Delock Cable USB 2.0 type A + Micro

Delock Cable USB 2.0 type A + Micro
Item No. 83609
Delock Cable USB 2.0 type A + Micro-B combo male > USB 2.0
type A female OTG 20 cm
The USB cable by Delock with its clever USB 2.0 type A +
Micro-B combo connector offers numerous applications.
The Micro-B plug is integrated in the A connector and can
be easily slid out and locked. If the USB A connector is
used, the cable functions as a USB extension cable. Using
the slid out Micro-B connector, the cable allows you to
connect e.g. an HDD or a memory stick with standard USB
plug to OTG-enabled smartphones and tablet PCs. The
OTG function allows direct data transfer between your
mobile device and the storage medium, without connection
to a computer.
• Connector:
USB 2.0 type A + Micro-B combo male >
USB 2.0 type A female
• Connector combination between USB A and Micro-B, Micro-B can be slid out and locked
• USB 2.0 cable specification
• OTG function (On-The-Go)
• Cable gauge: 28 AWG
• Cable diameter: ca. 3.8 mm
• Gold-plated connector
• Data transfer rate up to 480 Mb/s
• Colour: black
• Cable length: ca. 20 cm (incl. connector)
Additional Information
EAN: 4043619836093
Country of origin: China
Package: Poly bag
System requirements
• Mobile device with OTG support and USB Micro-B port
Package content
• USB cable
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