ACE9000 B-1
ACE9000 B-1
Single-Phase Prepayment Electricity Meter
» Maximum current of 80A with Class1
» Anti Tamper features
ACE9000 B-1 is the single phase prepayment meter fully designed
to fulfill the requirements of IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21 and STS
» Asymmetrical (DIN) terminal or
Symmetrical (BS) terminal arrangement
» Physical tamper switch
» 20 Digit STS with encryption
» Optical port for data bus output
The ACE9000 B-1 meter is manufactured
using Itron’s advanced technology and
high quality component materials in order
to ensure long-term functionality and
accuracy. Specially designed resistance
and protection features protect the meter
from dust and liquid damage in accordance
with the IP54 protection standard.
The meter is outfitted with a physical
tamper detection switch. In the event of a
physical tamper, the meter automatically
records the tampering but will not until the
credit reaches zero. A clear tamper token
is required before credit can be added and
the load reconnected.
The ACE9000 B -1 is also equipped with
advanced anti-tamper protection. In the
event of tampering, the meter will continue
counting the energy consumption based
on class limit. The register will be
automatically protected and will record a
missing energy measurement as a result of
tampering or actual energy theft. Visually,
the yellow LED and the LCD will be activated
every time the meter detects tampering or
energy theft and it will continue indicating
until the meter gets a clear tamper signal.
The meter will not accept any credit while
in tamper alarm mode.
The meter is designed with a magnetic
sensor used to activate the LED tamper
and LCD display each time the meter
indicates an external magnetic force. In
this case, the meter will keep measuring
the energy usage based on the class 1
standard meter specifications.
» Keypad with 4x3 configuration
An optical probe interface is available to
get access to the information stored in the
meter as well as to give direct access to
the meters data bus.
For ease of use, all Itron ACE9000 B-1
meters provide:
» LED for tamper indication (yellow)
» LED for credit indication, (red for low
credit and green for sufficient credit).
The low credit warning limit can be
configured by the utility
» LED for consumption (red)
» LCD for the display of information
The numeric keypad provides both tactile
and audible feedback. The acceptance or
rejection of a token is shown on the LCD.
In addition the meter records the last five
tokens entered.
Power bar indicator
Reverse current indicator
Tamper indicator
Contractor open indicator
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Meter Type
Prepayment Single Phase meter
SPLN D3.009-1 : 2010
IEC 62052-11:2003 ; IEC 62053-21:2003
Single Phase 2 wires
Measuring Scope
Active Energy
Class Index
Class 1
Reference voltage
& Frequency
120V 60Hz & 220V, 230V, 240V 50Hz/60Hz
Operating Voltage Range
- 30% Un to +15% Un
Power Consumption
<2W and <10VA
Basic Current
Maximum current
80A (optional)
Starting Current
0.2% Ib
Operating Temperature range
-25°C to +55°C
Limit temperature Range to
transport and storage
-25°C to + 85°C
Degree of Protection
IP 54
Immunity to impulse voltage
Relative Humidity
Up to 95%
Meter Weight
1.3 kg
Meter constant
1000 pulse/kWh
User Interface
12 digit keypad with audio feedback
7 segment LCD with spacial symbols
LED Indicator
Optical probe
Technical Specifications
Wiring Diagram
The ACE9000 B-1 product range supports the following options:
» Programmable low credit warning threshold (in kW)
» Maximum power limit setting (in W)
» Programmable interval audible low credit warning (in Minutes)
Asymmetrical connection
Symmetrical connection
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