DVDI10 Tech Paper

DVDI10 Tech Paper
DVDi10 Integrated DVD / CD / DAB/FM or FM/AM Receiver
The DVDI10 is the essence of a high quality compact system and represents Primare at its innovative
best. One beautifully designed and perfectly crafted unit provides you with superb 2.1 channel audio,
video in the highest definition, DAB/FM or FM/AM radio, state-of-the-art power amplification and IPod
Inputs and outputs
Full flexibility in system building is made possible by a wide range of inputs and outputs. Up to three
audio sources can be connected to the analogue RCA sockets. In addition to these, a 3.5mm
combined headphone output and line input jack plug is found at the front of the DVDI10. Two sets of
analogue outputs and the analogue “sub” output are combined with a “tape out” for recording, and a
“pre” output giving a variable-level output to a second preamplifier or power amplifier. The DVDi10
includes an analogue to digital converter, so that line sources are available on the optical and coax
digital outputs for connection to an external device like a digital surround processor. Five different
video outputs, including HDMI allow you to connect to a range of displays at up to Full HD resolution.
As with every other Primare component the DVDi10 features data and IR inputs, and RS232 control
capability: a precondition for the integration in specialised automated multi-room applications.
The user interface
To satisfy Primare’s signature desire for operational simplicity, full remote operation is supported by
the major function controls, conveniently mounted on the top panel, together with an interactive
graphical display.
Being a true multimedia component the DVDI10 allows you to enjoy all the widely distributed CD and
DVD formats as well as MP3 files and even your digital photos in JPEG format from a CD-ROM.
Furthermore, music enjoyed on the move can now be played through your 2.1 channel Hi-Fi system.
When your iPod® is connected to the DVDI10 you can navigate through selections and play tracks
using the DVDI10 remote control and front panel display. At the same time your iPod will automatically
be recharged.
Compact high performance
The DVDI10 shares much of the same video technology as the DVD26. A high performance CD/DVD
drive has been carefully modified by Primare prior to its integration with hand picked components in
the innovative circuit topology. A highly specified Analog Devices video DAC combined with the latest
digital video processing technologies offers a wide range of video outputs to embrace numerous
display options. The HDMI output features up-scaling up to 1080p, via the well regarded Genesis
FLI2300 video processor.
The DVDI10 offers a choice between two radio tuners. Depending on the radio broadcasts you prefer,
it comes with a DAB/FM or FM/AM tuner. Forty FM/AM presets and 10 DAB presets are available as
well as high resolution 24bit/196kHz conversion for DAB reproduction.
The high performance 2.1 channel amplifier system is powered by a newly improved version of the
modular Class D technology used by the highly acclaimed Primare CDI10. Generating very little heat
while being extremely efficient, this technology is perfectly suited to the ultra-compact DVDI10 design,
and draws from music and film sound a sense of authority that explodes the limitations traditionally
associated with Class D as a hi-fi solution and belies the system’s 75 watt per channel specification.
The modules are designed and manufactured by Primare in cooperation with a Swedish partner. True
to the Primare philosophy, excellent performance across the entire audio band has been achieved by
an innovative choice of high quality components and the use of proprietary design.
Class D Analogue amplification background
The “D” in class-D is sometimes said to stand for “digital.” This is not correct because the operation of
the class-D amplifier is based on analogue principles. There is no digital coding of the signal. Before
the advent of the class-D amplifier, the standard classes were class-A, class-AB, class-B, and class-C.
The “D” is simply the next letter in the alphabet after “C.” Indeed, the earliest work on class-D
amplifiers involved vacuum tubes and can be traced to the early 1950s.
Amplification - Designer’s notes
Developed by Primare in cooperation with a Swedish partner from the power supply industry, the self
modulating class-D amplifiers used by the DVDi10 are of a proprietary design and are not ICE power
modules! Their performance can be compared to some of the best of class-AB amplifiers.
The amplifier modules are self modulating which means that the switching is controlled by the delay in
the loop. The amplifier starts increasing the output voltage as soon as it is a little too low and starts
decreasing the output voltage as soon as it is a little too high. The inertia in this process causes the
amplifier to oscillate in a controlled manner at about 550 kHz. You could say that the amplifier controls
and corrects the output voltage 550000 times per second with close to zero error tolerance during
each control cycle. The self oscillating modulator is so linear in itself that it does not need additional
feedback paths and this gives a very robust amplifier with low cost and extremely good audio
performance. The distortion is not only very low, it is also reasonably consistent across the audio band
giving a very homogenous sound. The very low noise floor of about 70uVrms allows for every microdetail to be displayed in the sound stage without deterioration.
The input signal is received by a differential stage built around a high precision op amp from Analog
Devices. This eliminates potential ground loops and improves crosstalk between channels. The signal
is forwarded to the modulator which is controlled by a second op amp, this one also a precision type
from Analog Devices. All self oscillating amplifiers drop their switching frequency as the output signal
approaches clipping and this may cause unpleasant high frequency distortion. In order to avoid this, a
special “one point clipping circuit” has been developed which is completely transparent as long as it is
not active. It measures and clips the signal in the same point thereby eliminating over shoots caused
by delay at high frequencies. The result is a more pleasant clipping behaviour.
The output stage is controlled by a driver developed by International Rectifier. This driver is totally
dedicated to class-D amplifiers and has patented solutions for pulse by pulse current limiting and dead
time settings. A close relationship with International Rectifier has made it possible for the driver’s
behaviour to be optimised for the topology that is being used.
DVDi10 Features
High Performance DVD / CD Player
DAB/FM or FM/AM Tuner
1080p HDMI Output.
Component Video / Scart / S-Video
2 x 75Watts RMS 8ohms.
LFE Output
iPod Control With Meta Data Display
IR Input
RS232 Control
Titanium Finish
Analogue inputs:
3 Line inputs: RCA connector, 2.5V RMS, 50KΩ.
Power output: 2x75 W into an 8Ω load.
Class: Class D amplifier
Distortion: 20Hz–20kHz 10W below 0.1% THD+N.
Front panel input: 3.5mm stereo mini jack plug,
2.5V RMS, 50KΩ.
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz ±0.3dB
Analogue outputs
DAB receiver
PRE output: RCA connector, variable output,
Tuning range: Band III 174-240MHz, LBand
REC output: RCA connector, 2.5V RMS, 100Ω.
Usable sensitivity: Band III 29dBuV, Lband
Digital outputs
Number of presets: 10
Optical output: TOSlink connector.
Coax output: SPDIF (RCA connector), 75Ω.
Sample Rate 44.1kHz with CD playback,
48kHz with DAB receiver or line inputs.
FM tuner
Frequency range: 87.5-108MHz
DVD player
Usable sensitivity: FM Mono 10dBuV, FM
stereo 20dBuV
Drive: Shinwa SHD-2503
Number of presets: 40
Video signal systems: NTSC/PAL, color
Antenna: 75Ω
Video formats: > 500 lines
AM tuner
HDMI output: 480p/576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Frequency range: 522–1620kHz
Progressive Scan component outputs: 480p/576p
Number of presets: 40
Video output: 1Vp-p, 75Ω RCA
Antenna: 75Ω
S-Video Y-signal: 1Vp-p, 75Ω
C-signal: 0.286Vp-p, 75Ω
Supply voltage: 100/120 or 230V AC
(must be set internally).
Component video output: Y=IVp-p, B=0.7Vp-p,
R=0.7Vp-p, 75Ω
RGB output: IVp-p, 75Ω
Video signal-to-noise: -75dB
Video DAC: Analogue Devices ADV7320
Formats supported: CD, VCD, SVCD, CD-R,
All specifications subject to change without notice
Power consumption: Standby 6W,
operational 210W.
Size: 450 x 350 x 110mm (WxDxH)
Weight: 8kg
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