
Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 Online
enables remote recovery for reps on the
road, plus provides redundant data store
for all systems.
Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 Advanced Workstation and Advanced Server are combined with Acronis Backup &
Recovery 11 Online to create a local backup copy of each workstation on the server on a scheduled or as attached basis.
The backups stored on the server are then replicated simultaneously or on a scheduled basis – dependent upon the time of
day and the availability of replication network bandwidth - to the Cloud repository to make a disaster recovery copy.
In each case, fast recoveries are critical to the company’s productivity. It responds with a centralised solution that makes
sure the backups are completely up to date and provides a special Acronis® Secure Zone® partition that allows recoveries,
except in the case of a hardware failure, simply by restarting the computer and hitting the F11 function key and without the
need to carry a boot disk.
In the case of a hardware failure, the centrally managed backup image can be recovered to any available machine quickly
with the aid of the Acronis® Backup & Recovery™ 11 Universal Restore™ option and the computer will be ready to go, complete
with operating system, applications, data, settings, even system IDs. The IT staff was able to rapidly re-image any of the
workstations, even if it required a full bare-metal restoration in the event that a hard drive had failed and been replaced.
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