T24 Quick Installation

T24 Quick Installation
T24 Quick Installation
The HiRes Video Company
3 Megapixel
Step 1
Start Auto Configuration
2048 x 1536
Software zoom
Format free
Each image format
freely definable
30 Frames/s
Step 2
Enter Super PIN
VGA (640 x 480)
30 F/s Mega
Virtual PTZ
Digital pan, tilt,
Step 3
Set Up RFID Cards
Step 4
Protect System
Safe using CMOS
without mechanical iris
Internal DVR
Internal via Flash,
external via Network
via Network on PC
up to 1 Terabyte
Microphone & speaker
bi-directional via IP,
variable framerates
SIP-Client with video
IP Telephony
Alarm notify,
cam remote control
Multiple windows
precision pixel-based
-22 to +140 °F
-30 to +60 °C, IP65,
no heating necessary
HD Super Panorama – No Blind Spots From Wall To Wall
IEEE 802.3af
Network power
even in winter
HiRes Video Innovations
The German company MOBOTIX AG is known as the leading pioneer in network camera technology and
its decentralized concept has made high-resolution video systems cost efficient.
MOBOTIX AG • D-67722 Langmeil • Tel: +49-6302-9816-103 • Fax: +49-6302-9816-190 • sales@mobotix.com
No moving parts
fiber glass housing
Licence free
T24 Quick Installation
Congratulations On Purchasing Your T24 Starter Kit!
You starter kit comes complete with a door camera, keypad, Mx2wire info module and indoor unit
for connecting the door station via a two-wire cable plus a security door opener, on-wall and in-wall
housing and installation material. Before starting the installation, release the modules from the frame
by inserting the blue key into the opening on the module frame and pushing the key in (bottom left).
The installation and wire connection process is described in Part 1 of the enclosed System Manual.
RFID cards
(1 x Admin, 6 x User)
USB stick, marker pen
Cable binders
Key for unlocking
Lens wrench
Security Door Opener and
Mx2wire installation material
Outdoor station installation
In-wall housing
Security Door Opener
Security Door Opener and
Mx2wire module frame
Mx2wire indoor unit
Camera module,
keypad, Mx2wire
info module, frame
with anti-theft protection,
on-wall housing
MOBOTIX AG • D-67722 Langmeil • Tel: +49-6302-9816-103 • Fax: +49-6302-9816-190 • www.mobotix.com
The HiRes Video Company
Step 1 – Start The Auto Configuration
Connect And Start Up The Devices
Connect all the devices as shown in the connection diagram in the enclosed System Manual Part 1,
Chapter 2.1.3. Switch on the power supply (videophone via a power supply unit, door station via a PoE
switch). After the videophone has started up, disconnect the door station briefly from the power supply
(for example, remove network connector).
Press The Bell Button On The Camera Module
As soon as the light and bell buttons on the camera module light up white, press the bell button until
the two buttons start to flash briefly. The auto configuration process starts and the network data is
announced (for example, IP address). Afterwards, the camera LEDs light up, the keypad number buttons
flash white, the ESC/ALARM button flashes red and the OK/MENU button flashes blue.
Step 2 – Enter Super PIN
Choose an 8 to 16 digit number. The number should not be composed only of zeros and must be
difficult to guess. Important: Make a note of the Super PIN straight away and keep it in a safe place!
Enter the Super PIN and press the OK/MENU button. Enter the Super PIN again and press
the OK/MENU button.
Super PIN
Super PIN
MOBOTIX AG • D-67722 Langmeil • Tel: +49-6302-9816-103 • Fax: +49-6302-9816-190 • www.mobotix.com
T24 Quick Installation
The HiRes Video Company
Step 3 – Set Up RFID Cards
Set Up Red Admin Card
After you have entered your Super PIN, the keypad number buttons light up white, the bell, key and
OK/MENU buttons flash blue and the ESC/ALARM button flashes red.
Now hold the Admin card in front of the keypad for approximately five seconds until you no longer
hear any beeps.
Add mode
Hold in front for five seconds
Set Up Blue User Cards
Afterwards, the keypad remains in Add mode for two minutes to allow you to train the User cards, i. e.,
the bell button, key button, OK/MENU button and ESC/ALARM button all flash blue.
Hold a User card to be set up in front of the keypad until a beep sounds. You can now set up as many
additional User cards as you choose, simply by holding them in front of the keypad. To exit the Add
mode before completion, press the ESC/ALARM button.
Add mode
Hold briefly in front
Step 4 – Protect System Via Videophone
By protecting your system, you can prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the individual networked
devices via their IP address. The door camera was previously assigned secure access data when you
set up the Super PIN: user name: admin, camera admin password: current Super PIN
Pick up the receiver and press the ‘*’ button three times to go to the configuration menu. Press the ‘4’
button to select the Admin setup option and log in with your Super PIN.
Now change the Grandstream web password, disable auto configuration (by removing the check mark)
and save your current system configuration (item: Backup and restore). For a detailed description
of how to protect your system, please see Chapter 2.4 in Part 2 of the System Manual (PDF file on the
enclosed USB stick).
MOBOTIX AG • D-67722 Langmeil • Tel: +49-6302-9816-103 • Fax: +49-6302-9816-190 • www.mobotix.com
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