Serial Port Configuration

Serial Port Configuration
Mercury Wheel Calibration
When Calibrating a Mercury wheel, it is important to ensure the serial number
of the black box controller, the serial number of the rotor and the serial of the
bowl all match. The location of the numbers are shown in the following
Diagram Showing Location of Serial Number on Rotor.
Serial Number
Diagram Showing Serial Number on Roulette Bowl.
Roulette Bowl Serial Number
Black Box Controller Serial Number
Using a Null Modem cable, connect wheel to a laptop computer or Cammegh
BillBoard. Ensure you are connected to the 9pin serial socket furthest away
from the 25pin parallel serial socket.
In Windows find Hyperterminal and make connection using settings as
specified in table below.
Serial Port Configuration
The In-Rim Reader Controller has two serial ports configured as follows:
Pin Assignment
Baud Rate
Data Bits
Stop Bits
Flow Control
Male 9-way Miniature ‘D’
Identical to PC: Pin 2 = Receive; Pin 3 = Transmit; Pin 5 =
To connect to a PC, use a Null Modem cable (3 wire female-tofemale with pins 2, 3 and 5 connected, pins 2 and 3 being
crossed over)
Position the roulette ball in the centre of the Zero pocket against the number ring.
Please refer to the image below.
Position ball in the zero pocket as shown in picture below. Ideally use “Blue
Tack” to hold the ball still and to ensure the ball touches the pocket pad
itself and is located centrally as shown in the diagram below.
Let the rotor turn clockwise for 3 revolutions and the press *C (enter). You
will get a number of width and middle values and eventually C1 which
confirms calibration, as shown below.
Next repeat 4 but in an anticlockwise direction. Again use *C (enter)
Finally spin up a game. You are now calibrated
If calibration fails, i.e C0 appears, as shown in the diagram below, firstly retry
the calibration process. If calibration continues to fail, it will be required to
check and re-calibrate the datum sensor. See notes on recalibrating the
datum sensor.
* C0 Showing Failed Calibration.
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