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visual flame
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Hazard detection solutions
for the oil industry.
Technologically advanced features,
unrivalled in the marketplace.
An informed approach to flame detection
Features and Benefits
The MICROPACK Visual Flame Detection System is a Flame Detector and a CCTV Camera
engineered together to provide precise flame detection, and CCTV surveillance. It is the
safest and most advanced flame detection system available, and is proven reliable and
robust, even in the harshest of environments.
Superior Immunity to False Alarms
Simply put, we see it. MICROPACK’s Visual Flame
Detectors discriminate between genuine fire
conditions and other radiant sources that could
cause conventional detectors to produce unwanted
alarms, such as solar radiation, flare radiation, electric
arc welding, hot CO2 emissions, and black body
“True Flame” technology without compromising
Superior flame detection technology is able to mask
out “friendly fires” without having to desensitize fire
detection capabilities.
Live Video for quicker response
A live video image is available from each camera
to provide detailed information to the operator
providing the ability for quicker response times to any
incident. MICROPACK’s unique image based detection
technology employs specially designed software to
process video image and instantaneously interpret
flame characteristics.
Video Storage for post incident analysis
Video images can be recorded for post incident
analysis and used for investigation purposes, training,
and to assist with future accident prevention.
Remote Monitoring solutions reduce risk to
Should an incident occur in an unmanned area, the
video images will allow suitable action to be taken
before personnel access the area.
Advanced Optical Verification ensures
continuous operation
The detector’s optical test facility checks the window
for contamination to ensure that the detector’s field
of view is not restricted by any obstruction placed
immediately in front of the camera.
visual flame
detec tor
The system’s surveillance
aspect eliminates the need to
dispatch operators to investigate
alarms and reduces both the
risk of injury to operators and the
response time.
Advanced Visual Image
Flame Detection for
High Hazard Applications ...
Offshore Drilling and Production
nNot affected by ice and water on
the lens.
nDoes not require shelter or shielding
from the rain.
nDoes not alarm to flare reflections
from the process relief flare.
nNot affected by sunlight and hot
objects in the field of view of the
nDue to the close proximity of the
process relief flare to the topside
production modules and decks,
IR based flame detectors will
constantly false alarm to the flare
reflections. Our Vision Based Flame
Detection technology was specifically
developed to address this challenge.
Aircraft Hangars
nWill not false alarm to arc welding,
X-rays or sunlight.
nWill not reduce its sensitivity when
exposed to sunlight when hangar
doors are opened.
nProvides remote video signal to
guard station or security center for
increased security surveillance.
PetroChemical Plants
nReductions in plant operating
personnel demand that automatic
response to fire conditions be
immediate and fire responders have
the most accurate information in
order to combat fires. The CCTV
function of Vision Based Flame
Detection provides a real time live
picture back in the control room,
where operators can safely guide and
advise personnel fighting the fire.
visual flame
detec tor
Gasoline Transport Loading
nProvides additional video surveillance
capability for distant monitoring of
unmanned remote terminals.
Pipeline Pumping Stations
nNot affected by hot machinery and
CO2 exhaust gasses from turbine
driven pumps and compressors.
nRemote monitoring of the
entire pipeline network can be
accomplished using the CCTV video
capability of the system.
nUndiminished fire response in the
presence of hot process, flares and
fired processes.
nVideo surveillance capability for
remote pump pads and pilot
Road Traffic Tunnels
nNo false alarms to headlights, flashing
lights, hot engines. Not affected by
bright sunlight at tunnel entrances.
nRemote video capability can
supplement existing road traffic
surveillance camera network.
How does the
flame detection
system work?
The system works by utilizing a series of imaging
based flame detectors; each detector operates as a
stand-alone device and incorporates, within a single
unit, an integrated CCTV system.
The system uses highly sophisticated Digital Signal
Processing and Software Algorithms to process the
live video image and interpret flame characteristics.
These unique software algorithms are capable of
discriminating between genuine fire conditions and
other radiant sources that may cause conventional
detectors to become desensitized or produce
unwanted alarms.
The system is administered via central control
equipment which provides the operator with full
display and alarm handling facilities. Each detector
provides local video data and fire alarm/fault signaling
to the control equipment.
The system is flexible and can be configured to your
particular requirements. Throughout the installation
the detectors are fixed to ensure the facilities
detection performance requirements are always met.
Fixed detectors also allow the operator, when in an
emergency situation, to quickly identify the area at
risk through the control system.
The detectors are designed to easily interface with a
MICROPACK Control System or interface through the
plant wide Distributed Control System. This provides
the operator with full display and alarm handling
facilities and live video images in the control room.
This remote imaging is particularly useful in areas that
are normally unmanned.
We offer solutions
olutions for the high hazard
ver 20 years of experience,
with local support in major
long standing reputation as
experts in hazard detection
ire and Gas Detection Training
n-Site Service and
ommissioning Services
nstallation and Supervision
4/7 Customer Support
pares Management
vailability/Reliability Reviews
aintenance Optimization
Superior Flame Detection with Color Video
The MICROPACK CCTV Visual Flame Detector offering includes: our Flame Detector,
Communications and Video Network accessories, Operator Interface Software, as well
as support tools such as testing tools, surveys, and more.
nDesigned to detect a hydrocarbon pool fire
of 10Kw of Radiant Heat Output, RHO
(1sq ft, .09 meter) at ranges of:
- Black & White camera up to 65ft (20 meters)
- Color camera up to 144ft (44 meters)
within a 90° cone of vision in both indoor
and outdoor applications.
visual flame
Black and White
nDetects radiation in the visible and near
IR range.
nAvailable in Color or Black and White Video.
nSensitivity is not affected by water on
the optics, and are not blinded by
contamination typically found in offshore
nLonger Detection Range than conventional
flame detectors. Saving installation costs.
Operator interface system
The system provides full display and alarm handling
facilities for up to four monitors, audible alarms and
operator controls. The monitors can be integrated in
to the Distributed Control System (DCS) or be
stand-alone providing the operators with
geographic mimics of the installed detectors and a
live video image from the specific detector.
The live video image may be selected at any time
allowing the system to be used for both surveillance
and fire detection. The system will automatically
generate audible and visual alarms under confirmed
fire conditions. The interface can be configured to
fully meet your specific requirements for control
actions and video surveillance.
visual flame
Temperature Range
Operating : -40F to +158F | -40C to +70C
Storage : -40F to +176F | -40C to +80C
Humidity : 0 to 100% RH
Hazardous Area Certification
UL NEC class 1 Div 1 and Class 1 Zone 1
EXDII CT6 GB 3836.1: GB3836.2
Operating Voltage
24VDC Nominal
18V to 32V Maximum
10W Typical Power Consumption
Ingress Protection
Flame Sensitivity - Black and White
1 sq ft n-Heptane fire @ 65ft | .09m n-Heptane fire @ 20m
Coverage: 90° cone of view
Response Time
10 seconds Approx.
Flame Sensitivity - Color
1 sq ft n-Heptane fire @ 144ft | .09m n-Heptane fire @ 44m
Coverage: 90° cone of view
Sensor: Low Light CCD
Resolution: 640x480 pixels
Video Output: NTSC or PAL 2 Wire Twisted Pair
Video User Interface: Micropack Control
System or Conventional Digital Video Recorder/
Video Switcher
Relay contacts alarm and fault
Current 4-20 mA
RS485 bidirectional serial communications link
Live Video
Fire Service Listing
FM 3260
European Directives
CE Certified
5.90”H x 5.90”H x 5.90”H Overall |
150mmH x 150mmW x 150mmL Overall
Material : LM25 (red epoxy coating)
Shipping Weight. : 5.51 lbs | 2.5KG
Material : Stainless Steel
Shipping Weight. : 13.23 lbs | 6KG
Power. : 2 Wire
RS485 : 2 Wire Twisted Pair
Video. : 2 Wire Twisted Pair
Conduit Entry
1x3/4 NPT
2x1/2 NPT
For over 20 years, MICROPACK has been actively working with the oil & gas industry,
and today is recognized as experts in hazard detection technologies.
In the Americas
Micropack Detection (Americas) Inc.
1227 Lakecrest Court
Fort Collins, Colorado, 80526
Tel : 1 970 377 2230
Fax : 1 970 377 2273
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In the UK and Europe
MICROPACK (Engineering) Ltd.
Fire Training Centre, Schoolhill
Portlethen, Aberdeen
AB12 4RR, Scotland
Tel : +44 (0)1224 784055
Fax : +44 (0)1224 784056
Email :
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