Gammatech Durabook SA-14 Dock - Precision Mounting Technologies

Gammatech Durabook SA-14 Dock - Precision Mounting Technologies
TrimLine Vehicle Dock
For GammaTech SA-14 Durabook Computers
User/Installation Guide
Part Number
SA-14 Vehicle Dock
Description of Parts and Layout
Top View
Docking Connector
Front Clamp
Rear Clamp
Alignment Pins
Docking Lever
Lifter Buttons
Description of Parts Continued
Bottom View
Cable Tie Rail
DC Input
USB 2.0
Description of Parts Continued
SA-14 Vehicle Dock
Interface Plate
Connecting Cables
Connect any peripheral and power cables to the appropriate mating port on the docking
station, and use plastic cable tie straps (Zip Ties) to secure the cables to the cable tie rail as
shown below. PMT recommends routing the cables so that they end up coming out the
right side (passenger side) of the docking station.
Once all cables are secured, PMT recommends using plastic split loom to
protect the cables as they exit the dock. It is also best to secure the cable
bundle to a point no further than 18” from the dock for additional strain
relief. Enough length needs to be left loose so that the dock can be
moved and adjusted as needed.
For more recommended wiring tips please visit:
Attaching the Dock to a Mount
First attach the interface plate to your mount using the
appropriate hardware
Next attach the dock (with cables already connected)
to the interface plate using qty-4, 10-24 x ½” screws
4 screw locations for attaching the interface plate to
the dock. (mount removed for clarity)
Tighten the 10-24 screws using an 1/8” allan key (hex
Docking the Computer
Step 1: Insert key and rotate 90 counter
clockwise to prepare dock for computer. Note
the docking lever springs forward and rear
clamp slides back.
Step 3: Let the rear end of the
computer down into the dock. A
gentle push down is all that is
necessary to ensure computer is fully
Step 2: Slide computer into dock front first so that
front clamp grips computer in between handle.
Step 4: Slide the docking lever
forward to engage the locking
mechanism and continue holding.
Docking the Computer Continued
Step 5: While holding the lever back,
rotate the key 90 degrees clockwise
then remove the key.
The computer is not fully secure until
the handle is in it’s locked (back)
position, and the key has been removed
The computer is now fully
secure and functional
Photo shows SA-14 Vehicle Dock installed on PMT SightLine
console in a 2013 Ford F150
Removing the Computer From the Docking Station
Step 1: Insert key and rotate 90 degrees
counter clockwise. The docking lever will
spring forward releasing the rear clamp
Step 2: Remove the computer by lifting up
from the rear of the laptop, and sliding it
out of the dock
Step 3: You may now rotate the key 90
degrees clockwise and remove which will
make re-insertion of the computer back into
the dock quick and easy without needing to
re insert the key
For more info visit:
Or call us at 1-888-869-7652
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