iPhone Trader - Admiral Markets

iPhone Trader - Admiral Markets
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iPhone Trader
How to Login
Save password
The 5 Main Sections
Opening a New Order
Modifying Open Positions
Modifying Pending Orders
Using Charts
Order Confirmation
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How to Login
First you must locate the iPhone Trader software icon on your iPhone, after installation it should be found on
your iPhone home screen. Click on the iPhone Trader icon logo and you will come to a login page for your
trading account.
Click on the text fields to edit and input your login and password:
Login – your trading account login
Password – your trading account password
Servers – By clicking on the ‘Server’ button you have the option of selecting the server.
After entering your account login details, click on the Login button.
Once clicking on the login button your iPhone will attempt to connect to the server and log you into your trading
account. (Please see image below)
Save password
Please note that after your first login your login credentials will be stored so that the following time you open the
software you don’t have to re-enter. You can disable or enable save password option. To do this go to 'Settings'
of your iPhone. Tap on iPhone Trader and you will be shown all available customizable settings of the
application. By default 'Remember Password' is ON.
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In the case of your iPhone going temporarily into sleep mode, when you use it again it will automatically reconnect to
the server.
The image displayed to you
upon reconnection or in the
event of logging in.
The 5 Main Sections
Upon logging in you will come to your favorites area, within the IPhone Trader software there are 5 main areas that you
should familiarize yourself to. These are:
Favorites - you can store your favorite instruments which you wish easily locate and always be viewed in this area.
Rates - brings up the full list of all available instruments.
Positions - this area shows your order details – Open positions, Pending orders and Account status with balance,
equity, P/L, margin level, credit, free margin.
History - your trade history gives you the ability to monitor your closed orders, removed pending orders,
deposits/withdrawals and credit within any given timeframe.
More - the more section allows you to access the other available sections of the IPhone Trader software, and also edit
which sections you wish to be always displayed.
Remember these categories are always located along the bottom of the software and are the default 5 main sections.
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Favorites Section
Within the Favorites area you have the ability to customize instruments which you wish to be always viewed in this area.
Selecting the ‘Edit’ button in the top left corner will give you the ability to alter or change any of your favorites that you
want to appear.
A screen like shown below will open once clicking on the ‘Edit’ button. From here you have the option to arrange, add
and delete. Holding the symbol on the right hand side of any currency pair and dragging up or down will allow you to
move the position of that currency pair.
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Clicking on the red delete symbol located towards the right of any currency trade will bring up the ‘Delete’ option. Select
that button to confirm the removal of that currency pair from your favorites.
When selecting the + sign of the ‘Add new instrument‘ button a new page will open featuring all Groups of instruments.
Depending on what trade you wish to appear in your favorites section, clicking on the blue arrow located alongside any
given trade will add that trade to your favorites list.
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Rates Section
By Selecting the ‘Rates’ tab your iPhone will open a page which contains all available instruments, their bid and ask
rates, and their low and high for the current day. From within the Rates section you have the ability to select any given
Trading Instrument and open an order.
Positions Section
The Positions section shows the order details of your open positions and pending orders, as well as allowing you to close
an open position or modify an order. It also indicates the Balance section with your current profit/loss including swap
and commission in open positions, used margin, free margin, equity, margin level and credit.
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Modifying Open Positions
Clicking on an Open position will give you full details of that order. From here you can: Close trade / Update. If you
change or set a Stop Loss (S/L) or Take Profit (T/P) on an open order you must simply click on the ’Update’ button to
confirm the changes. A confirmation screen should appear shortly after confirming the order.
Modifying Pending Orders
If you select a pending order from the positions area, you have the option to Update / Delete the pending order You can
change or adjust the open price, the Stop Loss (S/L) and the Take Profit (T/P), remember after making such changes to
click on ‘Update’. Again a confirmation should appear shortly after. When choosing to delete a pending order you
should also receive a confirmation. After modifying a pending order and selecting Update your request will be confirmed
– see ‘Order Confirmation’
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Opening a New Order
Opening an order is pretty simple and can be done from either the Rates section or the Favorites section of the IPhone
Trader. A new order can be placed by selecting a trading instrument of your choice from the main screens of both the
Favorites and Rates sections. Clicking on your desired trade will bring you to a screen like below (Notice at the top there
are 2 tabs, Instant/Market and Pending).
For instant orders you can select and change the volume (vol ), set a stop loss (S/L) or take profit (T/P), then you must
choose whether to ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ by clicking the corresponding button. For Market orders you can select and change the
volume (vol ) then you must choose whether to ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ by clicking the corresponding button.
To create a Pending order you must select the ‘Pending’ button and the criteria for creating a pending order will appear.
Again you have the volume (vol), stop loss (S/L), and take profit (T/P). With the pending order you set the price which
you want the order to be activated at.
Enter the rate into the ‘At price’ area then click on the ‘Place order’.
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Using Charts
Double tapping into the chart areas will bring you up a larger view of that trades chart. On either chart view you have
the ability to zoom in and out – this involves the opening and closing of 2 fingers, you can switch to different time
periods by using the tabs on top of either chart, and you can scroll back on the chart. Also if you have the full view open
for any chart on a trade, you can turn your iPhone horizontally and the chart will open to a wider view.
Full-View – Vertical
Full-View - Horizontal
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Order Confirmation
Once deciding to create a Buy or Sell order or even when creating a pending, a screen as shown below will appear
attempting to send your order through. You have 2 options. The ‘Abort’ button will only close that window, to cancel
the order you must click on the ‘Cancel’ button before your order will be processed and it will indicate if your attempt
was successful.
If your order was successfully executed you will be shown a message like so.
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There’s also another possible outcome for instant request – ‘Requote’. In this case you will receive another message as
shown in the picture below. With the ‘Requote’ you can resend your request at the new price or cancel it.
History Section
Your trade history gives you comprehensive run down of all your closed orders, removed pending orders and
deposits/withdrawals. You can view the following criteria on each order:
Type - buy or sell
Order number
Open price
Stop Loss or Take Profit price
Close price
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By clicking on the button in the top-right hand corner you can access running a specific report from a certain date range.
All you must do is enter the Start date and End date.
Your trade history gives you comprehensive run down of all your closed orders, removed pending orders,
deposits/withdrawals and credits. As well as your order information, for any given time period you select it will tell you
at the bottom your Profit or Loss (P/L) for that period including swaps and commissions, plus your overall Depositing and
More Section
The More section contains the other features of the IPhone Trader.
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Inside here you will find an Economic Calendar, Financial News, Internal Mails, and a Contacts section.
Economic Calendar
Financial News
Internal Mails
Economic Calendar – On the Economic Calendar you have all the upcoming today events with actual and previous
figures. The ‘More’ button in the top-left corner will take you back to the main page.
News – To view the body of any news articles you must click on it to start downloading the actual text for that article.
The ‘More’ button in the top-left corner will take you back to the main page.
Mail – brings you to internal mailing system. Any internal mail was sent to you will be stored in iPhone. The ‘More’
button in the top-left corner will take you back to the main page.
Contacts – The contacts section contains brokers contact details.
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Additionally, from within the ‘More’ section you can configure which programs appear as default every time you open
the software. To do so - click the ‘Edit’ button in the top-right hand corner and the following screen will appear.
To arrange which buttons you wish to appear as the default, drag them into the bottom section. You can also change
which order you wish them to be in. Just remember the items you place in the bottom main tab will be your desired
default buttons. Simply when you are finished click the ‘Done’ button.
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